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Arabic Translation Services

Arabic translation services for the vastly growing MENA region

Arabic is considered as one of the world's oldest languages, but on the other hand, it is still one of the most spoken languages as it is the official language in more than 22 countries and rising to become the world's fifth most spoken language. Arabic is further one of the United Nations' six official languages. The MENA area (the Middle East and North Africa) is a vibrant hub for global industries, highlighting the potential of the Arabic language. This remarks the importance of Arabic translation services and how it can help expanding into potential markets with the assistance of a professional translation agency as Localizera. For global projects, we can provide modern standard Arabic translator to satisfy the whole region and get your message heard across the globe.

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Accurate Arabic Translation Services

If you want to expand your business in Arab countries or MENA region, then you should partner with our translation agency that can provide professional and accurate Arabic document translation services. Localizera is able to provide Arabic translation services from English to Arabic, from Arabic to English, or even more languages with ease and speed. We employ a huge modern standard Arabic translator team that is native and holds subject matter experience. They are all capable of providing Arabic translation services for all sectors and subject domain disciplines, including business, engineering, law, medical, and international commerce.

Consistent, high-quality, and professional English-Arabic translation services need linguistic knowledge, subject matter expertise, creative solutions, and more intelligent language technology solutions that employ AI, terminology management, machine-human capabilities, and CAT tools. As a translation agency, Localizera employs industry-leading translation management system that puts translation memory, continuous terminology management, and in-context linguistic review into use, enabling our modern standard Arabic translator teams to provide professional Arabic translation services with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency while maintaining a fast turnaround time. Our zone is all about simplifying the process of providing accurate and professional Arabic translation services while staying under the radar of reasonable process and fast turnaround.

Arabic Translation Services
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Arabic Translation Services
Arabic Translation Services

Multiple Solutions for Multiple Dialects

The spoken Arabic language works as every other language and contains sublanguages and dialects. North African, Gulf, Egyptian, and Levantine Arabic are a few of such a vast range of dialects. So, while providing Arabic translation services, the translation agency should keep in mind the target area to differentiate between these dialects in the process. However, for the greatest expansion and language understanding among the Arab audience, some Arabic translation services providers choose to hire a modern standard Arabic translator to handle the projects. Our translation agency, on the other hand, allows our clients to designate the targeted localities such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, or Egypt. Professional Arabic translation services linguists from all major Arabic-speaking nations work with us to come out with the highest quality possible. Localizera also provides Arabic document translation services in formal Arabic (Fusha) for major businesses and official entities to serve all the needs of the region.

A Modern Standard Arabic Translator Dream Team

As a translation agency, Localizera offers one of the largest Arabic translation services linguists in the language sector, with subject matter experts in all industrial categories including health sciences, finance, legal, and technology. Our zone contains a huge modern standard Arabic translator team of thanks to our many years of experience in the localization sector and connections around the globe, as well as our translation network, which provides a vast and various range of Arabic translation services providers that are available around the clock. A modern standard Arabic translator from Localizera has translated a wide range of business papers, including product manuals, marketing brochures, training courses, financial statements, legal documents, and the list goes on.

Arabic Translation Services

All the Cards of Arabic Translation Services at Your Table

Financial Arabic translation services

For high quality financial Arabic translation services, don’t look for them out of our zone. Localizera is the only translation agency that creates innovative and creative financial Arabic translation services and solutions with maximum linguistic correctness and localization efficiency. Our specialists provide Arabic document translation services for financial documents, such as accounting statements, tax audit reports, company contracts, or investment plans, and more.

Medical Arabic translation services

Localizera puts cutting edge technology into use, along with a vast modern standard Arabic translator network that specializes in life sciences to deliver highly accurate medical Arabic translation services on time with reasonable prices. All of the projects we translate at our translation agency go through multiple phases of reviewing and QA to ensure the highest quality standards are met in such critical industry.

Legal Arabic translation services

Arabic document translation services for commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, technical patents, and foreign litigation support papers must be provided accurately and swiftly in today's fast-paced global economy. Our translation agency has the ability to provide Arabic translation services for all kinds of legal documents with ease and in unparalleled prices. Our modern standard Arabic translator team holds the pride of subject matter experience and tolerates no errors to satisfy the serious requirements of the legal industry.

Expand Your Global Reach with the Best Arabic Translation Services

To expand in an aspiring region such as MENA you will need a professional translation agency such as Localizera to provide your business with the highest quality Arabic translation services. We offer Arabic document translation services for a vast range of industries such as the legal. Medical, financial, and commercial fields. All of our services are interchangeable and translatable in a huge package of languages that reaches more than 160 languages. In addition to a professional modern standard Arabic translator team with extensive industry expertise to cover most of the area’s dialects and speak personally to the target audience. Localizera, as a modern translation agency and industry pioneer, puts cutting-edge technology into use to increase turnaround time and consistency across projects. We reign strong among Arabic translation services providers! Get in the zone and leave the rest to us.