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Urdu Translation Services

Conquer the Pakistani market with Urdu Translation Services

The main countries where Urdu is spoken are Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, Urdu is the official language and around 70 million people use it as their first language. In India, approximately 52 million people speak Urdu as their first language. Certified Urdu translation services can greatly benefit international relations, commerce, and tourism. Localizera not only promotes intercultural understanding but also helps preserve Pakistan's unique cultural identity.

You can get a free estimate from Localizera to start expanding your business today with unmatched Urdu translation services.

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Urdu Translation Services Customized for Growth

The advent of the internet has revolutionized various industries, including professional Urdu to English translation services, which are now transitioning online. Localizera is at the forefront of this next-generation, flexible, and readily available translation service provider, offering certified Urdu translation services online. 

With the support of numerous expert linguists and specialists, we cater to diverse industries, such as medical, financial, legal, technology, and manufacturing, delivering exceptional Urdu translation services

Whether you need your content, be it documents, websites, legal, or marketing materials, translated from Urdu to English or English to Urdu, our top-notch Urdu translation services can fulfill all your business localization needs.

Localizera has made professional Urdu translation services easier and more efficient, ensuring speedy and stress-free translations of your content. Our AI-powered translation management system, hosted on the cloud, allows us to simplify the entire translation process. 

All you need to do is upload your documents, choose your industry, and Localizera will connect you with proficient linguists who possess the relevant technical expertise to start translating immediately. 

We provide certified Urdu translation services for industries such as medical, financial, legal, and e-commerce. You can download your completed translations with just one click.

To unlock your complete potential, it is advisable to collaborate with leading Urdu to English translation services providers, and among them, Localizera stands out as the finest choice. To begin, you can request a free estimate from Localizera.

Urdu Translation Services
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Certified Urdu Translation Services with Superb Quality

Localizera has hired the most exceptional Urdu linguists in the language industry. Our bilingual subject matter experts have extensive translation experience and specialize in the technical aspects of our customers’ industries, making them equipped to provide highly accurate translations for all types of content such as user manuals, marketing materials, and eLearning courses. 

At Localizera, we believe that consistent quality Urdu translation services are a result of combining excellent translators with the best translation technology tools. 

As a pioneer in next-generation, AI-powered translation management solutions, we enable our certified Urdu translation services professionals to deliver unparalleled linguistic results.

To ensure consistent and high-quality Urdu to English translation services, it is crucial to have professional linguistic expertise, subject matter knowledge, and localization best practices. 

In today’s world, quality Urdu translation services are also defined by cutting-edge, AI-powered language technologies that capitalize on the best of both machine and human capabilities. 

Localiera’s next-generation translation management system supports real-time translation memory leverage, dynamic terminology lookup, on-screen linguistic review, machine learning, and a range of linguistic QA tools for on-demand verification of consistency, omissions, mistranslation, grammar, and spelling errors. 

This results in unparalleled and certified Urdu translation services performance that offers the highest ROI. As an ISO-certified translation company, Localizera provides excellent Urdu translation services within the allocated time and budget, empowering our clients to outperform their competitors in global markets. 

You don’t have to take our word for it – try Localizera for your next Urdu translation services project and see firsthand how we can help you translate your investment into accelerated business success in Pakistan.

Get in contact with us right now to find out more and join the 5,000+ satisfied clients we already have.

Urdu Translation Services

Full Package of Services to Complement Localizera’s Urdu Translation Services

Achieve a competitive edge on a global level by utilizing top-notch language and technology solutions. 

With our presence and Urdu translation services provided in various countries including the USA, Canada, Finland, UAE, and even more, we have the advantage of being in close proximity to local markets, enabling us to provide quick, cost-effective, and adaptable translation services in more than 1500 language combinations. 

With a team of over 16K certified translators, we are capable of managing large amounts of global content across all sectors. Consequently, we aid our clients in reaching out to their target audiences and delivering exceptional Urdu to English translation services and customer experience.

With the help of our translation agency, Localizera, you can simply fulfill all of your language needs, whether they pertain to certified Urdu translation services, DTP services, Transcription services, MTPE services, or a range of other services, such as:

Urdu Translation Services

Urdu Legal Translation Services and Other Industries Covered

Financial Urdu Translation Services

Locaalizera is a provider of swift and precise Urdu translation services, utilized by several top international companies in the areas of banking, insurance, business finance, accounting, and investment brokerages. 


We employ professional Urdu translation services linguists who specialize in various financial service disciplines to work on our client’s financial translation projects, ensuring the best possible linguistic outcomes. 


Our company boasts the world's largest financial terminology database, which instills confidence and speed in our Urdu Urdu translation services linguists. 


Additionally, our online translation ecosystem offers virtual data rooms to our financial industry clients, ensuring that their multilingual financial documents are kept secure at all times. To find out more about our financial Urdu translation services, kindly reach out.

Medical Urdu Translation Services

Localizera offers ISO-certified Urdu translation services for the life science sector. 


Our team consists of professional native Urdu translation services providers and subject matter experts who possess extensive experience in translating for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, and biotechnology industries, ensuring the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision.


We provide Urdu translation services for a variety of medical documents, including clinical research studies, instructions for use (IFUs), patient consent forms, drug inserts, and medical device manuals, among others. 


Contact us right now to get a free quote for our Urdu translation services for the medical industry. To answer your questions, an Urdu translation services professional will be in charge.

Governmental Urdu Translation Services

In the era of digital and information technology, communication between government agencies and citizens, as well as between different governments, has become linguistically diverse. 


Therefore, a considerable amount of government information, ranging from forms to public service announcements and legal documents, must be translated into legally mandated languages to ensure accessibility to all. 


Localizera is capable of handling Urdu legal translation services for large volumes of legal, financial, and government content with quick turnaround times. 


We simplify communication with your constituents, making it easy, fast, and effective with high-quality and certified Urdu translation services. To discover more about our governmental translation services, kindly visit our website.

Precise Urdu Legal Translation Services

If you require Urdu legal translation services for your documents for any other language among 160+ languages, Localizera is the ideal option. 

Our Urdu legal translation services are swift, precise, and cost-effective, and are relied upon by top law firms and corporate legal departments. Our exceptional localization capabilities enable us to provide unmatched Urdu translation services thanks to our employment of the best human-machine solutions. 

We have greatly simplified the legal translation process through our highly efficient online tools. All you need to do is send us your legal documents via our channels of communication, and you will receive an instant quote. 

Once you confirm, our team of legal Urdu legal translation services linguists will begin the translation process immediately. For further information on Localizera’s legal translation solutions, kindly contact us.

Urdu to English Translation Services and 160+ Other Languages

Urdu is a language spoken by approximately 100 million people across the globe, and it is commonly used in Pakistan for legal and financial documentation, making it easily understandable for many individuals. Localizera’s Urdu translation services providers are highly skilled in these fields. The success and growth of businesses in these sectors rely heavily on the availability of Urdu to English, Arabic to Urdu, and other language translation services. 

Localizera is also one of the top translation agencies that employ certified Urdu translation services teams with specialized subject knowledge. They recognize that various sectors and languages require specific translation methods, and thus pay close attention to idioms and tones when providing Urdu translation services

This approach enables clients to effectively communicate with their target audience using appropriate words and phrases while considering cultural differences. By utilizing our Urdu translation services, you can rest assured that your documents will be accurately translated to and from over 160 other languages.

On the other hand, we also have 16K+ skilled, accessible, and dispersed geographically Urdu translation services professionals to serve all sectors. Here are a few languages as examples:

Why Localizera Over Other Urdu Translation Services?

Localizera has a talented team of professionals and language enthusiasts who provide exceptional Urdu translation services quickly

They thoroughly know that translating from Urdu to other languages such as Arabic or English requires not only linguistic accuracy but also cultural sensitivity to ensure that the target audience can comprehend the intended message.

Below are some of the reasons why Localizera is the top provider of Urdu translation services compared to other translation companies.

Modern Technology

If you need Urdu to English translation services, we will guarantee you superb quality and swift delivery as we use the most advanced CAT technology to assist with translation projects.

Unmatched Quality

Localizera provides certified Urdu translation services for any industry that goes under ISO certification and multiple QA processes.

Various Languages

In Localizera, we are sure that your vision is achieved around the globe as we support more than 160 languages that are provided by our more than 16K certified Urdu translation services professionals worldwide.

Reasonable Price

No matter the industry or sector you compete in, Localizera will provide excellent, flexible, and cost-effective Urdu translation services that are custom fitted to meet your needs.