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Farsi Translation Services

Connect with Further Leads in Iran Utilizing the Best Farsi Translators

Farsi, also known as Persian, is a widely spoken language in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. As a result, there is a growing demand for Farsi translation services in various industries, including business, legal, medical, and technical fields.

Farsi translation services involve the process of converting written or spoken content from one language to Farsi or from Farsi to another language. This can include Farsi document translation services, website localization, software translation, and other types of content. Localizera helps to maintain Iran’s unique cultural identity and promotes cross-cultural understanding. To get started expanding, get a free estimate right away!

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

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Grow Bolder and Bigger with Farsi Translation Services

The primary objective of promoting international expansion in Iran is to ensure that Farsi translation services are readily accessible to businesses. To expedite, improve, and simplify the translation and localization services process, Localizera has enhanced its Farsi translation services

The utilization of MTPE, translation memory, and terminology management has improved the entire Farsi document translation services process, resulting in significant reductions in translation turnaround times, as well as enhanced language accuracy and consistency. 

Localizera, a recognized leader in the market and industry, provides the most exceptional certified Farsi translation services on demand. Unlike other translation firms, we offer a variety of certified Farsi translation services packages in over 260 languages. 

Consequently, Localizera is recognized as one of the premier translation companies in the region.

In contrast to other Farsi translation services firms, our translators consider the cultural backgrounds of our customers. As a result, we offer the highest standard of quality of any translation agency.

We collaborate with the best-certified Farsi translators, linguists, and professionals in Farsi translation services. The acquisition of 5K+ satisfied customers was made possible by the employment of cutting-edge technology, perfect languages, and creative localization.

Working with the best English to Farsi translation services providers can help you reach your full potential as quickly as feasible. Of all of them, Localizera is the finest! Request a free quote from Localizera to get going.

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Insanely Accurate Farsi Document Translation Services

Professional Farsi translation services teams and subject matter experts make up one of Localizera’s largest teams in the language business. For a variety of sectors, including the legal, manufacturing, financial, and health sciences, we provide translation and localization services. These services are certified and QC-checked both manually and digitally.

Our team of Farsi translators can translate rapidly and confidently because of the real-time terminology management and translation memory offered by our cutting-edge cloud-based technology for Farsi translation services.

Additionally, our Farsi translation services professionals are able to do their finest work because of Localizera’s thorough translation review procedure and rating-based system. Some of the largest corporations in the world use our ISO-certified Farsi translation services.

High-quality Farsi translation services are produced by a variety of factors, including language competency, intelligent localization strategies, sector experience, and increasingly advanced AI-driven translation systems that employ machine-human translation processes.

The main provider of the top translation and localization services outcomes for the present digital market is Localizera’s next-generation enterprise Farsi translation services ecosystem.

Our Farsi translators offer a range of professional translation services, including Farsi document translation services, software localization, language interpretation, and MTPE from Farsi to English (machine translation post-editing). To learn more and join the 5,000+ pleased customers we already have, contact us right now.

An Array of Services Besides Farsi Translation Services

The top company offering English to Farsi translation services is Localizera. We also provide typesetting, desktop publishing, voiceover, and website localization services in addition to Farsi translation services. We can use our extensive technology and service skills to help your firm go global.

Our Farsi translation services also guarantee the accurate transmission of thoughts and information that are essential to your company. All of this is accomplished by using the quality, quantity, and speed norms set by our dynamic digital environment. On the other side, being one of the top translation agencies in the region, we have years of experience supporting businesses developing worldwide in industries that are continuously changing.

You may easily meet all of your needs with the help of Localizera, whether they relate to voiceover services, transcription services, DTP services, certified Farsi translation services, or a variety of other services, such as:

Farsi Translation Services

Localizera Covers All Industries with Farsi Translation Services

Medical Farsi Translation Services

Localiera is your savior if you are seeking certified medical Farsi translation services. Localizera is an ISO-certified company that offers medical Farsi translation services to leading pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO, and medical device companies. 


Our solutions cover a wide range of medical content, including but not limited to clinical research studies, medical device manuals, regulatory submission documents, and common technical documents (CTD) for clinical trials. 


On the other hand, Localizera employs proven life science translation methodologies that are further enhanced by our advanced AI-powered translation management system, guaranteeing unparalleled localization performance for our English to Farsi translation services. For more information on how Localizera can assist you with your medical translation needs, contact a Localizera representative.

Legal Farsi Translation Services

If you need precise Farsi translation services for legal documents to facilitate your business in Iran, Localizera can assist you. With our team of highly skilled legal linguists and subject matter experts, we can provide accurate and reliable legal Farsi translation services to ensure the utmost linguistic precision. 


We also use cloud-based tools to manage legal terminology, further enhancing the quality of our work. Contact us today to learn how Localizera can help you optimize your legal Farsi document translation services needs for faster business expansion.

Document Farsi Translation Services

At Localizera, we are proficient in providing various types of Farsi document translation services in 260+ languages. Our services cater to both private and public sectors, enabling businesses and government agencies to communicate effectively across linguistic barriers.

Our professional team of translators is highly skilled in the nuances of the English to Farsi translation services. They have extensive experience and knowledge in their respective fields, ensuring that the translated documents accurately convey the intended meaning while maintaining the original tone and style.

Get in touch with us immediately to receive an instant quote regarding our Farsi translation services for any industry. You can expect that your inquiries will be addressed by a qualified Farsi translator.

E-commerce English to Farsi Translation Services

Iran and Afghanistan are leading countries in the world when it comes to the growth and development of e-commerce and mobile commerce, with approximately 23% of internet users purchasing goods and services online. 

However, in order to achieve success in e-commerce in Iran, for instance, it is crucial for companies to adapt their online content to suit the local market and enhance the customer experience. 

Localizera offers a range of comprehensive e-commerce English to Farsi translation services that utilize APIs to provide automated and continuous human translation services to clients. Localizera is also one of the first companies to provide mobile Farsi translation services, making it easier to translate product descriptions on a large scale. 

If you are interested in enterprise-grade e-commerce English to Farsi translation services, talk to a Localizera representative right now.

Large Team of Farsi Translators to Cover 260+ Languages

With about 110 million Farsi speakers worldwide, legal and financial documents written in Farsi are easily understood due to their prevalence in Iran and Afghanistan. Our Farsi translation services specialize in these fields, as we understand the importance of accurate translation for businesses to expand and increase profitability. Localizera, with its top Farsi translators, employs Farsi language translation teams with subject matter expertise. They recognize that different languages and industries require a specific approach to translation, and cultural differences must be given great attention.

By utilizing our Farsi translation services, clients can effectively communicate with their target audience using appropriate words and phrases. We ensure precise and thorough translation between Farsi and over 260 other languages, with a globally dispersed team of 16K+ skilled and accessible Farsi translators.

As an example, our Farsi translation services also cover English to Farsi translation services, and Arabic to Farsi translation services. We strive to provide the highest quality translation solutions to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of language or sector.

Why Localizera Over Other Farsi Translation Services Providers?

Choosing the right Farsi translation services provider is crucial for businesses and individuals who require accurate and reliable translations. Localizera stands out among other Farsi translation services providers for several reasons.

Localizera employs a team of highly skilled and experienced Farsi translators who are native speakers of the language. This ensures that the translations are not only accurate but also culturally appropriate.

We also have a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Localizera’s team of project managers and customer support staff work closely with clients to ensure that their translation needs are met and exceeded.

Here are our main points of strengths:

Most Recent Technology

When it comes to Farsi translation services, Localizera uses the most cutting-edge technology to keep up with the flow and ensure quality and turnaround time.

High Quality

Localizera pays close attention to providing Farsi document translation services of the highest quality possible by employing Farsi translators with 10+ years of experience and a 3-step process of TEP.


For all types of businesses, Localizera offers excellent Farsi translation services that do not break the bank without compromising quality.

Many Languages

Localizera offers Farsi translation services to and from 260+ languages to cover the business needs of almost every region.