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Website Localization Services

Your Website is Your Image to the World, Trust it With the Professionals.

A potential customer's initial stop should be at your company's website. Assume that every potential customer cannot read English and so cannot understand your products or services. This customer will leave quickly. Website localization services are necessary to get access to global markets and more prospective clients. To put things into perspective, website localization services refer to the process of modifying an existing website to make it more accessible, functional, and culturally suitable to a foreign target audience. Furthermore, non-native English speakers account for one-third of all internet users, with visitors staying twice as long if the website is in their native language.

As a professional website localization agency, Localizera takes the hassle of website localization services like a piece of cake. Where your developers and marketers left off, we pick up. Whether you have a content management system or not, we can work with you to deliver superior website localization services by utilizing our revolutionary website localization procedures that are different from other translation agencies in Europe. With Localizera's website localization services, you can obtain a free quote and start building your window to the market right away, leveraging the skills the best of translation agencies in Europe.

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Professional Website Localization Services

Website localization services are the best business move you can make if you want to enter new markets and launch your products or services to a wide collection of clients.Localizera will assist you with your goals for business expansion. We set you on the path to success by providing extremely professional Website localization services and making them accessible, useful, and appealing to new consumers in every language and region. 

Your website is your clients’ initial point of contact. Your digital presence is your company’s initial impression since it represents your company and what it has to offer. Relevancy in content, design, and usability (aka website localization services) is the key to making a great first and lasting impression, and the data are overwhelming.The agile website translation approach used by our website localisation agency is all about simplicity, speed, and scalability. 

Like many other businesses before you, you’ve most likely spent time, money, and significant resources developing your website. The last thing you want to do is go through another hard, time-consuming, and costly procedure to translate your website into any other language into which your company intends to expand its operations. 

The good news is that you are not required to! Localizera can now properly provide website localization services and website localization testing in as little as 1-2-3 with speed and scalability.

Our unique and agile website localization services professionals exceed the number of 16K+ linguists across the globe that can provide 160+ languages with a quality of 10+ years of experience. Numbers talk! They are assisting hundreds of businesses in swiftly and simply reaching worldwide clients.

Simply get in touch with Localizera to get the best website localization services. We have over 5000 satisfied clients and offer localization services in over 160 languages. This means a broad range is served in no time.

Website Localization Services
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160+ Languages Provided at 1 Website Localisation Agency

Localizera offers website localization services in over 160 languages. To ensure the best linguistic quality and technical correctness, we exclusively utilize native human translators with subject matter experience for all of our translation work.Unlike other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera has 16K+ language professionals and industry specialists worldwide, and they provide perfectly worded website localization services.

Our multilingual website localisation agency, on the other hand, take cultural cues into account while offering services in any of the languages we provide. Making sure nothing sounds offensive or miscommunicated is critical in the process.We ensure that you will receive unequaled website localization services in over 160 languages that are swift, accurate, and fairly priced. These languages include:

A Process that Ends with Website Localization Testing


The success of your project is dependent on excellent project management, which begins with careful preparation. It's the road plan for the entire project, from start to end, ensuring a smooth localization process. 


Our conscientious website localization services PMs do an overall review, define your company objectives, develop a thorough plan, and establish a project timeline to maximize your productivity.


Research, research, and more research. Any effective website localization services project is founded on extensive research. After you've identified your target markets, we do thorough research to give specific market insights. 


Simultaneously, our technical team conducts a thorough investigation of various CMSs, tools, and technologies in order to improve quality and minimize costs.


At this Phase, all website localization services instructions and recommendations of the project are implemented. Skilled native-speaking translators from the local area are allocated to translation projects based on their subject-matter competence.


After that, a rigorous review procedure by additional linguists ensures high-quality material that is linguistically, contextually, and culturally accurate and appropriate for the intended audience.


Our website localisation agency engineers and DTP professionals assume control of the technical and functional aspects of the translated website. They set up the website so that the translated text may be viewed easily. 


This includes changes to style and design, user interface, spacing, text expansion, text orientation, site navigation, and so on.


This is the final phase before the website goes live, and it involves intensive QA (Quality Assurance) testing. Localizera’s website localization testing process assures your website's integrity as well as its operation. 


At Localizera, Linguists collaborate with technical and website localization services engineers to ensure that your website content is free of linguistic and cultural discrepancies as well as functionality and usability difficulties.

Website Localization Services

All Types of Website Localization Services

WordPress Website Localization Services

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS systems used to generate the world's massive number of websites due to its ease of use and extensive library of ready-made HTML design themes. 


Furthermore, WordPress' sophisticated third-party plugins enable businesses to implement almost all commercial functions, such as online shopping carts, product galleries, and customer dashboards. 


Nevertheless, while WordPress is highly adaptable in terms of developing the source language website, its capacity to translate information into other languages is relatively restricted. 


While third-party localization plugins help to speed up the initial translation process, the procedure still necessitates a significant amount of manual website localization services to ensure quality and quantity.


As a website localisation agency, Localizera provides the best website localization services for WordPress among translation agencies in Europe utilizing the 3-step process of TRP.

Drupal Website Localization Services

Despite the numerous effective extensions, translating Drupal websites into other languages via standard localization techniques remains a time-consuming and laborious effort. 


One of the key impediments is that current website creation necessitates daily updates and the addition of fresh material. Because of Drupal's translation procedure, translating these updates in real-time is almost hard. 


Yet, in today's digital economy, the capacity to provide website localization services for consistent updates on-demand and dynamically enhance translated websites in real time is crucial. 


This is why our website localisation agency has completely automated proxy website localization services that are ideal for today's agile website development with Drupal, with the fastest speed, highest language quality, and overall lowest cost.

Mobile Website Localization Services

Localization services, including website localization services, have become an essential component of worldwide business. Since the debut of smartphones, the number of worldwide mobile users has increased. 


As their primary Internet device, more and more consumers choose mobile over PC. Mobile website localization services, also known as "responsive website design," has become a need in recent years, necessitating the need for website localization service providers.


When numerous languages are used on a website, the influence of typography, typefaces, and text flow within a restricted area can become more complicated. It is critical to work with a reputable website localization services provider.


Contact Localizera’s professionals now to see how our website localisation agency can help you spread your multilingual website throughout the world.

Why You Should Choose Us Over Other Translation Agencies in Europe?

Localizera’s multilingual website localization services team is comprised of a varied spectrum of professionals from across the world, each with 10+ years of experience in website localization services. Every localization services specialist at our website localisation agency is a subject matter expert who is ready to help over 5K satisfied customers.

They recognize that providing multilingual website localization services, for example, necessitates not only linguistic accuracy but also customizing solutions to avoid unintended misunderstandings and to establish a stronger and more genuine connection with the target audience’s culture and customs.

The three main advantages that set us apart from other translation agencies in Europe are as follows:

Unrivaled Quality

On an important note, you must guarantee that the website localization services you acquire are proper and organized to suit the requirements of our exceptional eLearning content localization services’ global clients and organizations.


We ensure that your original information is appropriately provided by using our localization services. The eLearning material translation service is more likely to be approved when it reaches its target audience due to the high grade of our 16K+ language specialists.

Fast Delivery

Time is obviously an important concern when delivering multilingual website localization services. All types of training, courses, and orientations need the accurate and appropriate expertise of a website localisation agency.


As a consequence, Localizera places a premium on meeting deadlines while still providing precise and high-quality website localization services. We can frequently give the best website localization services as soon as possible since our 16K+ translators with 10+ years of expertise can deliver your services swiftly!

Competitive Prices

Localizera can provide you with excellent website localization services and results at a reasonable cost. website localization services currently range in price from extremely expensive to reasonably priced. As compared to the pricing of other translation agencies in Europe, our 5K+ clients believe them to be quite inexpensive.


We are confident that will get unrivaled website localization services quality with a budget that won’t break the bank. Our website localization testing professionals do their thing in making sure everything is right so you can avoid the extra cost of retranslating.