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Gaming Translation Services

The game translation agency you need

With 2.2 billion players worldwide producing $108.9 billion in game sales in 2017, the gaming sector is spreading like wildfire. Our zone, is considered as the number-one game translation agency. To meet the expectations, we provide more than one gaming translation solution. Our game language translator team is all about the adaption of all game components from UI to in-game dialogue. They also feature aspects like as screenplays, music, and images that are tailored to the target culture.
Localizera holds the pride to hold long years of game localization and translation experience. Computer games, internet games, console games, and mobile games are all examples of this as we use our own game translation tool to provide our services swiftly and accurately. Furthermore, our game translation agency provides a comprehensive range of high-quality language services for game localization, including translation, graphics localization, cultural adaptation, transcreation, voice over, and game QA testing.

Gaming Translation Services

What Our Game Language Translator is Capable of

Video Game Dialogue Translation

Localizera boasts a network of game testers and seasoned game language translator who have extensive expertise translating video game speech, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and game translation tool. With a background in linguistics, our translators examine your game conversation for semantic meaning, tone, and aesthetic writing.

Video Game UI Translation

When it comes to game creation, our game language translator team recognizes that user experience is just as crucial as perfect grammar for creators. Our game translation agency is capable of translating your in-game menus, overlays, and tutorials to offer your gamers with the finest gaming experience in their local language.

Mobile Game Translation

Your mobile game or app should be able to handle text, audio files, numbers, money, and images in ways that are acceptable for the regions in which it is utilized. Our game translation agency will provide a translated version of your mobile game that is flawless.

Game Description Translation

Game descriptions is so important for sales on app stores. If the game language translator did this step right, it can drive a significant amount of organic traffic and downloads to your mobile game. While there are several factors that might impact the success of your product, the game description is likely the most significant of them all.

Game Marketing Translation

Advertising and marketing activities for your mobile or video game boost brand knowledge and recognition in a certain region or throughout the world. Our game translation agency knows that it is vital for an international audience that language and cultural aspects are grasped and implemented in order to avoid embarrassing or potentially offending messages.

User Review Translation

Reading reviews is a crucial stage in the purchasing process for gamers and mobile users who want to know what other people think of a product. Localizera, as a game translation agency, knows that gamers increasingly see user evaluations (as opposed to those written by experts or critics) as more legitimate and trustworthy, encouraging them to make a purchase more frequently.

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Gaming Translation Services

Mobile Games Translation Services

The current smartphone industry has radically altered the worldwide gaming demography. While specialized game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are immensely popular for the finest gameplay experience, an increasing number of everyday video games are downloaded as mobile applications from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This is why, since the introduction of the iPhone, the demand for mobile game translation has risen. Localizera, as a prominent game translation agency, delivers expert mobile game translation services for both iOS and Android devices through our game language translator team in a timely and high-quality manner thanks to our game translation tool. Localizera provides your business expert team of game language translator and subject matter experts that assist gaming companies in engaging worldwide gamers by providing the best video game localization services, one game at a time. Get us on the line now to talk about the translation of your next mobile game.

Premier Gaming Translation Services in 260 Languages

Accuracy and commitment to tight deadlines are the core of gaming translation services. And at Localizera, we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality language services for game localization, including translation, graphics localization, cultural adaptation, transcreation, voice over, and game QA testing. Get a free quote for your next gaming translation project and left the rest for us.

Gaming Translation Services

What is Different About Our Game Translation Agency?

Professional Services

Localizera hires only specialists and professional game language translator to boost your global reach and help your business get over difficulties and proactively building creative and innovative solutions in an effective and timely manner.

Quality is Our #1 Priority

Quality is our drive of all we do. We maintain the highest quality and accuracy standards with our ISO certification requirements and comprehensive 3-eye TEP quality assurance procedure. Our game translation agency will guarantee you the best quality you can get.

Long Years of Experience

With long years of expertise, our game translation agency is the partner you need and can rely on to produce nothing less than great quality. We've been able to expand the global reach of our dear client over the years with ease.

Fast Turnaround

Our game translation agency, Localizera provides lightning-fast delivery to match any modifications in your schedule since we are equipped to shape our help. We have the capacity and expertise to manage big projects effectively and efficiently under tight deadlines.

High-End Technology

We are doing more with less, and doing it better, quicker, and more efficiently than ever before, thanks to new technology and game translation tool. Our cutting-edge technology optimizes and boosts workflow and the effective completion of your projects on time every time.


Localizera provides excellent service at reasonable prices. Our game translation agency provides high-quality service at the most competitive prices in the field. The best value for money you can ever get will be in our zone. Our game translation tool, glossaries, and terminology management will help your business go places.