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Thai Translation Services

Certified translation Thai to English for global reach

As an ISO certified translation agency that provides professional and enterprise-grade Thai translation services to some of the world's most successful companies, Localizera stands strong for more than 12 years of expertise and even more than 160 languages to serve a huge range of needs. We are one of the fastest growing Thai translation services providers, offering a wide range of high-quality Thai document translation and localization services for a wide range of mediums such as product documentation, websites, software, video, voice, and in-person interpretation. Localizera is powered by the world's biggest staff of certified translation Thai to English experts and native translators that specialize in our customers' industries to produce the most technically precise translations available. To cope with the technological advancements, Localizera’s unrivaled Thai translation services use next-generation cloud-based translation management system that distinguishes us from older language service providers.

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Certified Thai Translation Service

Our Thai translation services linguists and subject matter specialists have extensive expertise in translating a wide range of business information, including product manuals and software online support, as well as training courses and legal contracts, and many more. Localizera has one of the most extensive English-Thai terminology databases, with a certified translation of Thai to English that uses thousands of technical words in health, finance, technology, law, and government, allowing our Thai translation services linguists to assure the highest level of linguistic correctness. We also have a cloud-powered translation management system that can detect spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues in real time while our linguists are translating, resulting in greatly enhanced translation productivity and scalability. We also do use machine learning to improve translation memory, allowing previously Thai translation services provided by us to be dynamically leveraged for linguistic consistency and decreased localization costs.

Localizera is also the region’s premier source of Thai translation services, utilizing industry-leading localization technology improvements to deliver unrivaled certified translations of Thai to English. Our translation agency offers Thai document translation services on a large scale for the medical, financial, high-tech, manufacturing, legal, and automotive industries that are easier, quicker, and more cost-effective than any other language supplier. In addition to cutting-edge technology such as AI-powered translation workflows for MTPE, translation memory, terminology management, and the most sophisticated CAT tools are integrated into our work process to provide consistent, efficient, and high-quality and certified translation of Thai to English on a consistent basis. That is why Localizera should be your only option. We are the best translation agency in terms of offering quick Thai translation services.

Thai Translation Services
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Thai Translation Services
Thai Translation Services

E-commerce Thai Translation Service

Thailand is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of e-commerce and mobile commerce development, with 80% of internet users who have made purchases online. However, to ensure ecommerce business success in Thailand, merchants and business owners need Thai translation services for online content in order to create the best customer experience. Our translation agency, Localizera, has developed comprehensive e-commerce Thai translation services that provide our clients with automated and continuous human translation solutions using APIs. Localizera is also the first company to provide mobile Thai translation services which are ideal for translating product descriptions with scale. All your e-commerce needs will be found under the roof of Localizera. 

Financial Thai Translation Service

Thailand presently ranks first in online banking services and second in bitcoin ownership. This speaks volumes about the country’s enormous market potential for global banking and financial services companies, producing considerable demand for Thai translation services. Localizera has extensive expertise providing certified translation Thai to English for banking, investment, insurance, and corporate accounting requirements. Our translation agency provides all Thai document translation services your financial needs might require. Our online translation platform enables our financial clients to centrally manage all of their language translation processes in the cloud, allowing them to efficiently execute financial transactions across languages. Furthermore, utilizing Thai translation services, English text, financial terms, metadata, or custom features will help our clients simply search bilingual documents. 

Medical Thai Translation Service

Do you need a translation agency that provides certified translation Thai to English to translate your life science material between English and Thai with linguistic correctness and speed? Localizera is the only name you need to know. Our translation agency delivers major pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and biotech organizations with ISO certified Thai document translation for medical sector. We translate medical device manuals, clinical research studies, regulatory submission paperwork, and common technical documentation (CTD) for clinical trials. Localizera’s mature life science translation approaches are further supplemented by our AI-powered translation management system for unrivaled localization performance for certified translation Thai to English in the medical field or anything that serves the life science sectors. Contact us right way to know more about what we have to offer.

Localizera is a Thai translation services provider that makes providing certified translation Thai to English as simple as pie. We offer Thai document translation for almost every sector you can think of. Localizera, on the other hand, ensures your global expansion in the Asian region in over 160 languages for a variety of industries like automotive, medical, manufacturing, and finance. Don’t waste any more time or effort; instead, contact professional Thai translation services providers like Localizera.

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