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Translation and Localization Services and their effect on business

Translation and localization are considered perfect solutions for attracting online customers

We must keep in our minds that translation and localization are a turning point for any business to strengthen its brand and also an opportunity to display its marketing prowess to customers.

Business owners are logged into e-marketing through social media platforms and websites. That is to say, you have first to analyze your business’ market needs and target audience to expand the business, increase sales and then reach new customers. Thus, translation and localization services will undoubtedly be your proper step on the path to communication with the world.

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 Below are the differences between translation and localization services you need to know about.

Translation: is the process of changing the content from one language into another, so that the meaning is equivalent.

Example: House = Maison (house in the French language)

In the end, it gives us the same meaning, but it is expressed in a specific language.

Localization: is the process of using different words in the same language according to the culture from one country to another; we don’t need to translate; we need to localize; same language, different meaning.

Example: localizing from American English to British English:

  1. Spelling can be different as in “color” = “ colour”.
  2. Certain words are used differently: Elevator/lift.

Also, visuals need to be considered because they have different meaning in two different cultures.

All of this leads into the role of translation and localization services in the online marketing industry that can be used, for example, in:

  • Website Translation: The process of changing the original language of website content into another by using their keywords to help in the SEO process.
  • Website Localization: The process of transferring web content from a different country, region to another with its cultural standards.

Translating and localizing help to understand cultural needs

Customer expectations may vary depending on the industry and region. To achieve successful results in today’s international competition, you must use translation and localization services to connect culture with your global audience. So, next to the translation service, you will have to make many extra localization changes to provide a better user experience:

  • Colors – They have various meanings, depending on the website target audience; for example; In some countries, white means death.
  • Visuals – You must adapt photos to local cultures.
  • Currencies –  set the different currency to fit each country.
  • Policy –Make sure you respect the rules to avoid getting your business into a problematic legal situation.

Now we can say that translation and localization companies are essential to your business. Thus, Localizera will transform your visitors into customers, particularly when you need to highlight the USP for your product or service on the website. Our translation and localization services represent a short-term cost to your long-term benefit. When you find it so difficult to decide whether to proceed with your content’s translation and localization services, contact us. Furthermore, Localizera is willing to give you a free quote.