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Elearning Localization Services

An Elearning Content Localization Service for Global Reach

Localizera’s eLearning localization services regularly produce precise and eloquent training courses in over 260 languages, assisting our customers in increasing their international company success. Since we utilize qualified, professional native localization services providers with the appropriate subject matter expertise to provide eLearning content localization service, our translation procedures are ISO-certified, and we regularly deliver high-quality localization outcomes. Just possessing linguistic abilities is insufficient when it comes to correctly translated training courses. Localizera has made significant investments in linguistic resource management so that we can always assign the most skilled eLearning content localization service linguists with the most relevant subject matter experience to work on your eLearning translations.

We also provide real-time terminology processing and dynamic linguistic QA to our linguists as they are translating, resulting in increased efficiency and quality eLearning localization services. With Localizera's eLearning content localization service, you can get a free quotation and start constructing your image right now utilizing the experience of the best translation agencies in Europe.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Certified Elearning Localization Services

Are you seeking a quick and competent localization services provider to localize your company’s eLearning courses and video training materials in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or other 260+ languages to teach your foreign human resources? Then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Localizera assists large corporations in the IT, medical, financial, automotive, and manufacturing industries by providing eLearning localization services for their material and L&D programs with the greatest language quality and technical correctness, while also assuring the most suitable cultural experience.

We make it simple for multinational corporations to achieve brand success in worldwide marketplaces by teaching international audiences in all foreign languages fluently. All by unrivaled eLearning content localization service.Localizera offers the localization industry know-how as well as the finest, agile eLearning localization services technology to ensure that all of your business training courses, interactive learning tutorials, how-to manuals, and self-teaching videos are translated quickly and affordably. 

Professional eLearning localization services necessitate a language services partner with extensive knowledge and experience in interactive multimedia processing, video editing, multilingual voiceover, and software programming. This is why you need Localizera rather than other translation agencies in Europe, the language industry leader in comprehensive eLearning localization services.

Simply contact us to obtain the best eLearning localization services. We have over 5000 pleased customers and provide localization services in over 260 languages.

Elearning Localization Services
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Language Professionals

Elearning Content Localization Service in 260+ Languages

Localizera employs over 16K language professionals and industry specialists worldwide, and they provide unquestionably correct eLearning localization services. Unlike other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera pays close attention to detail and each word.

Our multilingual eLearning content localization service providers, on the other hand, consider cultural signals while providing services in any of the languages we provide. We guarantee that you will receive an unrivaled eLearning content localization service that is quick, accurate, and competitively priced in over 260 languages, including:

Elearning Video Localization Services

Because of its narrative and demonstration skills, video has constantly been ranked as one of the most effective teaching tools by learning professionals worldwide. Online video is becoming the preferred medium for corporate training and consumer eLearning programs. 

Video localization services, on the other hand, are beyond the capabilities of standard translation service providers. You’ve invested time and money in creating English training videos, and the last thing you want is to localize them with less-than-perfect quality. 

For the best outcomes, Localizera’s patent-pending video eLearning localization services tools substantially simplify professional video eLearning localization services. Simply send us the link to your video and the target languages, and Localizera will do the rest.

Our automated online localization services technology automates the whole video translation procedure by transcribing audio into text, translating it with our experienced translators, and then making subtitles or recording voiceover with our in-country voice talents.

Elearning Localization Services

All Types of Elearning Localization Services

LMS Localization Services

Our online localization services technology automates the whole video translation procedure. From the early Flash period, enterprise learning management systems (LMS) have gone a long way, thanks in part to the growing sophistication of client learning requirements and expectations, as well as advancements in current cloud computing, AI, HTML5, and mobile development. 


Traditional eLearning localization services providers struggle to satisfy current, agile eLearning translation demands due to ultrafast development cycles and simultaneous releases across all languages. 


This is why Localizera, the market leader among translation agencies in Europe in on-demand enterprise learning localization services across all business channels and devices, is essential. 


Localizera is the first agile localization services provider that handles all new economy translation models, including just-in-time, real-time, continuous, and mobile translation. In addition, we provide bespoke learning localization services through APIs for continuous and rapid delivery.

SCORM Localization Services

Are you creating SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) training courses? Then you've discovered the ideal localization partner for providing eLearning localization services for your SCORM packages, allowing you to distribute your online training content easily in all European and Asian languages. 


Localizera’s eLearning localization services solutions are purpose-built to interact with your existing learning management systems (like Docebo and LearnUpon) and authoring tools (like Articulate and Adobe Captivate) for the most seamless online learning localization procedures. 


Localizera can handle SCO (Sharable Content Object) files automatically to save time and money while producing the best linguistic output possible by utilizing highly qualified localization services providers. 


Our sophisticated eLearning localization services providers can transcribe voiceover in real-time, allowing our linguists to examine and translate the content with maximum accuracy and speed. 

Tin Can Localization Services

Localizera has reimagined language localization services to be flexible, dynamic, and forward-thinking across all content channels on both desktop computers and mobile devices, similar to how Tin Can has updated online learning material production. 


Unlike other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera has extensive expertise in translating your Tin Can-compliant learning materials quickly and accurately. 


Even better, we provide bespoke solutions that interact with Tin Can APIs for a completely automated translation procedure, increasing localization services productivity while lowering costs. 


Contact our professionals now to see how Localizera can help you spread your eLearning localization services throughout the world.

Why Pick Localizera and Not Other Translation Agencies in Europe?

Localizera’s worldwide eLearning localization services team is made up of a diverse range of specialists from throughout the world, all of whom have 10+ years of expertise in localization services. Every eLearning localization services professional at our firm is a subject matter expert ready to serve over 5,000 pleased clients.

They understand that, for example, providing a multilingual eLearning content localization service necessitates not only linguistic accuracy but also customizing solutions to avoid unintended misunderstandings and to establish a stronger and more genuine connection with the target audience’s culture and customs.

The three key benefits that distinguish us from other translation agencies in Europe are as follows:

High Quality

On a vital development, you must ensure that the eLearning localization services you obtain are correct and arranged to meet the criteria of our outstanding eLearning content localization service packages' worldwide clients and enterprises.


Through our localization services, we ensure that your original information is properly delivered. Because of the high caliber of our 16K+ language specialists, the eLearning content localization service is more likely to be accepted when it reaches its target audience.

Fast Turnaround

While providing a multilingual eLearning content localization service, time is undoubtedly a crucial consideration. All sorts of training, courses, and orientations demand precise and relevant eLearning content localization service.


As a result, we prioritize fulfilling deadlines while still offering accurate multilingual eLearning localization services. Because our 16K+ translators with 10+ years of experience can deliver your services quickly, we'll usually provide the greatest localization services in as little as an hour!

Reasonable Rates

Localizera can provide you with a great eLearning content localization service and outcomes at an affordable price. ELearning localization services nowadays range in price from highly expensive to fairly inexpensive. As compared to other translation agencies in Europe costs, our 5K+ clients find them to be amazingly affordable.


We are convinced that once we begin working on an eLearning content localization service project for your company, you will continue to work with us since we provide outstanding localization services on time and within budget.