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Unrivaled Localization Agency

Communicate with Global Clients Utilizing the Best Localization Agency

It goes without saying that effective content localization services would be hard to deliver without the assistance of an industry professional localization agency that can understand your situation, analyze it, and provide the best solutions. Additionally, as one of the leading localization and translation agencies in Europe, we have a team of consultants that have worked on a wide range of projects in their sector and business, and they understand the ins, outs, and arounds of a thorough localization agency cycle.

With Localizera, the best localization agency in the region, you can develop, create, and deploy your business globally. We help the world's biggest organizations by content localization services for their software, website, games, magazines, and many more mediums in more than 260 languages with the highest linguistic quality at the cheapest rate. Get a free quotation from Localizera today to take advantage of the best localization agency in the region and go global with our content localization services.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

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The Most Accurate Localization Agency

Localizera knows that localization may look tough to someone who has never done it before, and if you are one of those individuals, you probably have no idea where to start, which localization agency you should choose, or what you are in for! 

But don’t be concerned. Because our localization agency is prepared to discuss your company’s product or service, assess your goals, pick the finest localization tactics and technologies, and give you a tailor-fit plan that meets the demand. 

From translation, localization, and multimedia management to desktop publishing and terminology management, the account managers and project managers of our localization agency will accompany you through the whole process.

They will keep you informed at each stage of the content localization services supplied and will guarantee that the project is finished on time and within budget!

We take pleasure in being considered one of the leading translation agencies in Europe due to the range of sectors we have worked with and the number of pleased clients whose localization efforts have resulted in success stories. 

Whether you need a localization agency or are looking for a list of localization services to meet legal requirements in the United States, reach new markets in Asia or Eastern Europe, or perform content translation services, the native linguists and localization consulting experts at Localizera will work directly with your team.

Our localization agency makes decisions on language choices, dialects, launch schedules, and cultural nuances, providing excellent localization services.

Our professionals, on the other hand, skillfully adapt to changing customer needs across industry sectors, and they have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on complex legal, medical, or academic subjects in a wide range of languages, spanning an even wider range of language combinations with accuracy, precision, and accountability. 

They will assist you in meeting your localization agency objectives and exceeding your expectations for the translation and localization services offered.

Contact us now to know more about the process of our localization agency which is different from other translation agencies in Europe.

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Unrivaled Content Localization Services Process

Planning and Market Research

The success of your project is dependent on excellent project management, which begins with careful preparation. It's the road plan for the entire project, from start to end, ensuring a smooth process for the localization agency


The project managers of our app localization agency, for instance, do an overall review, define your company objectives, develop a thorough plan, and establish a project timeline to maximize your productivity.


Any effective content localization services plan is founded on extensive research. After you've identified your target markets, we do thorough research to give specific market insights. 


Simultaneously, our technical team conducts a thorough investigation of various CMSs, tools, and technologies in order to improve quality and minimize costs.

Localization Agency Services

This is the point at which all project instructions and recommendations are implemented. Skilled native-speaking translators from the local area are allocated to translation projects based on their subject-matter competence. 


After that, a rigorous review procedure by additional linguists of our localization agency ensures high-quality material that is linguistically, contextually, and culturally accurate and appropriate for the intended audience.


Our localization engineers and DTP professionals assume control of the technical and functional aspects of the translated material. They set up it so that the translated text may be viewed easily. This includes changes to style and design, user interface, spacing, text expansion, text orientation, navigation, and so on.

QA and Testing

This is the final phase before our localization agency lets the localized material go live, and it involves intensive QA (Quality Assurance) testing. Our QA testing assures your localized content integrity as well as its operation. 


Linguists of the best translation agencies in Europe collaborate with technical and localization experts to ensure that your content is free of linguistic and cultural discrepancies as well as functionality or usability difficulties.

Multiple Localization Agency Services

Software Localization Services

Software localization, like other forms of technical translation, may be complicated and difficult. That is not the case with Localizera. Our localization agency is a well-known software translation services supplier that provides the finest software localization services process.


The process of our localization agency includes initial consultation, localization, and quality assurance testing. With our software localization services, you may reach new markets and develop your business abroad. 

Website Localization Services

A potential customer's initial stop should be at your company's website. Assume that every potential consumer cannot read English and so cannot understand your products or services. 


Boom! This consumer will leave quickly. The content localization services of our localization agency are necessary to get access to global markets and more prospective clients.

Games Localization Services

With 2.2 billion gamers globally and $108.9 billion in game sales in 2017, the gaming industry is exploding. 


Our localization agency is regarded as one of the leading translation agencies in Europe. To satisfy the demands, we provide many gaming translation solutions. Our game language translation team is responsible for the adaptation of all game components.

App Localization Services

Applications, not browsers, now account for 90% of mobile device usage. The great majority of apps, on the other hand, are downloaded and then deleted in a matter of minutes. 


As a result, the need for an app localization agency has never been more urgent. A properly translated app has the ability to improve brand value and develop meaningful relationships in your target consumers' native language. The linguists of our localization agency deploy their complete arsenal of expertise to deliver excellent app localization service.

260+ Languages By 1 Localization Agency

Our localization agency’s linguists are subject matter experts as well as industry specialists who can deliver the best content localization servicesUnlike other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera pays close attention to target users while providing the best localization agency services in any of the languages we provide.

We guarantee that you will obtain app localization agency services, besides many more localization services, in over 260 languages in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective manner, including:

Why Choose Localizera Over Other Translation Agencies in Europe?

As a localization agency, Localizera has the top content localization services providers with over 16K translators globally and 10+ years of localization expertise. Every translator in our localization agency is a subject matter expert eager to give the best localization services to our over 5,000 pleased clients.

They understand that providing content localization services, for example, requires not just language correctness but also customized solutions to prevent unprofessional final products and build a stronger and more real interaction with the target consumers’ culture and behavior.

The three main benefits that distinguish us from other translation agencies in Europe are as follows:

High Quality

You must ensure that your localized content on a key development is properly written and instructive in order to meet the requirements of end users.


Our localization agency ensures that the material of your original content is properly mirrored in the content translation services we provide. Because of the high quality of our content localization services, localized content is more likely to be usable and acceptable to end users.

Fast Turnaround

At our localization agency, time is undeniably vital. International businesses, such as websites and game developers, demand accurate and relevant localization services for their business.


The term "sustainability" refers to the process of establishing if a product or service is long-lasting. Because our localization agency's 16K+ translators with 10+ years of experience can supply your localizations quickly, we'll generally offer the finest localization services for distribution ahead of your deadline!

Competitive Prices

Localizera can offer you the best content localization services for your app at an affordable price. Nowadays, the cost of localization agency services ranges from highly costly to quite affordable. As compared to the costs of our rivals, our 5K+ clients find them to be startlingly inexpensive.


We are convinced that once we begin global localization agency services projects for your company, you will continue to work with us since our localization agency offers the best localization services on time and at an affordable price.