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Romanian Translation Services

Compete in Europe with Professional Romanian Translation Services for Your Business Needs

Romanian translation services are essential for enabling effective communication between people who speak Romanian and those who speak other languages all over the world.

Business, tourism, technology, and international relations all benefit greatly from this. Furthermore, the qualified Romanian translators’ team like Localizera's fosters intercultural understanding and aids in the preservation of Romania’s distinctive cultural character. Start growing immediately by requesting a free quotation!

Professional Human Translation

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Localizera, The Best Romanian Translators to Reach your Goals

Do you require quick and efficient Romanian translation services from a trustworthy language localization agency to aid your global expansion efforts? Look no further than Localizera, the origin of 260 of the world’s primary languages, which can assist you.

Our company has helped numerous businesses in various sectors such as pharmaceutical, financial, technology, legal, and manufacturing to succeed in international markets by providing English to Romanian translation services and other languages.

Our cloud-based and flexible language technologies enable us to offer exceptionally precise and prompt Romanian translation services that are unrivaled. 

If you’ve invested significant resources in your international business operations, the last thing you want is to entrust your translations to one of the average translation agencies in Europe which can hinder your global growth.

Low-quality translations can negatively impact your brand and inefficient project management can prolong time-to-market, resulting in missed opportunities that can take years to recover from. 

That’s why you need Localizera. We employ highly qualified professional Romanian translators who possess in-depth knowledge of various industries, ensuring the highest level of linguistic accuracy. 

With our next-generation, AI-enabled translation management technologies, we provide the most efficient Romanian translation services available in the language industry.

Collaborating with top-notch English to Romanian translation services providers can accelerate your potential for success. Among them, Localizera stands out as the best option. Contact Localizera to receive a complimentary quote and begin your journey toward success.

Romanian Translation Services
Years of experience
Language Professionals

Growth-Oriented and Certified Romanian translation services

One way to ensure high-quality Romanian translation services is to hire skilled native Romanian translators who have expertise in the relevant subject matter. 

It’s important for translation agencies in Europe to provide these linguists with translation style guides, terminology glossaries, and other reference materials to ensure the best possible linguistic outcome. 

At Localizera, we also require our Romanian translators to have strong technical writing skills to ensure the translated content is easy to read. 

While literal translations can be accurate, they may lack the fluency and cultural nuances necessary to engage the reader, resulting in a poor audience experience. For marketing content, our Romanian translators use a process called transcreation to ensure that the translated materials truly resonate with the readers. 

Additionally, we utilize AI-powered translation technologies that automatically check for grammar, spelling, terminology, and other translation errors to help our professional Romanian translation services linguists achieve excellent linguistic output efficiently.

Our intelligent translation system is also capable of suggesting synonyms/antonyms, enforcing term consistency, and verifying the gender of nouns and verbs (masculine, feminine, neuter) in addition to identifying translation errors.

We offer an extensive range of professional Romanian translation services, such as document translation, software localization, language interpretation, and MTPE (machine translation post-editing) for Romanian to English. 

Our team of Romanian translators has already satisfied over 5,000 customers, and we invite you to contact us today to learn more and become one of our happy clients.

Romanian Translation Services

English to Romanian Translation Services of All Types

If you’re looking for unrivaled English to Romanian translation services or Arabic to Romanian translation services, then Localizera is your winning bet. We offer a wide range of language services, including typesetting, desktop publishing, and voiceover in addition to our Romanian translation services. At Localizera, we leverage our extensive expertise in technology and services to help your company expand globally. Our English to Romanian translation services, for example, ensure the accurate transmission of mission-critical data and ideas for your business. 

We achieve the preceding by adhering to the quality, quantity, and speed standards that are followed by top translation agencies in Europe. As one of the leading translation agencies in Europe, we sport years of experience supporting businesses in various industries as they strive to expand globally in an ever-changing landscape. So, whether you require certified Romanian translation services for international use, DTP services, voiceover services, transcription services, or any other language solutions, Localizera can help you meet ends.

Our team of expert Romanian translators and services professionals are well-versed in various industries, ensuring that your content is accurately translated and localized for your target audience. To add to the formula, our advanced translation management system allows for quick and efficient translation workflows, ensuring that your content is translated and delivered on schedule.

Let Localizera be your language partner and help you achieve global success by providing the following services

Romanian Translation Services

16K+ Professional Romanian Translators to Serve all Industries

Legal Romanian Translation Services

If you want your business to succeed in the Romanian market, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of Romanian regulations and laws. This requires professional legal Romanian translation services to translate legal documents accurately between English and Romanian.


Localizera offers expert legal English to Romanian translation services for life sciences, financial, and technology industries. We also provide certified translations for patents into Romanian. 


Our legal Romanian translation services are designed to help you navigate the complex

ities of the Romanian legal system with confidence and accuracy, ensuring that you can avoid costly mistakes and make informed decisions.

Financial Romanian Translation Services

Localizera stands out in the market for providing faster and higher quality financial document Romanian translation services than other translation agencies in Europe


Our success is due to a combination of employing highly qualified language subject matter Romanian translators for banking, corporate accounting, insurance, and investment translations, as well as utilizing modern Fintech solutions.


If you are looking for professional financial English to Romanian translation services, we invite you to try Localizera and experience the benefits of our expertise and technology first-hand.

Manufacturing Romanian Translation Services

If you require professional Romanian translation services for user documentation and software applications for precision machines and instruments, Localizera is the solution you need. 


Our team of Romanian translators specializes in various fields, including semiconductor manufacturing, precision measuring instruments, and digital/analog devices, ensuring that your content is translated with precision and accuracy.


At Localizera, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision in the translation of technical content. That's why we employ subject matter experts and utilize the advanced technology to ensure that your content is translated with the highest level of accuracy and consistency, unlike other translation agencies in Europe

Romanian Translators for Official Documents

Localizera has developed automated solutions for document Romanian translation services that efficiently process various file formats, including Word, PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint, and XLIFF, for industries such as medical, financial, legal, manufacturing, and technology. 

Our advanced AI-powered document management system automatically extracts content from different types of files, utilizes existing translation memories, and creates bilingual glossaries for English to Romanian translation services

Next, we create an online localization kit that enables our native professional Romanian translators to accurately translate the content in a fraction of the time other translation agencies in Europe require. 

Once the initial translation is completed, our intelligent DTP professionals generate the translated document with a layout using XML instructions. This allows our English to Romanian translation services providers to review the translated words in context online and directly edit translated sentences while proofreading the content. 

Finally, Localizera outputs the final documents for the client. With this approach, our Romanian translation services for official documents are highly efficient and accurate, providing our clients with the best possible results.

More Than 260 Languages Offered Unlike Other Translation Agencies in Europe

Romanian is spoken by approximately 530K people worldwide, and as it is the primary language used in Romania, that makes it easy for individuals to understand legal and financial documents written in Romanian. This is an area where our Romanian translation service providers excel at. It’s bluntly obvious that the growth and success of companies are dependent on the availability of English to Romanian translation services, Romanian to Arabic translation services, and other language translation services.

Localizera, as one of the top translation agencies in Europe, employs Romanian translation services teams with specific topic knowledge, recognizing that idioms and tones used in different industries and languages require a unique approach to translation. Our team of Romanian translators pays close attention to cultural differences to provide accurate and effective Romanian translation services, enabling clients to communicate effectively with their intended audience in 260+ languages.

When you request our Romanian translation services, you can be confident that your materials will be accurately and professionally translated into more than 260 additional languages with unmatched quality followed by non-tolerating QA phases

Additionally, we have over 16K trained and available Romanian translation services linguists located in various geographic locations. Here are a few examples of the languages we offer translation services in:

Why You Should Choose Localizera’s Romanian Translation Services?

Localizera offers Romanian translation services that are out of this world and it is delivered quickly by a team of talented Romanian translators and enthusiasts. 

They understand the importance of not only linguistic accuracy but also providing Romanian translation services into a culturally understandable expression for the intended audience, especially when providing translation services from Romanian to Arabic or English.

Here are some ways that Localizera distinguishes itself from other translation agencies in Europe to establish itself as the top provider of Romanian translation services.

Modern Technology

In Localizera, we use the best-in-class language technology while providing Romanian translation services to keep up with high-quality standards and speedy market requirements. 

Superb Quality

Localizera’s 3 step Romanian translation services ensure unmatched quality. Our Romanian translators run review and QA phases after finishing translation to maximize accuracy.

260+ Languages

16K+ language professionals around the world are more than enough to cover Romanian translation services in more than 260 languages accurately and consistently.

Affordable Price

Romanian translation services provided by Localizera are quality-ensured and budget-friendly. Our 5K+ satisfied customers can approve that.