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About us

Curious enough to know who we are?

Localizera goes down as the most reliable worldwide translation services company that is trusted by leading businesses around the globe. Our desktop publishing company services occupy a huge range that includes business translation services, international translation services, localization services, and interpretation services to give hand to big brands while expanding in foreign markets. We are also capable of helping businesses overcome regulatory difficulties, and communicate with audiences all around the world in their own tongue. This zone is exclusive to winners! So, get in and let's ride smoothly through global markets towards guaranteed success with the help of our worldwide translation services which we can provide in more than 160 languages. Imagine the difference and potentials!

Who we are?

Certified Translation Company- The Deep-Downs of Localizera

Located in Poland, we offer certified worldwide translation services to global clients in over 160 languages.

As a desktop publishing company, it would make more sense if we provided DTP services only. But that is not the case here. We don’t settle for one zone. Localizera provides certified worldwide translation services to global businesses in over 160 languages, too. We are here to help your business in expanding to further markets, connect with foreign audiences, and go viral by breaking language boundaries and offering unrivaled international translation services.

Our business translation services specialists guarantee you the ease of communication with the market you are targeting in their own lingo. Keeping in mind cultural variations, industry requirements, and region specifications, they will be tailoring you with a custom-fit service that speaks local and aims to go global. All is done simply and efficiently by employing top-tier translators and professional linguists from all around the world to provide the best worldwide translation services you can’t find anywhere else.

What we do?

Business Translation Services That Kick

We are one of the big leading business translation services providers that offer all types of translation and localization services in over 160 languages and for a vast range of industries.

Do you have an online shop, small business, game developing company, automotive manufacturing agency? You name it! Localizera is here to provide your business full range of business translation services from A to Z. We also provide, hand in hand, subtitling, and voice over services, transcription and transcreation services, international translation services, interpreting services, website localization services, and desktop publishing services. The list goes on and on. As a result, our business translation services professionals mix the skills of the gifted with artificial intelligence in a huge pot to come up with the X factor. Said factor, represented in Localizera‘s long years of experience, can assist you in getting the job done and guarantee your business, of any scale, certain success, and expansion in any given spot over the map.

Our objective as a competent international translation services provider is to give your business the key to the wheels that will give you a lift toward new markets and cultures. We don’t only promise to build new bridges between your business and the rest of the globe, but also maintain and enhance these bridges over the years.

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Why choose us?

Our Promises

We hire hundreds of international translation services professionals in all European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American languages to give your business the boost it needs. Our error-free professional translation is certified as the finest worldwide translation services that destroy the language barriers and build bridges over borders.Like what you see? Want to benefit from our services in the real world. Get a free quote now and enjoy our top-tier international translation services.

Flashing-Fast Turnaround

Time is money. And we want to save yours and ours. Our game-changing speedy international translation services and automated processes play the biggest role in providing the professional outcome you need as fast as you need. Beat that, Sonic!

Support Around the Clock

Our desktop publishing company is always available for questions, queries, or help requests all day everyday to offer our clients the maximum support whatever the time zone they are calling from. Don't think just reach to us and hocus-pocus we are picking up!

Industry-aware Language

For the maximum ROI, Localizera's linguistic professionals and subject matter experts are well aware of the industries they provide business translation services for and offer technically precise and culturally fluent translations for a variety of business sectors seamlessly.

Tempting Prices

Our desktop publishing company makes huge use of the most recent language technology breakthroughs, such as translation memory, MTPE, and workflow automation altogether seeking the increase productivity and efficiency. We provide one of the most, if not the most, affordable worldwide translation services in the region. Numbers talk, get a quote.

Seamlessly Connected Services

Translation, DTP, LE, Transcription, Dubbing, Voiceover, Design, and more is done within our zone seamlessly and smoothly like a piece of cake. Localizera is way more than a desktop publishing company, our zone is integrated and comprehensive. You found the magic lamp, ask and we shall provide!