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Subtitling Translation Services

Connect target eyes with target ears by subtitling translation

Subtitles have become an essential element of everyone's everyday routine. We can't picture a world of entertainment, education, or news without subtitles and subtitling translation services, since global media reaches a large audience. And with the wide spread of YouTube videos and online streaming platforms, the need for audio translation and video translation subtitling has increased in an unnatural way. And our subtitling company, Localizera, will take care of it from point A to point Z. We will provide subtitling translation services with high quality and unrivaled prices.

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What is Subtitling Translation?

Subtitle translation is one of three major video and audio translation services, along with dubbing and voice over. Subtitle translation services are the most popular and least expensive kind of video and audio translation. Further, subtitling translation can even be done by a single professional subtitle translator. Ours at Localizera are professional specialists that are able to provide subtitling translation services with high quality and fast turnaround times.

Subtitling translation are lines of conversation that show on screen concurrently with the spoken dialogue to enable complete immersion and knowledge of the spoken content. It, by nature, is placed at the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, subtitling translation follows certain regulations, such as having no more than two lines of speech and being confined to around 37 characters. Also, subtitles must also not run for more than 6 seconds in order to avoid running after the spoken conversation has ended. As a result, subtitling translation necessitates precision, as well as a keen sense of timing and concision.

Our subtitle translator team require only the video footage or audio translation track to transcribe, evaluate, and calculate the optimal length of subtitles required to convey the original content of the translated material. Major companies and businesses have depended on Localizera to increase the worldwide reach of audiovisual content in dozens of languages.

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Subtitling Translation Services
Subtitling Translation Services

Why You Need Subtitling Translation Services?

Professional subtitling translation may help anyone who wants their audiovisual output to reach a global audience. Because of social media, internet videos may reach a large number of people, making subtitling translation essential for worldwide businesses and distributors. A subtitle translator may be required by film studios to translate their latest films, or by corporations to add video translation subtitling to a commercial or corporate video.

Subtitling translation, on the other side, is substantially less expensive than dubbing, which is the most commonly used option. This makes it ideal for small businesses on a tight budget as well as larger corporations looking for cost-effective solutions. All of this can be provided professionally and swiftly at our zone.

Though there are modern software that create subtitling translation automatically, but they fail to attain a degree of accuracy that satisfies and suit native speakers. A subtitle translator does much more than simply repeating the original audio from a video in another language word for word. Instead, they attempt to mimic the original tone and intent of a speaker’s words while retaining humor and passion, sarcasm and lingo. Naturally, when it comes to entertainment media, this is critical. If you want subtitling translation for your video, you must employ a professional subtitle translator, and we have a whole lot of them at Localizera.

Technology in Subtitling Translation Services

Several AI-based methods are already being utilized to create immediate subtitling translation by automatically producing them. The missing human element, on the other hand, is critical to this process. AI translation will never be able to perfectly mimic the original tone, humor, emotions, and intents of spoken discourse. As a result, the subtitling translation comes out rigid and literal, requiring further proofreading and editing to account for the distinctive variances and subtleties that only a professional subtitle translator can provide. If you need such a professional subtitle translator for your subtitling translation services, look no further than Localizera as we are the one-stop shop for all your video translation subtitling needs.

Subtitling translation is a linguistic as well as a translation endeavor. As a result, our professional subtitle translator team at Localizera may be defined as both translators and experienced linguists who exercise linguistic flexibility while remaining as close to the original text as feasible in order to imitate speech actions, verbal and nonverbal signals, and various lexical aspects. This delivery must be managed by the subtitle translator without access to script notes, director remarks, footnotes, behind-the-scenes talks, and so on. We take care of all of this to be rest assured and satisfied at all times.

Subtitling Translation Services

Types of Subtitling Translation

Despite the fact that subtitling translation follows the same concept and has nearly the same criteria and limits, numerous types of subtitles exist, and in our zone, we offers them all including, but not limited to:

Content Translation

This is the most fundamental and generally available type of subtitling translation service. It consists of the standard two lines of conversation at the bottom of the screen. The subtitles appear for around 6 seconds, and one or two of them appear after the dialogue has completed, allowing the spectator to read the whole line. This is the type of subtitling we see on television and movies.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning and access services are a type of optional subtitling translation, similar to the one we see on YouTube when activating the (CC) button. It includes not just spoken speech but also background noises, a soundtrack, and cues. Closed captioning is appropriate for deaf or hard of hearing people, social media videos and streaming content.

Best Subtitling Translation Services

We, at Localizera, are able to provide subtitling translation services in no time with the highest quality you will find in the video translation subtitling industry, but will never break the bank. Get in the zone and know more about our subtitling translation services provided by our professional subtitle translator team.