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The Best of Game Localization Agencies

Hop on Immersive Gaming Experience with our Video Game Translation Agency

The worldwide gaming market is enormous. The sector generated $151.9 billion in revenue in 2019 and $159.3 billion in 2020. Things are going to become interesting. According to research, MENA is the world's most active gaming community, and the gaming sector is expected to quadruple to $4.4 billion by 2024. In 2019, the gaming market made $283 million in the UAE alone. Therefore, game localization agencies are needed to reach more gamers around the world. Translating and localizing your game into Arabic, Spanish, or even Chinese is your winning capitalizing approach for the potential of the Middle East and Africa's fastest-growing market.

It's time to join the new gold rush and push your game to the next level by collaborating with companies for video game translation. Localizera, a video game translation agency, provides unprecedented video translation services, games localization services, and in-game or UI localization solutions. Get a free quotation from Localizera today to take advantage of the best video game translation agency services in the region and go global with your game.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Accurate Services from Prominent Video Game Translation Agency

We’re all connected, yet we can’t communicate between languages. This is most evident while playing English video games with an international audience speaking a foreign language. 

Selling your video games in foreign regions is simple; the issue is engaging international gamers across languages. This is why game localization agencies are required. 

We have the language resources and game localization tools to provide the best video game translation services making Localizera one of the best companies for video game translation

Our video game translation agency staff are not only experienced linguists, but many of them are themselves gamers, assuring the most fluent language translations that resonate with your global audience.

Contemporary game localization agencies necessitate far more than the greatest linguistic resources; game localization services are largely reliant on next-generation translation technology that enable game localization agencies to readily evaluate text strings in the context and in real-time. 

Localizera excels in this area. Our cutting-edge video game translation agency instantly maps text strings to each video game screen, allowing our translators to reliably translate on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Further, Localizera enables dynamic gaming terminology management, allowing our video game translation agency professionals to deliver the most exact translations in the shortest amount of time. 

To guarantee the most genuine experience, video games contain gamer-centric lingo and terminology that must all be appropriately translated. Companies for video game translation are able to engage the gaming community to offer linguistic input more effectively than any other translation firm. 

Although Localizera is the only video game translation agency to allow almost instant translations and language reviews, we guarantee undoubtedly accuracy and high quality. We assist the world’s greatest game creators to achieve worldwide success.

Call us right now to learn more about our video game translation agency’s services and how they vary from other game localization agencies.

Game Localization Agencies
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Language Professionals

160+ Tongues Differing us from Companies for Video Game Translation

Our video game translation agency’s linguists are subject matter experts as well as industry specialists who can deliver the best video translation services and in-game localization services. Unlike other game localization agencies, Localizera pays close attention to target users while providing the best localization services in any of the languages we provide.

We guarantee that our video game translation agency will provide unprecedented game localization services for your new release in over 160 languages in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective manner, including:

Integrated Video Game Translation Agency

Voice Over for Game Localization

Game design businesses frequently blend foreign language voice-over recordings with properly translated video games to produce the most engaging experience for consumers who do not understand English in order to offer the most realistic multilingual gaming experience. 


Our video game translation agency has a huge staff of experienced voice-over artists that specialize in creating high-quality voice-over recordings for a wide range of video game genres.

In-Context Game Localization

Video game localization agencies have long struggled to generate consistent, high-quality language translations utilizing old translation procedures that only supply minimal context information to game translators. 


This is why Localizera is required. Our ground-breaking in-context video game translation agency tackles the age-old problem by allowing our experienced translators to watch the actual game screen in real-time, resulting in the best linguistic output the first time.

Multi Console Game Localization

Are you creating video games for consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Sony PlayStation and need game localization agencies to translate them into Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and other languages? 


We offer end-to-end, high-quality translation services for all video game console manufacturers without sacrificing speed or efficiency. Simply provide our video game translation agency with your game titles and the target languages, and we will respond with a translation quotation within 24 hours.

Localizera Vs. Mobile Game Localization Agencies

The current smartphone sector has radically altered the worldwide gaming demography. 

While specialized game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are immensely popular for the finest gameplay experience, an increasing number of everyday video games are downloaded as mobile applications from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

This is why, since the introduction of the iPhone, the demand for mobile game localization agencies has risen. Localizaera offers expert mobile game translation services for both iOS and Android devices that are both high-quality and quick.

Our ground-breaking in-context video game translation agency technologies significantly increase the accuracy and speed of professional game localization.

Language translation may make or break a mobile game’s international popularity. Unprofessional mobile game localization agencies provide a subpar user experience to foreign smartphone users, resulting in fewer downloads and lower international income. 

The good news is that professional translation of mobile games does not have to be a difficult task. As a professional video game translation agency, Localizera has condensed the whole mobile game localization process onto a contemporary web platform. 

This allowed video games to be translated with quality and speed without any fuss. Speak with one of our sales specialists now to see how our video game translation agency may help you reach worldwide success quickly.

Game Localization Agencies

Why Localizera and Not Other Game Localization agencies?

As a video game translation agency, Localizera has the top game localization service providers with over 16K translators globally and 10+ years of translation expertise. Every translator in our translation company is a subject matter expert eager to give the best localization services to our over 5,000 satisfied clients.

They understand that our video game translation agency, for example, requires not just language correctness but also customized solutions to prevent boring games experience and build a stronger and more real interaction with the target consumers’ culture and behavior.

The three main benefits that distinguish us from other companies for video game translation are as follows:

Superior Quality

You must ensure that your localized game on a key development is properly written and instructive in order to meet the requirements of end users and fellow gamers.


Our video game translation agency ensures that the material of your original content is properly mirrored in the game translation services we provide. Because of the high quality of our video game translation agency, localized content is more likely to be usable and acceptable to end users.

Swift Delivery

At our video game translation agency, time is undeniably vital. International game developers, such as Konami and Ubisoft, demand accurate and relevant localization services for their games.


The term "sustainability" refers to the process of establishing if a product or service is long-lasting. Because our video game translation agency’s 16K+ translators with 10+ years of experience can supply your localizations quickly, we'll generally offer the finest localization services for distribution ahead of your deadline!

Good Prices

Localizera can offer you the best localization services for your game at an affordable price. Nowadays, the cost of game translation services ranges from highly costly to quite affordable. As compared to the costs of our rivals, our 5K+ clients find them to be startlingly inexpensive.


We are convinced that once we begin global game translation services projects for your company, you will continue to work with us since our video game translation agency offers the best localization services on time and at an affordable price.