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Translation Services

International translation solutions for the win!

If you own a business, you may be thinking about crossing into international seas and gaining worldwide visibility to expand into new markets and engage new potential customers. But this seems quite impossible without speaking with their tongue. Here, the need for high-quality international translation services to translate your content, website, and marketing materials to adapt to your target language.You can request translator services from Localizera to provide international translation services for product descriptions, marketing, promotional content, website content, contracts, and other commercial papers. We will be able to expand your business if your customers fully comprehend and accept your brand and product message in their language.It takes time and effort to provide international translation services. Our international translation solutions, on the other hand, guarantee accuracy, quality, and fast turnaround time on all translated papers. We have a team of professional and qualified translators who provide the best business translation services and document translation services at reasonable prices.

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Why Our Translation Services Are Unique?

All of our international translation services are distinguished by our key value tenets: accuracy, quality, and consistency, as we adapt to the changing demands of our customers across industrial sectors that require international translation solutions. This is irrelevant of whether translation services for documents or content localization are required.
For a long long time, international translation services, globalization services, and localization services have altered the very fabric of our global business landscape, making translation services an essential component of a globalized company; elevating the standards of content localization far beyond professional term selection and timely trend integration.
Our international translation solutions linguists are all subject matter experts to ensure the highest quality possible, and the integration of terminology management and AI assistance guarantees consistency throughout all of our business translation services.

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Translation Services

Localizera, a Playmaker!

As an international translation services provider, Localizera offers you the option to request a translator to provide you with business translation services for your business in almost any field. The translation is our playground that we enjoy playing in. Such international translation solutions include, but are not limited to:

The Formula.. Our Translation Process..

Localizera uses a long but very effective process while providing international translation services. This 9-step process works as our magic formula:

Step #1
Receiving Documents

This is the very first step in the beginning of any translation project. We receive documents from our dear clients and make sure that they are not corrupted and translatable in the requested language pair.

Step #2
Issuing a Quote

After checking the received documents, we negotiate and approve the translation rate and the best deadline.

Step #3
File Analysis

We then analyze the files to determine the best methodology and strategy to use while providing international translation services.

Step #4

In this step, our international translation solutions linguists do their magic and make sure they provide business translation services that suits the target audience and market with no error tolerance.

Step #5
Editing and Reviewing

After the translation phase is done, we run an additional editing and reviewing phase to make sure that the target text is culturally, contextually, and industrially right with no mistranslations existing.

Step #6
DeskTop Publishing

The Final product must go through DTP and formatting phase to put everything where it belongs and fit it for the target culture and use.

Step #7

A proofreader handles the formatted version and check if everything is grammatically and linguistically right to be published.

Step #8
Quality Assurance

At the very end, we run QA checks to make sure everything is going fine and smooth as if the translated text was written in originally in the target language.

Step #9
Final Delivery

We Finally deliver the final versions of the files we provided international translation services for taking into consideration the time factor.

Technology Plus Translation Equals Art

As the localization industry and the need for document translation services has risen, so have your requirements. As a result of these requirements, automated process has been created. By integrating the use of translation memories, machine translation, and AI, Localizera automates and controls your material, and our respective translation and operations teams can simply coordinate and track uncompleted translation projects. The project manager and review manager can analyze the status updates and adjust the process based on the most recent project needs. Our machine translation, on the other hand, enhances our business translation services by utilizing intelligent MT engines and debugging the usual challenges of content localization via content changes and translation post-edits. Further, CAT tools enable us to ensure content translation consistency throughout your multi-channel deliverables, showing their worth with each project, just as our in-house and in-country translation teams learn more and more about your business needs via their work on your projects. Business translation services, for instance, are conducted with simplicity and consistency throughout your journey with your favorite international translation services provider, Localizera Using the power of computer-assisted translation (CAT) techniques, we augment our translation services with previously translated information kept in our translation memory (TM) database, where the TM helps businesses decrease costs and timeframes while enhancing overall translation consistency.

Are you looking for a translation partner that would take your hands to the global side of your business? Contact Localizera and inquire about our international translation services and request translator opinion on your project. Get a free quote right now and enjoy our unrivaled international translation solutions that you will never find anywhere other than Localizera.

Translation Services

Entrusted to deliver our clients’ messages all over the globe

Our business translation services specialists guarantee you the ease of communication with the market you are targeting in their own lingo. Keeping in mind cultural variations, industry requirements, and region specifications, they will be tailoring you a custom-fit service that speaks local and aims to go global. All done simply and efficiently by employing top-tier translators and professional linguists from all around the world to provide the best worldwide translation services you can’t find anywhere else. Put your trust in Localizera today.