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Professional Movie Translation Services

Upgrade the Theatre Experience with Superb Movie Translator Team

Localizera offers movie translation services that will make you a well-known storyteller across the world. With the aid of our qualified movie translator and film translator team, short film voiceovers, and feature film subtitling services, get ready to expand your audience. We carefully provide movie translation services for your screenplay or big-screen visuals since your movie deserves to increase its cross-cultural and international appeal. No more relying on subpar or unqualified movie translation agencies in Europe to convey the emotion, purpose, context, or tone of your conversation.

You and us both take our jobs seriously. Our skilled movie translator staff can add subtitles and dubbing as well as give movie translation services to any content, regardless of length or language. Request a free estimate right away. Get a free quote now and take advantage of the best movie translation services prices available in more than 160 languages.

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Trusted and Accurate Movie Translation Services

To increase your movie’s global reach, you need to do more than merely translate it and hope for the best. Working with a qualified professional movie translator who is knowledgeable about the jargon and practices used in your field is essential.

Your movie has to be translated for your target audience if you want it to be a worldwide smash. Despite the fact that many countries speak the same language, accents, traditions, and vocabulary can vary greatly. Geographical differences may confuse, divert, or even anger your audience if you fail to take them into consideration while providing movie translation services.

You may get help achieving your objectives from Localizera, a reputable provider of movie translation services among translation agencies in Europe. With our film translator team, who are supported by the industry and have linguistic training in more than 160 languages, you have access to a full translation support system.

To guarantee you get the best support and movie translation services available, get in touch with our team of movie translation experts now and get to know more about The most professional among translation agencies in Europe, Localizera.

In addition to our most convenient prices, we understand that every localization project is unique in the nature, volume, and complexity of the text. Furthermore, the scope and deadlines.

Accordingly, we promise you the best outcome for your projects.

At Localizera, we choose the most competent experts to complete your translation and localization services.

Furthermore, our linguists guarantee perfect quality in all fields; Automotive, IT, financial, Medical, Healthcare, General, science, Sports, Military, etc.

So, What service from the above would your desire?

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Script Movie Translation Services

If your movie script is only available in English, 95% of people on the planet are already shut out. International movies and television shows like “Parasite” and “13 Reasons Why” became global hits thanks to full-length subtitling and multilingual movie translation services.

Your exposure to more than 160+ different languages spoken across the world may be increased thanks to Localizera. Working with our movie translator team is like working with the very best translators, and your movie will be ready quickly.

Regardless of your budget, we offer the most affordable movie translation services on the market for screenplays that ensured the satisfaction of 5K+ clients.

Working with inexperienced movie translation services might alienate viewers and lead to unfavorable movie reviews. It is essential to exclusively work with qualified script movie translators in order to prevent grammatical and linguistic errors.

To make sure that we only hire the greatest script movie translation services team in the business, Localizera devised a screening process. A language test is the first step in our screening process for each language the movie translator will be translating into and out of.

After passing these exams, they enroll in a mentoring program where a project manager oversees their work until it is consistently 100% accurate.

Movie Translation Services

Why Choose Localizera Rather Than Other Translation Agencies in Europe?

The team of movie translation services professionals at Localizera has more than 10 years of experience and more than 16K translators worldwide. Each and every one of our movie translator staff is a subject matter expert who strives to exceed the expectations of our 5K+ satisfied clients.

All of Localizera’s film translator staff is conscious of the fact that rendering movie translation services, for example, necessitates not only linguistic accuracy but also customization of the solutions in order to prevent unintended misunderstandings and establish a stronger and more genuine connection with the target audience’s culture and customs.

The major three advantages that distinguish us from other movie translation agencies in Europe are as follows:


To meet the requirements of the major production firms and filmmakers, make sure your movie translation services source script on a crucial development is precisely written and instructive.

We take great effort to faithfully translate the information you provided in your original file or transcribed script. There is a higher likelihood that the translated script will be the finest it can be because of the excellent caliber of our movie translation services.


Time is without a doubt a crucial factor when offering movie translation services. Foreign movie theatres and production firms need accurate and appropriate movie translation services, just like the local film industry does.

As a consequence, we prioritize meeting deadlines in addition to providing accurate movie translation services. We usually provide movie translation services for delivery before your specified deadline thanks to our 16K+ translators' combined expertise of more than 10 years!


Localizera provides excellent guidance and results at incredibly low costs. These days, the cost of movie translation services ranges widely, from extremely expensive to reasonably priced. 5K+ customers find our price to be unexpectedly reasonable when compared to that of our competitors.

We are confident you'll stick with us once we give you unmatched movie translation services since we offer the best movie translator team on your schedule and at a fair price.

Movie Translation

How Our Movie Translator Team Do Their Magic

Localizera’s certified native movie translator staff and three-step quality assurance system enable us to guarantee incredibly accurate movie translation services. An account manager is assigned to each of our clients and is in charge of overseeing the budget and overall development of each translation project.

However, to ensure consistency throughout all of our movie translation services projects, Localizera offers its current clients access to a substantial Translation Memory of previously translated terms and phrases. What is the benefit? For clients with recurring contracts, having fewer words to retranslate leads to considerable cost savings.

The procedure is simple:


The project for movie translation services is sent to our team together with details on the languages you will be using as the input and output, the word count, and any other pertinent data.


Our movie translator considers a number of variables, including deadlines, delivery formats, and translation memories when evaluating your assignment.


All service levels are included in your customized cost per word, so you know precisely what you're getting. Nothing will surprise you!

Movie Translation Services for All Industries

The movie business is a huge one, with audiences in and outside of the country of origin. In actuality, cinema and film are among the cultural forms that are most frequently exported to other countries, along with music and fashion.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the growth and development of this sector rely on movie translation services into other languages. Localizera offers movie translation services for the film industry to various sectors, including:

Connect with the most professional movie translation services provider among translation agencies in Europe now and know more about what we offer at the table.

Various Tongues, One Movie Translator

Localizera, the leading movie translation services provider among translation agencies in Europe, provides movie translation services in over 160 languages supplied by more than 16K translators across the globe to reach a global audience and guarantee exposure and growth for your motion picture.

Localizera’s movie translator staff goes above and above to offer various languages all under one roof including: