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Chinese Translation Services

The Chinese translation company that guarantees growth

China's economy is one of the world's largest and most creative in the whole world. China itself has firmly established itself as a worldwide trading powerhouse in the previous few decades. If you want to expand your business into China, you'll need a professional translation agency to provide Chinese translation services that assist you in competing with local companies and engaging a regional Chinese audience in their official language. Chinese business translation services are your key to communicating as a Chinese local in such a huge market of needy consumers. Localizera is a pioneer Chinese translation company that has all the creative language solutions that guarantee global expansion. We provide Chinese translation services by leveraging cutting-edge technology, human Chinese business translation services linguists, and industry best practices.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Guaranteed Chinese Translation Services

If you are seeking a competent Chinese translation company to accurately and quickly provide Chinese business translation services for your documents, websites, software programs, marketing material, or eLearning content between English and Chinese or further languages, Localizera is your winning horse. As a translation agency, we have one of the largest teams of experienced native Chinese translation services linguists and Mandarin subject matter specialists in the legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications, and almost every other industry. When it comes to an important and critical language as Chinese, a Chinese translation company must provide linguistic quality while also providing a quick response and reasonable pricing. Localizera incorporates technological solutions in the process of providing Chinese translation services including translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic assessment, enabling the expert linguists of our translation agency to provide services accurately and swiftly like a breeze.

The Chinese spoken in the wide regions of China hugely differs from each other. Traditional Chinese has no live speakers, although it may be found in scholarly or legal papers, and it differs significantly from the Standard Chinese language spoken in China today. Our translation agency works with professionally qualified and native Chinese translation service providers bearing in mind cultural differences and linguistic qualities. Being a Chinese translation company, we are able to give error-intolerant translated material to regional audiences all throughout China due to our thorough knowledge and experience with differences in the Chinese language. At Localizera, we mean business. We allow no errors and accept no mistakes. Thanks to our multiple reviewing and QA processes, we rank high at the top among other Chinese translation services providers.

Chinese Translation Services
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Chinese Translation Services
Chinese Translation Services

Automotive Chinese Translation Services

Recently, China has plans for increasing automotive import which will hugely encourage global automakers to expand their products into China. As a consequence, Chinese translation services for automobiles, auto parts, and equipment needed to build engines, fuel systems, cooling components, exhaust, and autopilot modules will make a huge difference for your business to be present in the Chinese market. Our translation agency puts so much effort into matching the continuously changing Chinese customer needs, that’s why we provide high-quality Chinese business translation services on time and with the highest quality possible. Localizera, as a Chinese translation company, benefits from industry-leading language translation technology and subject matter experience to assist our automotive clients in translating user manuals, training documents, legal contracts, and marketing materials into Simplified Chinese swiftly and consistently to meet the needs of such a fast-paced industry.

Certified Chinese Translation Services Offering Seamless Expansion

Expanding your business to new areas means playing by new rules. When it comes to China, documents from foreign investments are usually heavily scrutinized as the Chinese regulatory system is well-known for its strict standards. This is why you need Localizera’s help to navigate the Chinese market without as much of a stumble. 

Localizera’s Chinese language experts spent years in training, sharpening their knowledge, and educating themselves on multiple cultures and domains. Our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market and all its intricacies and demands makes us the ideal companion that allows your business to swiftly avoid any legal disputes with the Chinese authorities. Contact us now and request our certified Chinese translation services.

Chinese Business Translation Services

Our Chinese translation company offers excellent Chinese business translation services for technical documents, user guides, legal reports, information for use, marketing materials, training manuals, and even further formats of documents. Our Chinese translation services providing systems use cutting-edge technology such as terminology management, machine translation, CAT tools, and desktop publishing to provide a complete and integrated range of Chinese translation services swiftly and accurately.

Chinese Translation Services

A Well-Thought Translation Process Offering Successful Results

Step 1

We receive our customers’ requests for a Chinese translation service via e-mail or a website form. We assess the request thoroughly to identify any specific requirements included by the customer. 

Step 2

Based on a comprehensive analysis, we provide the customer with a Chinese translation service quotation that includes cost estimates, turnaround time, and other important details related to the project. 

Step 3

Once a customer accepts the offer, a formal agreement is established to outline the terms and conditions, project scope, deadline, and other important details that ensure a seamless business relationship. 

Step 4

We assign your project to a team of competent Chinese translators and subject-matter specialists. We equip them with advanced software tools and distribute the tasks in preparation for a frictionless and organized working process. 

Step 5

We follow an organized process in handling your content, consulting subject-matter translation memories and professional style guides to ensure a balanced workflow that aligns with industry standards and customer-specific demands. 

Step 6

Upon finishing the previous step, we put the output to a rigorous quality control process, led by our most qualified post-editing specialists to eliminate any inaccuracies or inconsistencies, ensuring linguistic and cultural resonance. 

Step 7

After finishing the reviewing and formatting, the translated content is sent to the customer for review and feedback. 

Step 8

After a customer has reviewed the content, we prepare it for delivery adding any precious insights or last-minute modifications demanded by the customer. 

Step 9

We keep in contact with the customer as part of our post-project support to address any additional concerns and ensure overall satisfaction. 

Localizera: Go Bigger, Go Global with Top-Class Language Service Providers

Localizera is readily equipped with all that you need for global expansion. In addition to our high linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness, we provide various business advantages that keep things organized and streamlined for maximum satisfaction. By signing up to our Chinese translation services, you are granted access to: 

24/7 Customer Support:

Localizera’s customer service agents work around the clock to fulfill all your demands. Our teams are well-trained to provide all answers to your queries, maintaining patience and professionalism at every step. We ensure you are satisfied with our service, building long-term trust in our brand to achieve guaranteed success for all parties involved. 

Guaranteed Translation Quality

Localizera follows translation and localization global standards, complying with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services to achieve optimal language and industry-specific results. 

Cost Efficiency

We deliver the best Chinese language translation rates on the market to help you grow on a grand scale, offering you higher return on investment (ROI) rates than any competition. 

Quick Turnarounds

Relying on automation and technological solutions, our expert team is capable of delivering the fastest Chinese translation services in the field without having to compromise on quality.

Robust Security

Localizera’s high-end threat-detecting tools ensure that your privacy is protected at all times. With us, your most sensitive information is safeguarded against any potential threat. 

Medical Chinese Translation Services

China is an unrivaled market for global medical devices. To compete in such a successful and huge market, you need a certified and trusted Chinese translation company that specializes in the medical industry. English-Chinese translation might be the standard solution used by leading companies in the field of medical devices. In Localizera, we provide more than 260 languages to help aspiring companies from all over the world compete in the vast Chinese market, all with the assistance of our unparalleled Chinese translation company that you will not find anywhere else. We have English-Chinese translation services providers and life sciences translators who use advanced localization processes to ensure that the most optimal Chinese business translation services are delivered with speed and quality. Whether it’s your product information for use, device labels, user manuals, or clinical trial documents, we have a suitable solution.

To open a new window into a huge market like the Chinese, you need tongue assistance to speak locally to a different audience. Localizera, as a Chinese translation company, provides a wide range of Chinese translation services for multiple industries with high-quality standards and fast turnaround times. Our translation agency also employs native translators that cover more than 260 languages to connect a lot of nations to the Chinese-speaking ones. On the other hand, Localizera provides Chinese business translation services using cutting-edge technology and terminology management systems to deliver translation pieces that have no errors and remain consistent through all the phases. Our zone is your best option for guaranteed expansion into China. Waste no time and contact us now.

Chinese Translation Services

Translate Your Chinese Content into 260+ Languages

Localizera’s linguists have more than a decade’s experience with a variety of languages. We present our clients with a list that boasts as many as 260 languages, providing accurate translations in any language of choice to facilitate your business’s communication with the world. We are ready to translate your Chinese documents to whatever language you choose, offering you the following: