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Five-Star Patent Translation Agency

Growth-Oriented Patent Translation Service by Industry Veterans

Localizera guides you to secure yourself a spot amongst the best of the best by delivering your message in more than 160 languages across 150 countries. If you are looking for a patent translation company that gives you access to thousands of talented and dedicated patent translators, don’t hesitate to call Localizera to ask for a free quote!

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Lay Claim to Your Invention by Hiring the Right Patent Translation Agency

If you are a manufacturer, a scientist, an inventor, or any individual who wishes to officially and legally possess their own discovery or invention, then filing for a patent would seem like the right choice to preserve your rights.

However, since patents keep their legal effects only in the country they are granted in, many people could lose the right to their discoveries or inventions elsewhere either because of public disclosure or because someone else beat them to it in whichever other country. 

This is why if you are going international, it is always best to hire a patent translation agency to help you file a patent in as many languages and countries as you need. Thus, you need a professional patent translation company like Localizera to make sure that the results will always be in your favor.    

Localizera is an industry veteran patent translation company that has been around for more than a decade. We work with some of the best patent translators in the translation and localization industry to help you accomplish your goals easily and cost-effectively. 

We have more than 16k language specialists and well-versed translators with multicultural backgrounds and subject-specific knowledge to ensure the highest levels of competence in every aspect of every industrial sector. 

By hiring Localizera, you book yourself a ticket to the top with the finest quality guaranteed as your ally and the most technologically advanced language solutions as your vehicle to the future. Contact our patent translation agency now, and ask for an instant estimation for your next project. 

Patent Translation Agency
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Simplified Patent Translation Services by AI-Driven Technology

At Localizera, we keep up with the latest technological trends so that we are able to provide you with simple patent translation services at speed and on budget. 

We employ highly advanced translation and localization software tools to keep our workflow smooth and our translated texts coherent. This eliminates redundancy and the necessity to manually check the output word by word. 

This is possible because we leverage terminology-packed translation memories that store millions of industry-specific data carefully collected thanks to years and years of experience of hard-working patent translators

We also take advantage of top-tier vendor management system (VMS) software tools to automate our vendor management processes. Doing so allows us to engage less with traditional desk routines like vendor selection, contract management, and performance tracking, and spend more time perfecting other aspects of our craft for maximum efficiency.   

Patent Translation Agency

All-Encompassing Translation and Localization Services

In addition to our exceptional services in the patent translation avenue, we also offer various other translation and localization services that will keep your attention focused in one place. We promise high-quality translations, wallet-friendly payment plans, and on-time deliveries to keep you at the top of your game. 

Patent Translation Agency

Certified Patent Translation Agency Supporting All Sectors

At Localizera, we promise you the highest quality you deserve in all industries. We offer you certified patent translations performed by sworn patent translators and discipline-specific specialists, who have a goal-driven mentality that should ease your journey to success. By partnering with our patent translation agency, you get to enjoy a long list of patent language services in all sectors, including: 

Legal Patent Translation Services

Work with Localizera for the most accurate patent applications, patent assignments, patent license agreements, patent invalidity opinions, and patent cooperation treaties in any country at affordable prices. 

Medical Patent Translation Services

Localizera has world-class medical translation and patent translation experts. If you need medical device patent applications, biotechnology patent applications, and clinical trial agreements that are done properly by producing 100% error-free translated medical texts, look no further than Localizera. 

Manufacturing Patent Translation Services

Our patent translation agency specializes in designing ideal manufacturing patent translation solutions for all your business needs. This includes patent translations for any manufacturing process patent applications, product design patent applications, utility patent applications for manufacturing equipment, and more than that. 

Why Should You Hire Localizera?

Choosing one of many translation and localization service providers could be a challenge. This is especially true when you know so little about the craft of translation and how the process goes. However, there are still other elements that could help you narrow down your options to one optimal solution, which are the bonuses and the perks you get by working with a certain brand. 

Our patent translation agency is a pioneer in the industry not just for delivering linguistic excellence across the globe, but also because we care about giving our customers access to a number of privileges to make their lives much easier by conducting business with us. Such privileges include the following: 

Quick Turnarounds

We promise you quick results with unmatched quality to help you rise to the top in no time. This comes in addition to the option of expedited language service delivery to help you meet tight schedules and overcome impossible obstacles. 

Competitive Prices

Our services are delivered at the most wallet-friendly costs in the market to help you raise your ROI and allocate your finances as you see fit. We also offer special discounts for large volumes and for returning clients as well as bundle discounts if you ever require more than patent translation services.  

Expert Cultural Consulting

If you ever need help from language experts with in-depth knowledge about all international cultures, and how to best address the diverse preferences of your target audiences, Localizera has thousands of in-house and in-country specialists who are ready to guide your steps through and through. 

Post-Project Support

You might think that once a project is done further assistance could not be delivered. However, at Localizera we value the connections we build with our clients. This is why we are always ready to answer any question you have or make any revisions you need even after project completion. 

Border-Crossing Patent Translation Services in 160+ Languages

Our patent translation agency excels at doing business internationally. We have successfully managed over the years to make a name for ourselves in Europe, the USA, Canada, the MENA region, and many other areas around the world. 

Operating in 150 countries, we offer small businesses, individuals, and global organizations alike a list of languages that includes up to 160 languages, not to mention their diverse accents, dialects, and other linguistic variations.