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Bulgarian Translation Services

Services that are Different from Other Translation Agencies in Europe

In order to increase customer satisfaction and achieve worldwide business success in the modern, globalized world economy, businesses must be able to connect with foreign clients in their own languages. Look no further than Localizera, the market leader in certified and on-demand Bulgarian translation services. For quick and competent Bulgarian translation services, we provide technically correct Bulgarian translation to English that also connects with our clients' cultures.

With the aid of our cutting-edge technology, we assist the greatest native Bulgaria translator groups and linguists the market has to offer in order to deliver linguistic excellence and localization efficiency. With the top Bulgarian translation services provider among translation agencies in Europe, you can achieve your full potential throughout the world right now. Request a free quote from Localizera and start going bigger.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Certified Bulgaria Translator Team

The current digital economy expects quick translations at a low price while maintaining high translation quality. This explains why Localizera’s on-demand and certified Bulgarian translation services are so revolutionary. 

Many of the unnecessary human interactions involved in the slow, offline translation process have been automated. To obtain an immediate quote from a professional Bulgaria translator, just send us your documents via our web portal (instead of having to wait for 24 hours or longer.) 

Localizera is supported by a sizable Bulgaria translator staff of expert Bulgarian translation to English linguists who have expertise in a range of technical disciplines, including industrial, financial, legal, and medical. Our team exceeds 16K translators across the globe!

Even better, Localizera additionally provides a specialized Bulgaria translator team for our business clients in order to continuously guarantee the most consistent linguistic outcomes.

For the greatest degree of linguistic correctness, Localizera, as the most prominent agency among translation agencies in Europe, exclusively employs qualified professional native Bulgarian translators with the appropriate subject matter experience to work on our customers’ translation projects. 

At the same time, our AI-powered translation ecosystem extends beyond terminology management and translation memory to enable our Bulgarian translation services providers to carry out a range of translating activities in real-time, including segmentation validation, concordance search, and MTPE. The end result is a quick turnaround and extremely precise Bulgarian translation to English and other 260+ languages.

Get in touch with a Bulgaria translator from the best provider among translation agencies in Europe, Localizera, right now to find out more about how our Bulgarian translation services may help your business.

Bulgarian Translation Services
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Bulgarian Translation

Bulgarian Translation Services for Multiple Industries

Medical Bulgarian Translation Services

Are your IFUs, medical device manuals, medication inserts, or clinical trials in need of expert Bulgarian translation services? Localizera is one of the few ISO-certified translation agencies in Europe. 

For the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, CRO, and healthcare industries, we have a sizable staff of experienced medical Bulgarian translation services linguists and life science subject matter specialists who specialize in providing very precise medical translations. 

With over 10+ years of experience in more than 260 languages, Localizera also has access to one of the largest medical terminology dictionaries in the world. 

Last but not least, translating your medical records quickly and accurately doesn't have to slow down the growth of your global offering. Localizera guarantees the fastest turnaround among translation agencies in Europe.

Financial Bulgarian Translation Services

The ability to accurately translate financial papers is becoming an increasingly important part of managing cross-border corporate operations and adhering to international regulatory compliance standards in today's global economy. 


To provide certified Bulgarian translation to English, for example, that our clients rely on to expand their businesses in Bulgaria and throughout the world, Localizera combines linguistic expertise with localization technology solutions. 

Localizera offers on-demand and accurate Financial Bulgarian translation services they can rely on to worldwide banking, insurance, and investment organizations as well as corporate finance departments. 


We are powered by our native 16K+ translators across the globe who are experts in a range of financial services fields. We have also created a highly secure cloud-based translation platform with virtual data rooms since we are aware of how important security is for the financial information of our clients.

Legal Bulgarian Translation Services

For law offices and corporate legal departments, Localizera offers a broad range of legal Bulgarian translation services. We provide legal contracts, privacy documents, patent, and litigation support translation services from and into Bulgarian. 


Legal terminology is a specialty of Localizera’s Bulgarian legal translators and subject matter specialists, who offer the most accurate translations quickly. Translation memory is supported by our AI-powered translation management system, allowing us to make use of previously translated content for consistency and financial savings. 


To get an immediate quote, just send us your legal papers on our contacts. Our legal Bulgaria translator team will start translating as soon as you confirm. For more information on Localizera’s legal translations, please contact us.

A Bulgaria Translator for an Array of Services

Localizera is more than just a Bulgarian translation services provider. We provide a wide range of Bulgarian translation, localization, and desktop publishing services. We can help your business go further and establish its global voice by blending lengthy years of knowledge in our services with technology. 

Furthermore, our Bulgarian translation services ensure that your mission-critical material and concepts are conveyed with confidence. All of this is done at the quality, quantity, and speed that our rapidly increasing digital world necessitates. 

Furthermore, for many years, our Bulgaria translator team of professionals has been assisting zone customers in developing their worldwide character in fast-changing sectors that require ongoing assistance. 

Localizera is a safe choice where you may put off all your needs without worry, whether through international Bulgarian translation services, DTP Services, website localization services, or even more including:

Bulgarian Translation to English and 260+ Other Languages

There are around 12 million speakers of the Bulgarian language. Due to the fact that the original cases have all but vanished, it is one of the simpler Slavic languages. Few individuals have sufficient command of the language to be able to interpret legal and financial documents because Bulgarian is largely spoken there. And we are particularly strong in those fields.

These sectors depend on the availability of Bulgarian translation services in other languages for development and profitability shouldn’t come as a surprise.One of the top translation agencies in Europe, Localizera’s Bulgaria translator team consists of linguists who are subject matter experts and professionals in their fields.Because they are aware that the tone and idioms used in a variety of languages and sectors demand a creative approach to translation, Localizera’s Bulgarian translation services providers pay great attention to cultural indications while delivering Bulgarian translation to English for instance. 

Through language and phrases, this aids clients in reaching their target consumers. With us, you can be certain to obtain expert and professional Bulgarian translation services from and into more than 260 languages by economical, creative, and speedy 16K+ translators across the globe. Such languages include:

Why Us and Not Other Translation Agencies in Europe?

Accurate Bulgarian translation services are provided by a professional Bulgaria translator team and enthusiasts at Localizera. 

They are aware that providing Bulgarian translation services, for instance, requires not only providing linguistic correctness but also adapting the text into the target expression that connects culturally with the target audience.

Here are a few of the things we excel in at Localizera, which makes us the leader of translation agencies in Europe.

Super High Quality

Utilize our ISO quality standards and evaluations to get professional Bulgarian translation services for all industries you might think of.

Advanced Technology

By leveraging CAT technology to assist professional Bulgarian translation services, you can ensure that the documents you're working on are accurate enough for a global audience.

Reasonable Prices

For all industries and sectors, Localizera provides high-quality, low-cost, and flexible Bulgarian translation services.

Multiple Languages

Since Localizera supports more than 260 languages, you may distribute your Bulgarian messages worldwide.