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Legal Contract Translation Services

Make Global Ties Possible with Unrivaled Contract Translation Services

Whether you need legal document translation services for your next partnership or company endeavor in a new market, transcripts of court hearings, or even your employment contract, Localizera is your trusted source for legal contract translations. Localizera is one of the most well-known contract translation services providers in the area and abroad, with over 10 years of expertise. We provide dependable legal contract translation services in over 260 languages for all main forms of agreements. We Also assist organizations, law firms, government agencies, and individuals in managing their legal contract translation needs in an effective manner.

Our combination of translation and legal expertise, skilled teams with first-hand experience, and translation technology enable us to meet our customers' specific demands which are accurate translation that is quick and certified. Additionally, because your legal contract translation assignments are time-sensitive, we make every effort to fulfill even the most stringent deadlines. We also take on urgent jobs and always deliver on time. We are trusted because we consistently provide high-quality legal translation services for all businesses. With Localizera's legal contract translation services, you can get a free quote and begin building international relationships in no time bypassing all language barriers and utilizing the expertise of our legal document translation services professionals.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Certified Legal Contract Translation Services

Are you a law firm or in-house legal team seeking for accurate and timely legal translation services for your contracts, papers, websites, or litigation support materials? Localizera is your winning horse. 

We offer certified legal contract translation services in Arabic, Spanish, German, Chinese, and more than 260 other languages. The legal services industry is undergoing significant shifts towards interdisciplinary, cross-border, and technologically enabled solutions. Our contract translation services company employs a large team of legal contract translation professionals and subject matter experts who have extensive experience translating legal materials, as well as financial services, regulatory compliance, cyber security, and technology content, with the highest level of linguistic quality and technical precision.

Reliable, high-quality legal contract translation services are increasingly dependent on the use of current digital technology in the translation process. Localizera is a pioneer in next-generation language innovation, enabling our clients to use translation memory (TM) in the cloud to enhance linguistic consistency and turnaround time while lowering translation costs. 

Our AI-powered legal contract translation management solution removes numerous unnecessary human touch points, optimizing the whole legal translation services process for the best results. Localizera’s patented in-context legal contract translation system significantly alters language translation dynamics for unparalleled legal localization performance.

Just contact Localizera to obtain the best legal contract translation services. We have over 5000 happy customers and provide legal translation services in over 260 languages. This implies that a wide variety is served quickly.

Legal Contract Translation Services
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Language Professionals

Contract Translation Services in 260+ Languages

Localizera provides legal contract translation services in over 260 languages across all kinds of papers. We always use native human legal translation services providers with subject matter competence for all of our translation work to assure the highest language quality and technical accuracy.Our legal document translation services utilize 16K+ language professionals and industry specialists globally, unlike other translation companies in Europe, and they deliver correctly phrased contract translation services.

On the other hand, our multilingual contract translation services company considers formal language and tone of voice while providing services in any of the languages we provide. It is vital to ensure that nothing sounds offensive or miscommunicated during the procedure.

We guarantee unparalleled legal contract translation services in over 260 languages that are quick, accurate, and reasonably priced. Among these languages are:

Various Solutions of Legal Translation Services

Corporate Legal Translation Services

Localizera offers precise business legal translation services between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and French, and more than 260 languages. 

We have the right legal translation services procedures and professional legal linguists to get the job done quickly, whether you need quality translations for articles of incorporation, business contracts, tax documents, securities and antitrust materials, product licenses, intellectual property patents, or labor, employment, and immigration documents.

We assist corporate attorneys and legal counsels in ensuring confident company protection beyond language obstacles by unprecedented legal translation services.

Intellectual Property Legal Translation Services

In today's global economy, it is critical to safeguard your intellectual property rights for intangible company assets such as technological discoveries, inventions, words, names, phrases, symbols, and designs, as well as musical and creative works, in multiple nations. 

Localizera collaborates with law firms to provide legal translation services for patents, trademarks, and copyrights into Arabic, German, Japanese, Chinese, and 260 more languages. 

To offer the highest worldwide legal safeguards, we engage skilled native legal contract translation linguists with both technical (engineering and scientific) and legal skills to translate our customers' Intellectual documents.

Healthcare Legal Translation Services

Localizera, a prominent provider of language solutions, offers competent legal translation services for healthcare law-related information in over 260 languages. We have extensive expertise in translating legal documentation for medical malpractice and patient rights claims in a timely and accurate manner. 

Accurate healthcare legal translation services require more than just linguistic experience and technical expertise; they also necessitate the use of cutting-edge translation technologies that automatically ensure linguistic consistency and terminology precision while our professional legal linguists translate. 

Localizera is a pioneer in next-generation AI-powered legal translation services that combine machine and human skills to achieve unsurpassed healthcare law translation performance.

Legal Contract Translation

Why is Localizera The Best Legal Contract Translation Company?

The multilingual legal contract translation services team at Localizera is made up of a diverse range of individuals from across the world, each with 10+ years of expertise in contract translation services. Every translation services professional at our legal translation services company is a subject matter expert ready to assist our over 5K delighted customers.

They understand that providing multilingual legal contract translation services, for example, necessitates not only linguistic accuracy but also customizing solutions to avoid unintended misunderstandings and to establish a stronger and more genuine connection with the laws of the target language.

The three primary benefits that distinguish us from other legal translation services firms are as follows:

Superior Quality

Moreover, you must ensure that the legal contract translation services you obtain are appropriate and well-organized to meet the needs of our superior contract translation services for global clients and businesses.


We use our language solutions to guarantee that your original information is properly supplied. Because of the excellent caliber of our 16K+ language specialists, the legal contract translation services are more likely to be acceptable when it reaches their intended audience.

Speedy Delivery

While providing international legal contract translation services, time is definitely an issue. A translation company’s precise and relevant knowledge is required for all forms of training, courses, and orientations.


As a result, Localizera prioritizes fulfilling deadlines while also offering exact and high-quality contract translation services. Because our 16K+ translators with 10+ years of experience can supply your services quickly, we can typically provide the best legal translation services as soon as possible!

Reasonable Prices

Localizera can provide you with a legal contract translation solution for every application at an affordable price. Nowadays, contract translation services range in price from highly expensive to fairly cheap. As compared to other translation companies in Europe, our 5K+ clients feel they are relatively affordable.


We are convinced that you will receive unparalleled contract translation services quality at an affordable price. Our contract translation services expertise ensures that everything is correct so that you do not have to pay extra money.

All Types of International Contracts Translated

Contracts that are accurately translated may assist companies in achieving international compliance, mitigating multinational risks, and strengthening global communication for enhanced brand performance in global markets. 

Localizera has extensive expertise in providing a wide range of legal contract translation services and commercial agreements language solutions, allowing our customers to engage international audiences safely across linguistic boundaries. We provide contract translation services for the below agreements: