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Multimedia Services

In today's global marketplace, multimedia information is one of the most effective ways to communicate. From social media marketing to eLearning, businesses are increasingly relying on video, audio, and interactive media to reach customers. However, if your information is only available in English, you may not be able to effectively reach your target audience. Localizera is trusted by Large corporations and prominent organizations to generate and deliver high-quality multimedia content in over 160 languages and dialects. Desktop publishing (DTP), voiceovers, subtitling, and other multimedia services are all available through us. From transcription and translation to testing and quality assurance, we offer a one-stop shop for any multimedia localization project. Whatever the size or scope of your project, we can provide bespoke solutions that fit your budget and get the job done on time and in any format.

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Why Localizera Multimedia services?

Multimedia services are rapidly needed by many people worldwide; more importantly, in the entertainment industry. Precisely, multimedia localization is adapting to the preferences and the needs of people in various geographical regions across the globe. Moreover, it is a very complicated domain that requires a high level of accuracy.

Localizera offers advancing multimedia and studio services to serve:

Besides, our services include dubbing, lip-syncing, subtitling, and voice-overs. On account of this, Localizera has built one of the best teams in the USA, Finland, Germany, etc. that offer the finest quality in multimedia translation services.

In addition to our most convenient prices, we understand that every localization project is unique in the nature, volume, and complexity of the text. Furthermore, the scope and deadlines.

Accordingly, we promise you the best outcome for your projects.

At Localizera, we choose the most competent experts to complete your translation and localization services.

Furthermore, our linguists guarantee perfect quality in all fields; Automotive, IT, financial, Medical, Healthcare, General, science, Sports, Military, etc.

So, What service from the above would your desire?

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Multimedia Services that we cover

We are ready to support all fields that can benefit from Multimedia Services, including:

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Transcription is converting speech into a written or electronic text document. Besides, there is a significant connection between transcription and dubbing, voice-over, and subtitling. Transcribing your video content would help you work on its translation and localization phases to achieve your goals and get in touch with your right audience. This kind of job needs a highly detailed and skilled person who will be provided by Localizera.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services

Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation that owns its specific rules and restrictions. On the ground of this, it requires deep technical knowledge and high linguistic skills. Moreover, it’s a form of translation that applies certain criteria to be recognized right by the audience. International markets highly demand subtitling services in various fields. For instance, the education and the entertainment fields. As one of the best subtitling companies, we provide you with the needed services to connect with your audience exceptionally.

Dubbing Services

Dubbing Services

In the international market, dubbing is most preferred for watching video content adapted from foreign languages. Namely, dubbing is the recreation of the original project into a new foreign version. It is one of the most common multimedia translation services. Moreover, It has an educational benefit for people who are hard of hearing or illiterate. Initiating high quality of dubbing affects your project significantly. Therefore, choose the Localizera dubbing services team and get your projects made.

Voice-Over Services

Voice-Over Services

Voice-over is a multimedia translation service mainly used to replace written content with oral content. Sometimes people call it (off-camera or off-stage commentary). We use Voice-over in radio, television production, filmmaking, theater, documentaries, and other presentation forms. Fundamentally, the Voice-over services require technical knowledge, advanced equipment, and the talent to produce high-quality work. As a result, you need a specialist who possesses the skill to fulfill your requirements and send your message through his voice. Typically, you need our Localizera team.