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Localize Everything. We've Got You Covered.

Localize Your Business Better Faster In any Language

We’re Localizera, and we have 10 years of experience helping organizations connect with their audiences all around the world.


Native Human Translators


Driving globalization excellence across industries and geographies

A certified international translation services provider and desktop publishing company, hand in hand. What’s different about us is that we are bull’s-eying to give your business the key to global markets and international customers while staying in the zone. As your business may need, and beside international translation solutions, we are also able to provide subtitling and voice over solutions, transcription and transcreation solutions, interpreting solutions, localization solutions, desktop publishing solutions, and way more solutions that comes unfolded within. You know the drill!

Localizera Key benefits

When it comes to translation and Desktop publishing solutions, Localizera provides the most efficient solutions to the most complex of projects, ensuring superior quality.

Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

24 Hours Availability

24 Hours Availability


We Talk Numbers

We are on every night, and numbers don’t lie! All of our statistics point their fingers towards success and reach like a wildfire. Localizera provides international translation services that guarantee global success by communicating your messages with international clients from overseas and beyond. Through the long years of experience, and with the trust of our near and dear customers, our desktop publishing company was able to achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rate by providing unrivalled worldwide translation services that act as the plane which will take your business of your local shore to further potentials. We can hear you questioning “why should I handpick Localizera among all these other companies?” and we got the answers.

Language Experts
Global Clients

Translation Services

Localization Services

Interpretation Services

Desktop Publishing

MT Post-Editing

Subtitling Services

Transcription Services

Transcreation Services

Industries We Excel At

Our translation and localization company has many of its ways through various industries that need our international translation services to reach the global market. And as always, we serve!

Manufacturing Translation

The manufacturing industry has been uncontrollably growing for years. And with mega manufacturers expanding their products into new markets, professional international translation services have become a must. We offer exceptional manufacturing translation services that are tailored to your line of products.

Games Translation

With the blowout of graphic-intensive games and mobile games, it is undoubted that more gamers are starting to bloom all over the world. Localizera‘s game worldwide translation services wipe out the burden of localizing your game to expand its distribution and release it in international markets across the world.

Education Translation

Academic courses or eLearning trainings are a breeze to Localizera’s international translation services linguists. They guarantee attractive and educational material in a simple and native language that appeals to those who are eager to learn.

Medical Translation

With an industry as critical as the medical industry, there is no place for errors or mistranslations. Our international translation services linguists hold the pride of long years of subject matter experience leaving no room for mistakes.


Languages Are a Game We Enjoy Playing

In more than 260 languages, Localizera provides worldwide translation services. Including European and Middle Eastern languages with all its dialects, Asian, and African ones too. Our international translation services are guaranteed and certified globally to meet the quality standards of each target market. So, wherever your business was, whatever the language your target audience speak, we got your back!