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Generative AI Language Services

Leverage Technological Breakthroughs and Expand Your Business Globally

As one of the first adopters of generative AI (GenAI) technology and Large Language Models (LLMs), Localizera leads world-class companies to guaranteed success at speed and reduced prices. We benefit from the plethora of features that come with AI-powered translation tech to generate multilingual generative AI for customer services, generative AI for gaming, and generative AI financial services accurately and at scale.

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Improve Your Craft with Localizera’s Expert GenAI Translators

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models have taken the world by storm in the past few years. With the successful emergence of GenAI apps like ChatGPT and its other contenders, companies are gradually embracing the groundbreaking invention to accelerate their production. This is why you need Localizera to improve your craft with its exceptional multilingual Generative AI language services

At Localizera, our dedicated translators harness the power of advanced generative AI to present you with unparalleled translation and localization solutions. With extreme emphasis on quality, speed, and versatility, we excel in delivering a wide spectrum of contextually rich translated texts in multiple languages to different sectors in more than 150 countries. 

Additionally, by exploiting their accumulated knowledge of discipline-specific subjects and translation techniques, our translators provide Generative AI language services that rely on synergizing human understanding with AI-driven automation to reach the pinnacle of translation quality in as many languages as you need. 

Localizera invites you to benefit from its top-notch Generative AI language services by contacting us now and requesting a free quote for guaranteed success worldwide. 

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Certified Generative AI Financial Services Delivered Accurately and Safely

Localizera’s finance and banking translation professionals help you engage regulatory systems all over the world with certified Generative AI financial services.  In an industry where precision, security, and speed are necessary, we offer all our customers a transformative approach to financial operations to help them grow with scalability and cost-effective prices at their side. 

Since we are also cognizant of the sensitivity of your financial data, we increase our efforts to improve our safety measures by installing threat detection and prevention mechanisms that are regularly updated to safeguard your personal and business information at all costs. 

Request Localizera’s Generative AI financial services today, and enjoy the epitome of human financial translation excellence, enabled by the capabilities of artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. 

Industry-Focused Generative AI Language Services

No matter what industry you operate in, Localizera is here for you. We have subject-matter experts in all industry fields and business domains who possess more than 10 years of experience in the translation industry. Combining that with the latest AI-driven translation technology, we promise the best quality in the market, designed to match your allocated budget. 

Enhanced Responses with Our Generative AI for Customer Services

One of the most important factors of having effective customer service is providing your customers with quick responses by reducing waiting times. By applying Generative AI technology in the customer service industry, many companies have managed to increase customer satisfaction and ensure that all their queries are answered in a timely manner. 

At Localizera, we benefit from Generative AI for customer services to enhance our customers’ experience by programming our chatbots to respond to any question based on the language you speak, whether project-related or something else, to improve our accessibility options for maximum customer satisfaction.

All the Generative AI Language Services Your Business Needs

Here, we rely on GenAI technology to perfect every aspect possible of our language services. Our list includes several translation and localization services, which are all supported by human expertise and AI-driven software tools to guarantee accuracy, speed, and reduced costs. Here is a look at some of our language services: 

Next-Level Generative AI for Gaming with Multilingual Experts

With the gaming industry growing by the minute, more and more game developers are supporting Generative AI for gaming to build open-world experiences that promise immersion and wide-scale exploration. This is true in instances like the recently released Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios, which benefited from the technology to generate over a thousand planets for the player to explore. 

While using such technology is tempting, it still needs human interference to weed out inaccuracies that are more likely to damage your fan’s experience. This includes linguistic inaccuracies that come with AI-generated narratives that aim to give the player a dynamic experience while interacting with NPCs. This is where you need Localizera’s help. 

Localizera has some of the best quality assurance teams in the market. With over 16K language experts within our ranks, we are ready to review your game’s AI-generated narratives, dialogues, and menus to ensure grammatical correctness and cultural relevance to elevate your game to the next level. 

Generative AI Language Services Supported by 260+ Languages

Our translation company specializes in providing global businesses with all kinds of language solutions. By drawing on AI-powered software tools and human linguistic expertise, we bolster your content with Generative AI language services that support more than 260 languages you can choose from for global content distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does generative AI technology work?

Generative AI is an AI engine that benefits from machine learning techniques to create content based on patterns and knowledge from existing data. The results are usually coherent and contextually relevant, which makes the technology much more efficient in several aspects and situations. 

Could Generative AI language services replace traditional language services?

While the possibility of that happening can never be off the table, as of right now the technology is not ready to replace the conventional methods currently used by translation and localization companies everywhere. 

Is it safe to use Generative AI language services for any type of content?

There are some risks in feeding GenAI engines with some types of information. This is why Localizera refrains from exposing data to any GenAI app or Large Language Models without consent from the client first to avoid any potential hazards that might negatively affect you or your business. 

Is there a difference between Generative AI language services and MT services?

In most cases, traditional machine translation tools still provide overall better linguistic solutions than GenAI engines. However, this doesn’t mean that GenAI engines are useless since they can shine in other areas where MT might be lacking in quality. This is why at Localizera we combine both to reach the most optimal results.