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Top-Tier Pharmaceutical Translation Services

The Pharmaceutical Language Translation Service Provider You Need!

Need to speak medicine fluently across languages? Look no further than Localizera for all your pharmaceutical translation service needs. With specialized pharmaceutical, clinical research, and medical translation services spanning over 260 languages, we provide accurate pharmaceutical language translation services for global clinical trials, medical device documentation, patient materials, and more. Our adept team has extensive life sciences expertise, making Localizera the top choice for effective translation and multilingual review that meets international regulatory requirements. Whether you’re looking for Clinical Research translation services, launching a new drug, or optimizing enrollment across continents, we enable every word to build trust and understanding between healthcare ecosystems worldwide. With Localizera as your pharmaceutical translation partner, complex medical concepts become universally comprehensible.

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Setting the Standards With Our Fast and Professional Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Localizera stands out as a premier provider of pharmaceutical translation services, dedicated to assisting the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in overcoming language borders across various sectors including international drug discovery, clinical trials, medicine manufacturing, patient communication, and regulatory compliance. 

Our extensive network comprises thousands of professional native medical translators and life science subject matter experts, backed by cutting-edge language translation and localization technologies. This synergy ensures the delivery of top-notch pharmaceutical language translation services promptly and within budget constraints. 

At Localizera, we are proud to offer ISO-certified pharmaceutical and clinical research translation services covering all major regions including European, Asian, Latin American, and African languages, guaranteeing precision and efficiency in every translation endeavor.

As a front-runner in modern translation solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Localizera seamlessly integrates the best machine-human solutions to localize all drug-related business content into over 260 languages, maintaining uncompromising quality standards. 

Our expertise extends to various pharmaceutical documents such as drug inserts, informed consent forms, clinical trial protocols, CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls) documents, medical patents, patient-reported outcomes (PROs), and QOL (quality of life) best practice documents. 

Connect with our sales team today or just drop your documents on our user-friendly online portal to obtain instant quotes for your pharmaceutical translation needs. Trust Localizera for unparalleled expertise and reliability in pharmaceutical and medical translation services.

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Your Pharmaceutical Translations Are In Safe Hands!

If there is any industry in which a bungled translation or interpretation could have critical outcomes, it’s the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring flawless and accurate pharmaceutical translation and interpretation is essential for safeguarding the well-being of your customers.

At Localizera, we exclusively collaborate with highly qualified and extensively trained linguists. Rest assured, your pharmaceutical translation requirements are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

By entrusting your medical documents, marketing materials, website content, and more to our professional pharmaceutical translators, you’re investing in customer safety and reducing the risk of legal complications.

We offer tailored pharmaceutical translation services to meet your specific needs. Every project is a manageable size for our dedicated team. We work closely with you to deliver the precise results you expect from our services.

With a wealth of experience serving private pharmaceutical companies, we are well-equipped to handle all your translation projects. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you.

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Your Partner for Exceptional Clinical Research Translation Services

Unlock streamlined communications, target audience engagement, and cost reduction with Localizera’s clinical research translation services. Expedite your time to market and optimize expenses with our comprehensive pharmaceutical language translation services, tailored for global clinical trial management, investigational medicinal product (IMP) labeling, and clinical outcome assessment (COA) requirements. 

Benefit from our robust quality assurance processes and cutting-edge technology, backed by decades of experience in handling clinical trial translations across diverse phases, therapeutic areas, indications, and trial populations. Collaborate with Localizera to ensure your translated communications resonate effectively with your target audiences, delivering maximum impact.

Our Area of Expertise:

Clinical Trial Management Services

Efficient management of language requirements is pivotal for successful clinical trial execution. Localizera boasts extensive familiarity with diverse clinical trial documentation needs, including controlled terminologies and standardized formats for scientific documentation intended for trial investigators and researchers. We specialize in crafting trial participant materials in accessible and culturally appropriate language. 


Leveraging decades of experience, Localizera assists trial sponsors in developing and implementing flexible, scalable language management strategies to deliver high-quality translated content that meets global clinical research needs and requirements.

Labeling Services

Achieve regulatory compliance and alleviate trial supply-demand challenges with Localizera's expertise in IMP labeling regulatory and language requirements. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of country-specific regulations, linguistic nuances, and advanced technology solutions. 


Herein, we offer structured content management for local label creation, curated phrase libraries for consistent label translation, and quality-assured automated production workflows for rapid turnaround times, ensuring seamless clinical labeling translation services.

Clinical Outcome Assessment Services

Obtain precise and reliable COA data with Localizera's support. We specialize in modifying COA instruments, including linguistic validation or migration to electronic data collection methods, while ensuring measurement comparability. 


Rely on our domain expertise, meticulous planning, and flawless execution to realize COA measurement strategies effectively in clinical trials. Localizera's COA services are compliant with quality standards, tailored to regulatory requirements, and fully equipped to meet global research needs.

Hiring Only the Best to Deliver Superior Pharmaceutical Translation Services

At Localizera, we understand that when it comes to pharmaceutical language translation services, there is no room for error. That’s why we adhere to a stringent recruitment process, ensuring that we collaborate exclusively with the most accomplished translators in the field.

We meticulously seek out native linguists with advanced qualifications and specialized expertise in medicine, clinical research, pharmacology, and regulatory affairs. Our translators boast direct experience with pharmaceutical and biotech firms, CROs, or possess robust academic research backgrounds.

We vet every translator through a multi-step qualification process that tests both linguistic proficiency and subject-matter expertise. This ensures they can accurately convey complex scientific and clinical concepts in their native language.

Furthermore, our translators and reviewers receive ongoing training on cutting-edge industry practices and technologies to continually enhance their capabilities. We conduct regular audits on completed translations to ensure unwavering consistency and excellence.

At Localizera, we understand that exceptional translators are fundamental to producing superior localized content. Through our meticulous recruitment, continuous improvement initiatives, and rigorous quality management systems, we’re confident that our translations will align seamlessly with your global drug development objectives.

By selecting Localizera, you’re not just securing a translation provider; you’re gaining a trusted partner dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality through our team of pharmaceutical translation experts. Reach out to us today to discover more about our pharmaceutical and Clinical Research translation services!

Localizera's Top-Tier Pharmaceutical Regulatory Translation Services Await!

Ensure seamless compliance with Localizera’s pharmaceutical regulatory translation services. Simplify your regulatory affairs processes with our unparalleled life sciences translation expertise and linguistic support tailored for product information and other regulatory documentation.

Our regulatory solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy and precision at scale and speed. With extensive experience in translating product information and regulatory documentation, we excel at meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements while maintaining the utmost quality.

Our Service Offerings:

Regulatory Affairs

Navigating new filings demands expertise and efficient management of regulatory information. Localizera's life sciences and medical translation services leverage AI-driven tools to handle high-content volumes, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and swift turnaround times. 


Our advanced project planning ensures agile, on-time delivery, minimizing bottlenecks and streamlining dossier preparation. With a global operating model, we provide oversight within required regions, facilitating expedited responses for time-sensitive application review communications.


Localizera is a global language service provider equipped to support safety reporting across diverse regulatory regions and languages. Our high-capacity, resilient, and time-efficient pharmaceutical translation services prioritize adherence to standardized medical terminologies and vocabularies, formats, forms, and templates. Regardless of scale, we deliver life sciences translations with the utmost quality and speed, ensuring compliance and safety across regulatory landscapes.

Localizera Sets the Standard in Corporate Pharma Translation!

Experience unparalleled precision and effectiveness in translating your corporate pharmaceutical content with Localizera’s specialized pharmaceutical services. From external outreach to internal communications, including marketing, public relations, and mission-critical messaging, trust us to deliver flawless translations tailored to your corporate needs.

Leveraging Localizera’s extensive expertise and advanced capabilities, elevate your life science marketing strategies, engage with stakeholders, enhance brand visibility, attract investors, and ensure seamless communication both within and outside your organization.

Our specialized corporate pharmaceutical translation services are designed to create, manage, enrich, localize, and share accurate and compelling content that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your business objectives.

Take Your Corporate Messaging to the Next Level with Localizera’s Pharmaceutical Translation Services. Partner with us today to unlock excellence in corporate pharmaceutical language translation services.

Localizera's Biopharma Translation Engines at Your Service!

Bringing a new drug to market requires navigating a complex web of international regulations and multilingual content. Localizera stands as your premier partner, offering top-tier biopharma translation services to swiftly and accurately translate all your clinical trial, regulatory, and drug marketing content.

With over a decade of dedicated specialization in the biopharma industry, our seasoned translators and reviewers possess fluency in even the most intricate drug-related material. We provide comprehensive biopharma translation services in more than 260 languages, covering:

  • Clinical trial documents (protocols, informed consent forms, CRFs, patient diaries)
  • Regulatory submissions (INDs, NDAs, CTDs, etc.)
  • Pharmacovigilance and safety reporting
  • Manufacturing processes and cGMP documentation
  • Medical affairs and drug marketing content
  • Bioequivalence and BE studies
  • Package inserts, labels, and PILs

Our biopharma clientele entrusts us to deliver certified pharmaceutical translations promptly and within budget, maintaining unwavering quality throughout. By blending advanced technology with expert linguists, we optimize every phase of the drug development cycle.

Localizera Masters Pharmaceutical Translation Services For Both Established and Lesser-Known Languages!

Ready to conquer new markets? Localizera is your passport to global success when it comes to pharmaceutical translation services. With expertise spanning over 260 languages, we don’t just translate, we transform your message so you can watch your pharmaceutical endeavors soar to new heights!

We’re not just fluent in the usual suspects, our expertise spans known and not widely known languages alike. From Spanish to Swahili, Mandarin to Malagasy, our team navigates the linguistic landscape with unparalleled proficiency.

Whether it’s translating intricate medical documents or crafting compelling marketing materials, we ensure your pharmaceutical message resonates across all languages, no matter how rare. With Localizera, every word carries the weight of global impact, breaking barriers and forging connections in every corner of the world. Here are some languages that we cover:

Localizera's Streamlined Process for Exceptional Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Delivering flawless multilingual pharmaceutical projects demands a harmonious collaboration between clients, linguists, specialists, and cutting-edge technologies. At Localizera, we’ve honed a streamlined translation process, ensuring certified translations of unparalleled quality and efficiency. 

Let us streamline your next global submission or clinical trial migration with precision and ease. Our straightforward steps include:

Dedicated Account Manager:

Your dedicated account manager is well-versed in your industry niche, documentation requirements, and regulatory standards. From the outset, we work closely with you to determine the optimal linguists, project timelines, and preferred configurations for our Translation Management System (TMS).

Linguistic Asset Preparation:

Our pre-translation teams meticulously prepare source content, standardizing formats, clarifying ambiguities, and optimizing files for maximum translation efficiency.

Matching Linguists to Assets:

We strategically assign subject-matter experts with specialized knowledge in pharmacology, clinical medicine, and regulatory protocols to each project.

Ongoing Client Collaboration:

You maintain direct communication with your assigned translators and project managers throughout every phase of the project, from translation to review to delivery, ensuring alignment with your expectations and requirements.

Rigorous Quality Control:

Our team conducts thorough quality checks, auditing target content for correct terminology, format consistency, and regulatory compliance. Independent reviews by senior linguists further ensure the accuracy and reliability of the translations.

Certified Translations:

Upon completion, you receive finalized translations in your preferred file formats and delivery timeframes, accompanied by complete certifications.

Localizera Offers the Full Spectrum of Pharmaceutical Document Translation

Bringing a drug to global markets requires translating expansive scientific and medical data into dozens of languages. Localizera provides authoritative pharmaceutical translation services for the complete range of pharmaceutical documents needed to smoothly direct international clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and product launches.

Our experienced pharmaceutical translators fully understand the significance of drug development documentation and flaws in these materials can derail or delay your entire project. Localizera’s language professionals have deep expertise in translating the highly-technical and regulated content contained in:

What Clients Say About Localizera?


How does Localizera handle confidential pharmaceutical documents?

Localizera prioritizes confidentiality and data security. We have robust measures in place to safeguard sensitive information, including secure file transfer protocols, non-disclosure agreements with translators, and adherence to industry best practices for data protection.

Can Localizera accommodate rush or urgent translation requests?

Yes, Localizera understands that some projects require expedited turnaround times. We offer rush pharmaceutical translation services for urgent requests, ensuring that your deadlines are met without compromising quality.

Does Localizera offer translation services for both written documents and oral communication?

Yes, Localizera provides both written translation services for documents and oral interpretation services for live communication needs, such as interpreting during clinical trial discussions or presentations. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support all aspects of pharmaceutical communication.

Can Localizera accommodate specific formatting requirements for pharmaceutical documents?

Yes, Localizera can accommodate specific formatting requirements for pharmaceutical documents. Whether it's maintaining original formatting, adhering to regulatory guidelines, or preparing documents for publication, our team can tailor translations to meet your formatting needs.

Can Localizera provide references or case studies showcasing past pharmaceutical translation projects?

Yes, Localizera can provide references or case studies upon request to demonstrate our expertise and track record in pharmaceutical translation. We have successfully completed numerous projects for pharmaceutical companies, CROs, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders.

How does Localizera handle revisions or updates to translated pharmaceutical documents?

Localizera offers revision and update services for translated pharmaceutical documents as needed. Whether it's incorporating new information, revising terminology, or updating regulatory compliance, our team can assist with revisions to ensure accuracy and consistency over time.

Does Localizera provide post-translation support or assistance with linguistic validation for clinical research instruments?

Yes, Localizera offers post-translation support, including linguistic validation services for clinical research instruments. Our team can assist with validation studies, cognitive debriefing, and other activities to guarantee the precision and appropriateness of translated instruments.

How does Localizera handle complex or specialized pharmaceutical content that may require additional expertise?

Localizera has a network of specialized translators with expertise in various areas of pharmaceuticals, including oncology, cardiology, neurology, and more. We carefully match translators with projects based on their subject-matter expertise to ensure accurate and high-quality medical and pharmaceutical translation services.