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Video Translation Services

Localizera’s video translation services for globalizing your business visually

Video reigns supreme! The modern world consumes a huge amount of content every day, most of which is video. As a result, worldwide organizations are increasingly depending on Video Marketing to achieve global ROI. Video content not only increases consumer trust and audience engagement, but it also assists businesses in increasing brand visibility on the Internet since SEO likes video. However, in order to make the most impression on your foreign consumers, you need professional video translation services to match your messages with any other mother tongues with whom you do business.
This is why you need Localizera’s video translation services and subtitle translation to confidently engage your worldwide audience. Our cutting-edge video translation services and audio translation services make video international expansion a piece of cake with superb international translation services.

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Professional Video Translation Services in Many Languages

The need for video translation services is enormous if you want your business to communicate on a more personal level with your customers. Multilingual videos are more important than ever for foreign marketing, client acquisition, product training, and technical support. As video has evolved into a potent sales and marketing tool, assisting global clients in making purchasing decisions throughout the sales process, regardless of the languages they speak. Videos are also excellent tools for self-learning and client assistance.

This is why Localizera is providing vast range of international translation services, whether it was video translation services, subtitle translation services, or even audio translation services, we got it all covered in more than 260 languages. As the leading language translation company, Localizera provides linguistically and culturally correct video translation services in all Asian, European, African, and many other languages.

We offer complete video translation services to the world’s largest corporations, including language translation, multilingual voice-over, video subtitling, transcription, and multimedia development.

Further, Localizera has reimagined professional video translation services by using our cutting-edge digital media editing tools, which automate audio transcription and subtitling, making the entire translation process more efficient. Subtitle translation has never been easier. We have translated marketing videos, product videos, eLearning videos, TV video advertisements, customer onboarding videos, knowledge-based videos, support videos, and customer testimonials with high rates of satisfaction. Be assured that whatever your target market was or whatever the language they speak, we will spark your success in that region.

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Video Translation Services

How We Do it?

Our video translation services providing method is tailored to produce linguistically correct and culturally accurate visuals in all foreign languages on a large scale. Even better, our international translation services will not break the bank. The following is an example of our game-changing video translation services workflow:

Selecting Videos

At this very first step you send us your video files that you need video translation services for.


We send you the free quote and agree upon the settled prices for international translation services that you will never find anywhere else.

Audio Transcription

At this point, Localizera extracts the audio from video and use the most advanced technology to convert audio into text to begin the audio translation phase.


Where magic happens! Localizera provides international translation services with the highest rates of accuracy and consideration to cultural differentiations.


After translating the text, a professional voiceover artist records the translated text with an accent that is native to the target market.


The subtitle translation services are provided to be implemented on the final video and time-coded accurately to help viewers catch up with the audio.

Video Translation Services

YouTube Video Translation Services

Businesses utilize YouTube for a number of commercial purposes, including brand promotion, product presentation, new product introduction, and enticing visitors to their corporate website. Businesses today broadcast a great number of videos on YouTube, for this reason, they need professional video translation services in order to provide the best worldwide consumer experience. Localizera has created a completely optimized YouTube translation solution, allowing our customers professional and accurate video translation services at the tips of their fingers with a single click of a button. Ask about YouTube Video translation services and enjoy Localizera’s one-of-a-kind international translation services that cross borders.

Video Dubbing

In comparison to multilingual voice-over services, dubbing in foreign languages sometimes incorporates lip sync, which is the process of retrofitting the recorded speech so that it is coordinated with the on-screen character’s lip movements. Professionally dubbed movies or films may provide an immersive experience with an international audience that goes well beyond simple text captions and results in the highest consumer engagement. Besides Localizera’s subtitle translation, we offer expert dubbing services in a wide range of languages for our clients’ video translation services packages. Simply tell us about your video translation services you aspire to, and our linguistic resource team will locate the ideal voice talent for all of your foreign language dubbing needs.

Video Translation Services

Subtitle Translation Services

Localizera provides expert video subtitle translation services in over 260 languages to worldwide organizations. Our skilled video production team will add foreign language subtitles to the video we provided international translation services for once the audio scripts have been translated into the target languages. All main subtitle file types,,.sub,.vtt, and.sbv, are supported by Localizera’s professionals. Following the placement of the subtitle translation on the video, our trained linguists will examine and QA the final translated video to assure the best linguistic quality.

On the other hand, Localizera provides a full package of video translation services with unrivaled prices and fast turnaround times that you will never find anywhere. Our international translation services will guarantee your business the global expansion you wish for in no time. So don’t waste more time hesitation and contact us now.

Subtitling Translation Services