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Voiceover Translation Services

Voiceover translation services for all the audiophiles

Voice over services is a production method in which a person's voice is captured for usage off-screen. While voice over is most commonly used to relate to movies and television, it may also be utilized for audio translation services and other informational services. Our voice over services is delivered to guarantee your business high-quality outcome, as our expert voice over services goes through several phases. Localizera’s voice acting professionals record the translated script with exact time and rhythm so that tracks may be dubbed as nearly as possible to match the original audio. Further, our editors clean up the voiceover recordings before our dubbing professionals blend them with sound effects and music to create a balanced and synced final result.

Voiceover Translation Services

Why Localizera’s Voiceover Translation Services

Highest Quality

All of Localizera’s quality control methods are ISO-certified. We hire professionals who are highly qualified and native language specialists to provide the best audio translation and voice over services.

Competitive Prices

Localizera provides unrivaled prices that you can never find anywhere. Highest quality voiceover translation services don’t always mean breaking the bank.

Fast Turnaround

Guaranteed delivery of your files on or before the deadline. Our fast turnaround times guarantee voice over services that is on time for the needy markets of today.

Data Confidentiality

According to ISO, your files are protected with the utmost confidentiality and information security.

Years of experience
Language Professionals
Voiceover Translation Services

How We Do it?

To bring your written pieces to life, we employ an agile and cutting-edge techniques that prioritizes quality and fast delivery. We employ a multi-step procedure to deliver voiceover translation or voice over services, which is as follows:

Preparing the Script

After watching/listening to your audiovisual content, our language professionals examine the script to get a sense of the context and tone of the material. In the absence of a script, we begin by providing transcription services for your content precisely and accurately in order to give the best voiceover translation services.

Voiceover Translation

Native in-country linguists with extensive subject-matter experience translate and localize your screenplay or text, ensuring quality and accuracy while keeping the heart of your message and brand identity intact. We provide voiceover translation services that are not only grammatically correct, but also reflect the target market's cultural elements. On the other hand, precise synchronization of your audio is largely based on matching the time of the translated text with the timing of the source text; this is another crucial issue that our translation team carefully considers when offering audio translation services. Furthermore, Localizera’s voiceover translation linguists use three-step TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) process to ensure the highest quality and error-tolerating rate of zero.


After selecting the appropriate voice acting talent for your project, we begin recording sessions in our professional studios. And, in order to constantly provide the finest experience for our clients, we pick our voice acting artists from professionals who genuinely enjoy what they do. They help to ensure that our voice over services run smoothly and efficiently. You express exactly what you want, and they comply. Their ability to properly communicate your words with the suitable tone, tempo, and rhythm demonstrates their great quality job.


Finally, our post-production teams are made up of skilled sound editors and professional engineers who work on mixing and editing while also ensuring perfect synchronization and voice acting quality. They are also responsible for completing your voiceover translation projects in the manner you choose.

Professional Voice Acting

Voice acting is a production technique in which the voice of an offscreen narrator is used to explain or comment on a film, advertising, or video. It is an effective and fun tactic since people are more captivated to what they hear as well as what they see. Your content may provide an incredible and appealing visual experience for your audience, but they still want you to stand out and deliver your message in other languages. That’s the reason for Localizera’s audio translation services that are complemented by professional voice acting. Every great narrative necessitates a great narrator. This is what we do with our excellent voiceover translation services and voice acting expertise.

Our voice acting professionals are always native speakers of the target languages, with impeccable pronunciation and enunciation. Their linguistic skills aren’t the only thing they have to offer. Their extensive expertise and wide range of voice personalities make them incredible storytellers, allowing them to successfully express your message, connect with your audiences, evoke emotions, and bring your message to life using audio translation methods. Moreover, Localizera’s voice over services providers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are of varied ages and genders to match with any project requirements easily and fit into your target market like a Lego piece.

From audio translation to voiceover translation services, Localizera offers great range of solutions for your audio/visual content ensuring your business a great success overseas. Whatever the market you are targeting, we will lend you a helping hand to domain and expand like a wildfire. Get us on the line and get more information about our voiceover translation services.