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The benefits of voice over translation service in many industries.

What is the VO service? VO stands for Voice-over and it’s one of the translation techniques that Localizera offers. It has a lot of different benefits that we will discuss in this article.

From the common usages of VO service is reaching new markets through different ways. Such as translating the foreign interviewees in countries where subtitling cannot be used.

In addition to that, VO can also be used to deliver the message correctly between foreign people to be like the original content that can be heard well and understandable in the background of script/speech.

Voice-over translation services are in such high demand in so many areas, such as:

  • E-Learning: used in online courses that should be translated into the audiences’ language.
  • E-commerce & Marketing content: used in reaching the global audience via TV, radio and videos to make them understand the product you’re selling or service. As you know, the consumers always like to purchase from a brand with their native language.
  • Entertainment videos: Content creators looking to expand their influence can take advantage of voice over translation service to communicate with people around the world.

What is the most common type of VO?

Lip Synching / Dubbing:

  • It is considered the most difficult and common type of voice over translation, which is used in foreign films. It makes the video looks like originally filmed in the audiences’ language.
  • It requires:

1-  Combination of the new voice with the other audio in the video.

2- Choose accurate voice over talented person that can translate the language to the target one at the same speed of moving lips of the original speaker.

Important tips in VO:

  • VO ensures that the translated material still aligns with the original video content. Specifically, when voice over content is done in a studio setting, the translation team should have access to a professional sound equipment
  • It gives you clean audio files and normal loudness and timing range.
  • It controls the loudest and softest sounds.
  • The linguist and the administrator can partner together to ensure that the voice aligns with the tone of the original content.
  • If the original video content was created for a heavy-duty tool, the administrator will select a linguist whose tone, pitch, and pacing complement the product.


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