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Script Translation Services

Undoubtedly Accurate Screenplays by Professional Script Translator Team

Localizera will undoubtedly maintain the intent and context of the original script, foster the conversation's energy and flair, and present the subject with the knowledge it merits. A professional script translator, movie translator, or native script translation provider of the target culture is required for the highly skilled process of translating a script for film, television, or the internet. Superhero script translation specialists are employed by Localizera to provide the highest quality while meeting strict timeframes.

Localizera includes a movie translator for each target language you could need. We translate scripts into over 260 languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Polish, Finnish, and even more. Use our script translation services to transform your screenplays into global masterpieces by requesting a free quote from us.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Prominent Script Translation Among Translation Agencies in Europe

Images play a crucial role in any audiovisual piece. Localizera concentrates on offering the greatest script translation services in order to ensure that your message is delivered exactly as you meant.

While taking into account the TCRs, or time code readings, of the audiovisual output, we are capable of handling the basic conventional script translation as well as adapting for dubbing (synchronizing for lip movements and time), or voice-over adaptation (time synchronization).

We must use audiovisual script translation techniques when we encounter constraints throughout the translation process (such as adaptation, compensation, amplification, linguistic expansion, loan words, or modulation, among many others).

Similarly, we must be very careful when translating comic or cultural elements, puns, or melodies if we want the final script translation output to have the same impact in the target language and culture as the original. You may count on us for unmatched script translation services that sound completely native.

Quite simply, our script translation team consists of 16K+ script translators across the globe who share your enthusiasm for audiovisual entertainment. To learn more, get in touch with us, and we’ll connect you with a qualified script translator from Localizera.

Script Translation Services
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Transcription Services by a Professional Movie Translator

Do you need transcription from audio to text? or text-to-video conversion? Localizera is a trustworthy source! In addition to our unmatched script translation services, we also offer transcription services with a skilled team of movie translators and transcriptionists that are multilingual in more than 260 languages.

Transcription is the process of turning the auditory data from an audio or video source into a written text. And Localizera excels at doing just that. The transcription may subsequently be translated into the languages that you want by our expert script translation services. 

We provide you with everything you need, whether it’s in Arabic, Polish, Spanish, German, or even Chinese.

Movie Script Translation

The need for accurate and genuine translations grows as the success of translating well-known films into other languages rises. The need for script translation services was spurred by the rising recognition of Korean and Japanese animation.

Your needs are carefully considered, and script translation services are only offered by movie translator professionals who can effectively supply you with audiovisual script translation services, thanks to the wide variety of script translator teams registered with Localizera that exceed 16K+ translators across the globe.

On the other hand, movies produced by online streaming services are starting to gain popularity across the world. As a result, there was a growing need for movie script translation, which also increased in demand.

At a lower cost, Localizera also offers first-rate movie script translation services. It is crucial to keep in mind that among translation agencies in Europe, Localizera adapts the entire tale to the target audience in addition to translating specific movie dialogue.

Localizera is an obvious solution in this regard, especially for movie script translation. Request a free quotation right now, and we’ll put you in touch with a qualified movie translator.

Script Translation

Why You Should Choose Localizera’s Script Translation Services?

The team of script translation professionals at Localizera, which has more than 16K translators worldwide, are weaponized with 10+ years of translation experience. Each and every script translator or movie translator is a subject matter expert seeking to leverage more than 5 thousand satisfied customers.

They are aware that, for example, offering film script translation services necessitates not only delivering linguistic accuracy but also modifying the solutions to avoid unintended misconceptions and make a stronger and more genuine connection with the target audience’s culture and customs.

The major three advantages that set us apart from other script translation agencies in Europe are as follows:

Superior Quality

In order to fulfill the requirements of the major production houses and filmmakers, you need to make sure that your translated script on a big development is correctly written and informative.

We make sure that the information you included in your original script is appropriately reflected in the film or movie script translation services we offer. When the translated script reaches the editor's desk in a target city, it is more likely to be approved because of the caliber of our film script translation services.

Swift Delivery

Time is without a doubt a crucial factor when offering film script translation services. Foreign movies and production houses want relevant and accurate script translation services, just like the movie scene in your city.

As a consequence, we prioritize meeting deadlines in addition to providing accurate script translation services. The bulk of the time, we'll offer script translation services for distribution before your potential deadline since our 16K+ translators, who have an arsenal of 10+ years of expertise, can deliver your translations swiftly!

Unrivaled Prices

You may get excellent guidance and results from Localizera at very reasonable costs. The cost of film script translation services today ranges significantly from extremely expensive to reasonably priced. Comparing our prices to those of our competitors, 5K+ customers find them to be refreshingly fair.

We're confident you'll continue with us once we've started global script translation projects for your company since we offer the best movie translator and film translator team in accordance with your schedule and at a competitive price.

Abnormal Script Translator Quality

Counter to other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera strives to be the world’s top provider of script translation services. Because of this, we are fully aware of the nuances required for excellent script translation. It needs a solid understanding of the aesthetic to translate a screenplay.

For this reason, we carefully choose the script translator team and movie translators that have a background in both scriptwriting and cinematography. Get in touch with them right now to learn more.

260+ Languages? We Got 16K+ Script Translator

The linguists on our team that offer script translation services are both subject matter experts and professionals in their fields. When translating film scripts into any of the languages we provide, Localizera, rather than other translation agencies in Europe, pays special attention to cultural signals.

With us, you may be certain to receive timely, creative, and reasonably priced script translation services for expert and business globalization in more than 260 languages, including:

A Bag Full of Script Translation Types

Producers of audiovisual content, independent directors, editors, public relations agencies, and similar entities make up the bulk of our clients. If you place a high value on quality in your script translation needs, you could become our next customer. 

We’re prepared to assist. In the following fields, Localizera provides a wide range of script translation services: