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Engage Customers Globally with the Best Localization Services

Localizera assists your business to achieve success internationally offering affordable and quick translation and localization services to all industries. If you are seeking language localization services in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, the MENA region, Asia, or Australia, rely on Localizera to get all your demands delivered to your doorstep today.

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Best Localization Services by Dedicated Language Professionals

With all the technological advancements and the global information revolution we are living in today’s world, anyone can do anything, right? Wrong. Having a specialist undertake a job on your behalf still proves to be the most effective when it comes to doing business. 

This is why if you are addressing a multicultural audience, like the global society, you need to make sure that your message is well-customized to feel as if directed to speak to each culture separately. Thus, you need professional localization service providers like Localizera to help you spread your message on a wide scale with culture-specific language localization services

At Localizera, we have managed to deliver the best localization services to a variety of sectors in more than 125 countries. We hire translators and language specialists who are top of their game, enabled by the latest translation and localization services technology. 

If you are looking for certified localization service providers who can localize any content you need from/into English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, or several other languages, Localizera’s team is assembled of multilingual native speakers who have passed all the competence exams and are now ready to support you the best way they could. 

Don’t hesitate to request Localizera’s translation and localization services now to stay ahead of your competition. 

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Localization Service Providers Empowered by Modern Localization Technology

At Localizera, with the world evolving around us, we can’t ignore the tangible effects of machines and AI-assisted software on almost all industries. Here, we support our linguists with the translation industry’s most cutting-edge translation and localization computer-assisted tools. 

This way we ensure consistency across all our projects, organized translation and localization workflow, and speedy results with the best quality in the market. 

Some of the tools we use in our translation and localization services include SDL Trados Studio, SDL Passolo, SDLX, Star Transit, Transit, Microsoft Envelope, Alchemy Catalyst, and many other professional software tools you can trust.  

Several Translation and Localization Services for Several Industries

As expected from a highly-esteemed localization service provider, we undoubtedly support certified translation and localization services in all sectors, drawing on the sectoral knowledge and technical know-how of our language specialists. Such language services include but are never limited to the following: 

Gaming Localization Services

Localizera has world-class localizers in the gaming industry, since they have over 10 years of experience and knowledge of the terminology and traditions of the domain. We will work on your game head to toe, from main menus to the last detail in your credits section, to make sure that every corner of the game is fully adapted to appeal to your target audience everywhere. 

Website Localization Services

As first-rate localization service providers, we provide error-intolerant website localization services, delivered by software-educated linguists. We will help you convert your entire website to ensure a seamless, frustration-free user experience by providing a modernized and culture-specific user interface for all your target audiences. 

E-Learning Localization Services

Localizera is ready to work hand in hand with your educational institution to custom-tailor e-Learning content that is fully localized in multiple languages to personalize your students’ learning experience. If you want to localize quizzes, presentations, educational modules, or something else, rely on the best localization service provider, rely on Localizera.  

Legal Localization Services

From simple legal contracts to more advanced legal content that is crucial to your business, Localizera is ready to handle all your legal needs. We offer the best localization services and the most accurate and secure language services for your legal documents, delivered by legal subject-matter specialists. 

Guaranteed Expansion with Multilingual Translation and Localization Services

As veteran localization service providers, Localizera’s team excels at delivering all the translation and localization services your business demands in more than 260 languages. We work with industry-leading language and subject-matter experts, who will transform your content and help you reach your maximum potential in every market easily and effectively. 

A Multitude of Other Professional Language Services You Can Trust

As an international localization service provider, we respect the diverse needs of all our global clients. This is why we offer you a bundle of other professional language services that go beyond our A+ localization services. Our list includes the following: 

Localization Service Providers

Why Choose Localizera to Handle Your Language Localization Services?

Many claim to be the best in their domain, but how could you be sure that you are dealing with the best localization service provider? This should be a fairly easy endeavor once you take the time to get to know your localization service provider. And since transparency is our number-one concern here, we are ready to level with you and tell you all that you need to know. 

100% Guaranteed Quality

At Localizera, we work in accordance with ISO-imposed standards for translation and localization services, including ISO 9001 standards for quality-management systems, and ISO 17100 standards for translation services. 

Expedited Language Solutions

Additionally, we provide expedited translation and localization services that will help you meet your tight schedules, without worrying about the quality or affordability. We deliver the best localization services at reduced costs to help you reinvest your money in other areas, including product development, marketing campaigns, and other important business avenues.

Professional Human Translation

Machines are important in this industry. We have already made a point out of that, but nothing compensates for the delicate human touch. Here, we implement the best vendor management function in the industry that keeps us on top of the situation, helping your industry flourish by instantly accessing highly-rated language experts from all over the world at your convenience. 

Industry-Specific Terminology

Accuracy is integral in the translation business. This is why we draw on one of the largest translation memories in the industry that helps us deliver precise and discipline-specific terminology to all sectors. Whether medical, legal, financial, or energy, it doesn’t matter because we have everything locked and loaded. 

Robust Security Protocols

Confidentiality is essential for any successful business partnership. At Localizera, because we value your privacy, we employ strict data protocols to keep your sensitive data secure and we are ready to sign NDAs so that you can be at ease.