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Multilingual European Translation Agency

Hire the Best Translation Agency in Europe for Guaranteed Global Growth

Localizera leads multinational organizations to guaranteed success easily and affordably. We deliver best-in-class European transcription services, European desktop publishing services, and several other translation and localization solutions across Europe. If you are willing to do business on a wide scale, contact us now and we will give you an instant free quote!

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

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Competitive Pricing

Best Localization Services in Europe Delivered at Scale and Speed

If you are looking for a translation agency in Europe that has new and innovative solutions to bring out the true potential of your business, Localizera offers you the best localization services in Europe and worldwide to accomplish this goal and several more to come after.  

We help you adjust your content to feel linguistically and culturally natural to your audience in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, and any other European country you wish to operate in. 

Our European translation agency has been successful over the years at helping world-leading organizations fulfill their dreams in more than 150 countries by delivering unmatched quality for all localization services at unprecedented speed. 

This is all thanks to our modernized methodology that benefits from the industry’s most advanced software tools, which allow us to keep our results consistent and adherent to global standards. Thus, with Localizera you are presented with what could take a month in just a matter of a few days, without any compromises in terms of quality. 

We also hire highly productive and well-informed translators and other industry-related professionals. This way we ensure that your localization services are handled by experts who can tackle as many projects as possible with less effort and guaranteed error-free output. 

European Translation Agency
Years of experience
Language Professionals

European Culture Experts Handling Your European Linguistic Demands

In all business aspects, it is always best to hire the most qualified and knowledgeable to cover your blind spots. Here, our European translation agency is constantly looking out for newer talents and specialists who have not only linguistic knowledge but also cultural awareness of the nuances of each distinctive country. 

Whether it is our highly skilled in-house colleagues or vast network of in-country associates, we make sure that each member of our community is up to the task that is given to them. We put them to examination to test their effectiveness, ensuring that all your translated documents will be nothing short of linguistic and cultural perfection. 

If you need Spanish translators, English translators, French translators, or German translators for any upcoming project, seek out our European translation agency for the best localization services and translation solutions. 

European Translation Agency

Best-in-Town European Transcription Solutions

When it comes to the transcription industry, it is not very easy to find a reliable service provider due to the subtlety of the profession. However, our translation agency in Europe carefully designs European transcriptions in all European languages, which you can trust especially if your business depends on making your content available in both forms: spoken and written. 

We do business with extremely talented in-house transcribers and rely on our sophisticated vendor management system to connect us with skilled independent transcribers to serve you with accurate and cost-effective European transcriptions that guarantee global success.  

European Translation Agency

Certified Translation and Localization Services in All Sectors

With over 16K translators and language experts among our ranks, Localizera delivers certified translation and localization services to all industries in Europe and outside. It doesn’t matter which kind of business you are running because our European translation agency already has it covered with official translations that are recognized by all global authorities and private organizations.

Certified Travel and Tourism Language Services

If you want your tourist portal or marketing material to address your target audience’s preferences, Localizera has the best, certified language solution for your operation. We mind cultural accuracy and trendy approaches that will help your business to grow on your customers and attract more people to your traveling agency, tourist resorts, hotels, or motels. 

Certified Book Language Services

A very popular complaint is that most translated literary works feel out of their element when read by fans overseas. This is why our European translation agency has some of the best certified literary translators, who are ready to take your masterpiece and allow it to grow in a new cultural soil, without feeling strange to the readers. Whether you are an independent author or a publishing company, we will help you engage your fans abroad like never before. 

Certified Medical Language Services

Medical documents always demand high accuracy and error-intolerant results. At Localizera, we work with medical subject-matter experts, who have over a decade of professional experience. Our European translation agency promises you that all your medical reports, lab results, research papers, and medical equipment specifications will be handled with care and professionalism. 

15+ Translation and Localization Services to Expand Your Reach

At Localizera, we value inclusiveness. Since it would be too much trouble for our clients to hire more than one language service provider to handle their diverse demands, we are always working hard to accommodate as many language services as you might need. Thus, we offer you a wide selection of translation and localization services that include the following:

More than 160 Multilingual Solutions

It is true that our European translation agency, as the title indicates, specializes in delivering translation and localization services in all the major and minor European languages. However, we are also capable of designing language services in more than 160 languages, including the 24 official languages of the European Union, to help your continental business grow beyond the borders.  

Why Do Business with Localizera?

Doing business with Localizera guarantees excellence in all aspects of the service. This goes far beyond the part where you get the best quality in terms of thorough linguistic and culture-specific understanding. By hiring our European translation agency, you get several other bonuses that will make life easier for you. These bonuses include the following:

24/7 Responsiveness

Our customer support works hard to answer your understandably several inquiries and help you know more about our translation and localization process.

Wallet-Friendly Language Solutions

Saving money and getting high quality are two things that matter the most in the business world. At Localizera, we succeed every day at supporting many businesses with this seemingly impossible formula. We offer you the most flexible payment plans and reasonable price tags. All you need is to contact us to get a free quote and see for yourself. 

ISO-Approved Quality

Our translation and localization service quality comply with global standards set by the International Organization for Standardization known for short as ISO. This ensures that every translated document you get done by our European translation agency is official and ready for immediate use. 

Fast Turnarounds

We value your time as much as we do value our own. This is why we work around the clock to meet tight deadlines and ensure as few obstacles for your business as possible to accelerate your climb to the top.