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A+ Translation Agency in Europe

The Best European Translation Agency Is Now One Click Away

Localizera is a pioneer European translation agency, located in Poland and delivers all kinds of translation and localization services to European businesses in all industries. Whether you need European transcription, transcreation, MTPE, or anything else at lower prices and higher qualities, just make sure to get in touch with the best translation agency in Europe.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

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Competitive Pricing

European Translation and Localization Services Made Easy

Are you targeting Europe as your next go-to market for another successful business expansion? Then you need to work side by side with a language professional to achieve maximum communication efficiency. 

As a professional European translation agency, we work hard to constantly develop our methodology to exceed your expectations by delivering elite European translation and localization services. We promise full coverage for all your linguistic demands in England, Spain, Italy, Poland, and any other European country you wish to operate in. 

We rely on high-end translation and localization software tools to accelerate our workflow and guarantee beyond satisfactory European transcriptions, subtitles, and voiceovers amongst various other European translation and localization services

Our multinational translation agency in Europe leverages one of the most advanced vendor management systems that allow us to easily access and evaluate many translation vendors and constantly keep track of their performance and add new selections to our professional roster. 

By doing this, we not only make sure that you are getting superb quality based on 100% trusted data, but also that no matter what the subject matter you need is or the language you require, you will always find a match in our vast network of associates and European language native speakers. 

Translation Agency in Europe
Years of experience
Language Professionals

Experience Certified European Transcription Solutions Like You’ve Never Before

Do you need a veteran transcriber who happens to have a zealot fascination with European cultures and in-depth linguistic knowledge about all the European languages? Consider it done! 

Our translation agencies in Europe work with industry-leading transcribers who can provide your business with exceptional European transcriptions and other reliable European language solutions. 

At Localizera, we promise you professional transcriptions for any audio or video content, handled with extreme care and keen attention to detail. We employ the highest transcription technology and meticulous quality control processes to leave no room for error and to save your time and money while at it. 

Our specialists deliver certified European transcriptions that you can take anywhere, either in Europe or outside, to help you extend your reach confidently and without worrying about clashes with authoritative or governmental bodies. 

Translation Agency in Europe

We Support All Formats for Any Document You Need

At Localizera’s European translation agency, we are flexible and cognizant enough to recognize that each client is a different case, with a whole set of diverse demands and needs. This is why we hire the best experts, who are well-trained to handle any file format you give to them and any software tool you might prefer for your translated document. 

We work with MS Word files, PDFs, InDesign files, Google Docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and many other highly esteemed software tools to make sure that optimal results are the only option. Request help from our translation agency in Europe and be one of over 5K pleased customers in Europe and beyond. 

Translation Agencies in Europe

Delivering Linguistic Excellence across All European Industries

When it comes to multi-faceted language solutions that are delivered in multiple languages and across several sectors, all other translation agencies in Europe pale in comparison. 

Localizera is trusted by global European organizations in all industrial fields since we promise (and always deliver) exceptional industry-specific language services at high speed and reasonable costs. Such services cover the following: 

European Legal Translation Solutions

All our translation agencies in Europe specialize in legal translation solutions, backed by a large translation memory with all the accurate legal terms in French, Hungarian, German, Russian, and more European and non-European languages. For any legal contract, merger and acquisition agreements, employment contracts, or shareholder’s agreements, contact us now!

European Financial Translation Solutions

Localizera designs financial translation and localization services that guarantee error-free translated financial texts and maximum security for all your sensitive data. We will help you communicate with your business partners in Germany, Bulgaria, Holland, or anywhere else quickly and effectively, without having to worry about unprofessional mishandling. 

European Automotive Translation Solutions

The automotive industry needs care and precision. By hiring Localizera for your business needs, you make sure that all your product specifications, user manuals, and any marketing material for your automotive brand will be handled by translation industry leaders in the European market. Choose Localizera now and stay ahead of the competition. 

Fuel Your Dreams with 15+ Custom-Made European Language Solutions

Our translation agencies in Europe provide comprehensive language services that scale with your ambition. With us, you can get up to 15 language services to help you secure as many spots as you need across Europe and all global markets. 

Breaking the Language Barriers in All European Countries

Our translation agencies in Europe are well distributed among all major European countries so that whenever you have decided you need us, you would find us. We have language experts who specialize in more than 24 languages in Europe alone, including all the dialects and regional languages.

Why Choose Localizera for Your European Language Services?

Exploring uncharted territories can be daunting for anyone. This is why you need a partner you can rely on when doing business overseas. With more than 10 years of experience in the European market and over 16K language professionals by your side, what could possibly go wrong? 

Our European translation agency will provide you with a myriad of benefits that will get you wherever you want, however, you want, and whenever you want. Such benefits include the following: 

Global Quality

At Localizera we work in alignment with global standards to ensure the best quality as approved by the Global Organization for Standardization (ISO). 


Here, we employ one of the most reliable translation management systems to help us keep our workflow in order. We have the manpower and technological means to handle large quantities quickly and effectively.


Localizera promises you the most wallet-friendly rates in the translation market as we provide technology-driven language solutions and flexible payment plans that will keep your bank account from going out of service.