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Software Localization Services

Software localization services for global use

Software localization services, like other types of technical translation services, may be intricate and stressful. But that’s not the case here at Localizera. Our zone is a prominent software translation services provider that offers the best software localization services process, which includes initial consultation, localization, and QA testing. Reach out to new markets and expand your business globally with our mobile app localization services, which include website language localization, multilingual SEO, layout and desktop publishing, website content localization, and more!

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Software localization services entails converting GUI (graphic user interface) strings into several target languages. Unlike other technical translation services, where sentences and paragraphs are translated as they are, software GUI strings are often saved in separate resource files with ID numbers that lack context information. As a result, software localization services linguists are unable to see how each string is presented or used within the software itself, potentially resulting in translation accuracy difficulties. We get over all of such challenges with ease at Localizera. We use revolutionary technology solutions for our software localization services to cut through all the difficulties that faces software translation services professionals.

Software localization services and mobile app localization made simple with Localizera. Simply submit the resource files and the app itself and we will automatically map each GUI string to the actual place on the app in real time, allowing our software localization services linguists to see complete context information while translating. This results in dramatically enhanced linguistic quality and technical accuracy, as well as a shorter turnaround time for software localization services.

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Software Localization Services
Software Translation Services

The Software Translation Services Process

The process of adapting software to the language, cultural, and technological comprises measuring standards, video and graphic design, and other types of content production. With the help of experienced software localization services, the final content creation will perform as if it were built in the user’s home country. This smooth transition is critical for the software localization services process.

Traditional translation is usually done after the source document has been finished. There is a certain program and technology that is employed. Software localization services are frequently undertaken concurrently with the development of the source product to allow for the simultaneous distribution of all language variants. Thus, Localizera is the only place that provides the best software localization services process, including initial consulting, localization, and functional testing. Our methodology guarantees the greatest software and mobile app localization results, ensuring that standalone and embedded software is linguistically correct and culturally suitable.

We are further able to assist your business in localizing its app in more than 160 languages to guarantee unrivaled global advantage among competitors. Whether it’s creating a build environment, resizing boxes, fixing bugs, managing version control, writing test scripts, testing, or taking screenshots, Localizera’s professionals and software specialists combine the industry’s most advanced technological knowledge with a client-centric approach.

UI Mobile App Localization Services

The single most crucial stage in mobile app localization is providing technical translation services for user interface. Localizing your user interface entails anything from translating text strings to altering the layout of your interface to accommodate each linguistic and cultural setting.

Localizera cuts through like a piece of cake. We connect you with in-country software localization services linguists that specialize in the localization of your mobile app. We can assure translation uniformity while decreasing expenses thanks to our built-in terminology management system. Our translation platform also allows you to search for and pick translators based on subject matter knowledge and translation history, ensuring that each localized version of your product runs as smoothly as the original to launch global apps as a local business. Our mobile app localization services are further guaranteed and go through different phases of QA and testing to assure accuracy and functionality.

Software Localization Services
Software Translation Services

QA and Testing Are No Joke

The mobile app localization services we provide do not skip testing the localization of mobile-centric apps. Localization testing guarantees that the quality of the localized application is comparable to the quality of the original product. Once localized, app should be tested on a variety of user platforms to ensure that the translated versions run smoothly and that the content has been accurately applied. Our engineers and translators conduct linguistic and aesthetic testing after finishing the software localization services phase. Linguistic testing is a double check of the translated software, rigorously confirming the accuracy of each translated line of text. For linguistic testing and verification, Localizera employs competent in-country software translation services linguists with subject area knowledge. Technical testing is also required to guarantee that the localized app does not have truncation, misalignment, or other layout flaws.

Our mobile app localization specialists have a system in place for analyzing your translated software for typical errors and resolving any difficulties. To make long story short, our QA and testing phases are not less important than the software localization services itself to us.

Best Software Localization Services

With Localizera’s software localization services, we guarantee you that your business app is going places. Global places indeed. We provide software translation services with high-quality linguistic standards and fast turnaround times. We can also provide mobile app localization services in more than 260 languages for different industries. Contact us now to know more and start your first step into global markets.