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Exceptional European Transcription Services

Engage Your Customers Worldwide with the Best European Translation Agency

Localizera helps you dominate the European market with business translation services designed just for you. Our translation and localization agency is home to thousands of qualified experts in all aspects of industrial subjects and topics, who are capable of giving your brand the boost it deserves toward global growth. Break the language barriers now and contact us for a free quote!

Professional Human Translation

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Extend Your Reach Further with Our A+ European Transcription

Having everything in audio or video format has revolutionized the way of consuming knowledge in the recent few years. Now, you can easily pick an audiobook, tune to a podcast, or watch a documentary about a certain topic and you will be ready to integrate into your small social circles, without having to sit for long hours through a mundane book because you can now accomplish the deed in half the time needed. 

However, reading is still the preferred go-to choice for many people who believe that the process of reading is much more than sitting and running one’s eyes on a page full of ink. But what if the content you want only exists in audio or video form? And what if it is only available in one language? This is why the art of language transcription was born to accommodate those needs.  

As a professional European transcription agency, Localizera’s team of transcribers and subject-matter experts put their vast knowledge to its best use by providing your business in Europe and beyond with multilingual business translation services that will help you present your content in however many formats and languages you want to please your global target audience with. 

We help you expand your business further by delivering state-of-the-art European transcription services in England, France, Estonia, Germany, Poland, and several other countries around the world. Contact us now and learn more about our premium language services. 

European Transcription Services
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AI-Assisted European Transcription Solutions to Grow Faster

Localizera employs all the resources it has to help you reach the global leagues quickly and effectively. We spare no effort in combining human efforts with the machine element to ensure consistency, speed, and accuracy. 

All our European business translation services, including European transcription, benefit from the latest technology-driven solutions in the form of software tools that maximize our output in more than 260 languages. Relying on those modern tools operated by highly skilled human transcribers, we streamline our working process, delivering excellence to your doorstep easily and on time. 

European Transcription Services

European Transcriptions Supporting All Document Formats

If you prefer a certain type of document and you need a translation and localization agency that has well-trained professionals capable of exploiting any technological solutions, then Localizera is your answer. Whether you need transcriptions delivered in MS Word files, Google Docs, Excel Sheets, or any other document format that tickles your fancy, reach out now and let us be your guide. 

European Transcription

European Transcription Solutions in Every Industry

Our European translation agency thrives on diversity. This is why we work hard to cover all the industrial needs out there with on-demand and on-budget European transcription services. Such industries include the following: 

European Media and Entertainment Transcriptions

You have already poured your heart and soul to make your entertaining audiovisual product accessible to your European audience, but why not go further than that by rallying more fans to your cause? Localizera’s transcribers will help carry your message for you by transforming your spoken content into a written format that is linguistically precise and financially affordable.  

European E-Learning Transcriptions

Are some of your students or foreign staff members struggling to keep up with the recorded e-learning material and you want to make sure that they are on the same page as the rest of their colleagues? Localizera is home to thousands of in-house and in-country professionals who will turn your auditory/visual e-learning content word by word into flawless Spanish, Estonian, or Greek written texts without a problem. 

European Legal Transcriptions

For any court hearings, seminars, legal dictations, or something else, look no further than Localizera for the best European transcription service in the world. Our legal subject-matter transcribers are always prepared to aid you through any of your legal needs with scalability and accuracy as your trusted allies. 

The Best Business Translation Services by World-Class Pioneers

Our European translation agency pushes beyond the limits of what is possible. We have linguistic talents and industry pioneers who can raise the bar as high as your ambition can go, designing the most reliable and error-free multilingual business translation services in the market.  Our list of business translation and localization services includes several European language services, such as: 

Accurate European Transcriptions in 23+ European Languages

Our translation and localization agency operates in more than 150 countries, delivering all the business translation services you need in over 260 languages with rigorous precision. Our language packages include 23+ European languages and all their variations, promising you the most linguistically and culturally comprehensive experience your business will ever get. 

What Makes Localizera the Perfect Choice for Your Transcription Demands?

If being one of the top-rated European translation agencies out there is not a good enough answer for you then let us give you a hint of what you get by signing up with our translation and localization agency

Long Linguistic Experience

Localizera has been in the market for over a decade. Our translators and industry-specific language experts have considerable knowledge that even a long, mundane day’s work can be finished in a matter of a few hours with unmatched linguistic accuracy and cultural understanding. 


Wallet-Friendly Price Tags

If there is one thing we know how to do best, it would be finding the right solution at the most reasonable prices. We help you get the transcription quality you dream of without having to go broke by spending more than you should on every single detail. We design flexible enough payment plans that will help you grow steadily and even make an extra buck while at it.

Superb Quality

Localizera’s professionals work in accordance with global standards to ensure the best quality in the translation and localization service market. We adhere to ISO-imposed global standards, including ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 for the most efficient European transcription results. 

Secure Data Transfer Protocols

Because we care about your most sensitive data, we follow the strictest procedures to achieve maximum security for all your files and personal or business information. 

24/7 Responsiveness

We believe that understanding is the best foundation for a long-term business relationship. This is why our customer support teams and team managers work around the clock to respond to all your inquiries and familiarize you with our working process to ensure a healthy business relationship based on trust and transparency.