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Video Subtitling Services

Empower Global Communication with a Top-Rated Subtitling Agency

Global organizations are always on the lookout for innovative and efficient ways to deliver audiovisual content so it can be available to all audiences alike. This is why you should never look further than Localizera. As your one, reliable subtitling company, we ensure your content reaches your customers anywhere with seamlessness, creativity, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you need closed captioning translation services or open captioning translation services, you can rely on our video subtitling services for a guaranteed spot at the top.

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Closed Captioning VS Open Captioning: Which Is Better?

To answer the question, we must first explain the difference between both. On one hand, closed captioning provides more freedom since it can be easily toggled on or off, depending on the preference of the user. It allows for flexibility as well because it can be easily translated into different languages, enabling a wide range of cultures to access and benefit from your content. 

On the other hand, open captioning is a type of permanently embedded subtitles. It is accessible to all people, whether they need it or not. This type is especially preferable to some content creators as it gives them the liberty to control the design, font, and placement of the subtitles however they want to ensure an aesthetic touch in the overall video presentation. 

While open captioning has its advantages, closed captioning is still more popular, given its multitude of benefits. Localizera’s professional subtitlers design closed captioning translation services that guarantee a diversified experience for your viewers. Our services enable your customers to enjoy viewing their favorite content with maximum control over their viewership and linguistic accuracy in multiple languages. 

Request video subtitling services from our subtitling agency today and get a free estimation for your project. 

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Video Subtitling Services

Delivering Video Subtitling Services to All Sectors

Having thousands of language experts within our ranks doesn’t only guarantee linguistic excellence to resonate with different cultures, but also in-depth knowledge of all sorts of verticals and industry fields. With our subtitling company’s long list of sectorial video subtitling services, you can rest assured that your needs will be fulfilled, regardless of your domain. 

Legal Video Subtitling Services

Our video subtitling services are not limited to the screen level, as we also deliver textual transcriptions to provide legal bodies with accessible, textual documents of legal proceedings like courtroom hearings, investigations, and interrogations. Thus, we help you reference specific points of a proceeding easily, without having to review the entire audiovisual recording.

Entertainment Video Subtitling Services

Entertainment videos could be the most important commodity in the world of audiovisual content. With the rise of streaming services, many people are now looking for professionally subtitled films, TV shows, documentaries, and talk shows so they can learn about different cultures and different topics. Our subtitling agency promises high-quality subtitling in multiple languages, allowing you to cater to your global audience’s needs. 

Marketing Video Subtitling Services

According to recent statistics, videos are the most consumed source of information online. This means if you are planning to launch a successful marketing campaign, you can never do without videos to reach as many people as possible. Localizera is ready to design professional video subtitles to support your campaign the best way we can. With us, success becomes within your reach. 

Certified Video Subtitling Services Designed for Success

Video content is a powerful tool for sharing all sorts of information. This includes entertainment, educational, legal, and other vital topics. However, many fail to properly utilize this tool either because they are not linguistically prepared to accommodate all audiences or by hiring cheap video subtitling services on the basis of low costs alone, which tarnishes the overall experience. 

Localizera, however, is a pioneering subtitling company. In pursuit of perfecting audiovisual information delivery, we introduce to our customers certified video subtitling services that foster accuracy, speed, and within-reach price tags. 

In the realm of global business, certified services represent the pinnacle of accuracy and trust. They are delivered by professionals who undergo rigorous examination procedures to verify their competence to carry out such services. 

From financial and agricultural to tourist audiovisual content, Localizera promises the best video subtitling, whether open captioning or closed captioning translation services, to help you bypass any country-specific regulatory inspections. 

Other Translation and Localization Services We Offer

Our company aims at breaking the language barriers in all possible ways. Thus, we promote a variety of translation and localization services to make your journey seamless and focused. By hiring Localizera you get to choose your language services from over 12 services, including the following: 

Best-in-Class Multilingual Voice-over Services

Voice-over is yet another effective method in audiovisual content delivery. While subtitling could be the most suitable match for a considerable number of people, voice-over still appeals to a wide scale of audience. 

At Localizera, we provide professional voice-over services that boast different multilingual options. By hiring extremely talented voice-over actors and actresses, we enhance the viewing experience by eliminating the need to read subtitles, which could pose a problem for some. 

We help your audience in France, Germany, and China to enjoy their favorite films, shows, and other consumable video content in their mother tongue, to keep up a long-running tradition of their regions and ensure maximized reach for your brand. 

Class-A Subtitling Agency Using Class-A Subtitling Tools

Here, we embrace the many benefits of technological breakthroughs to automate our workflow and bolster productivity. However, subtitling is a domain that relies heavily on technological breakthroughs, which is manifest in the use of computer software tools. 

Our subtitling agency uses the latest subtitling tools that feature a multitude of functions and options that certainly come in handy. Our list includes the following: 

An Expert Subtitling Agency Adept in More than 260 Languages

Localizera’s video subtitling services will help you reach your intended audience anywhere across 150 countries worldwide. We have more than 16K language professionals and subject-matter experts who excel at over 260 languages, including all their variations. Thus, we facilitate your global expansion and ensure your content resonates with all cultures. 

Why Hire Localizera?

Working with Localizera introduces your business to a world of value propositions. Such propositions allow your brand to grow further as they simplify a lot of the business relationship between your company and ours. By signing up with us, you get the following: 

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of customer support representatives will answer all your questions and respond to all your project-related worries in a timely manner. By effectively communicating with our customers, we make sure that the end result will match their specific demands. 

Competitive Prices

Pricing could be a make-or-break point when hiring a business service. It is because some services provide too little for extravagantly high prices or too much for lower costs yet they still fail to give you what you need. With Localizera, you can rest assured that you will get what you need exactly, without exceeding your allotted budget. 

Maximized Security

We understand that you are very protective of your information. This is why we implement the latest threat-detecting tools to safeguard your data and eliminate any potential hazards. 

Superb Quality

Localizera’s video subtitling services are designed to match global standards. With us, you get the best quality in the market in a timely manner to keep your business on track.