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Chinese Typesetting Services

A+ Chinese Typesetting with an Expert Translation Agency

If you are looking for excellent DTP services and typesetting delivered at scale, speed, and high quality, Localizera has the best solution to all your problems. We are a top-rated Chinese desktop publishing (DTP) provider that specializes in delivering all kinds of DTP services to global establishments in over 150 countries worldwide. With thousands of knowledgeable and target-oriented professionals on our team, we guarantee custom-tailored results that bolster your brand’s identity and ensure quick global emergence. Request a free quote now!

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The Chinese Typesetting Services Your Business Needs

Typesetting is an old craft that dates back to the letterpress era in China. Over the years, it has gained more importance and, as a result, more attention that led to the production of specialized computer software tools, aiming to revolutionize the industry and meet the market’s increasing demands. 

However, with the relatively huge gap between Chinese and other languages with Latin-based alphabets, in terms of writing systems and word length among other factors, which pose a challenge more often than not, global organizations started to ask for help from professional translation agencies and Chinese language solution providers to help them overcome such linguistic obstacles. This is where Localizera steps in. 

Our translation agency has one of the best Chinese typesetting services teams in the world. Typesetters at Localizera are dedicated Chinese language professionals with a keen eye for detail and a burning passion to deliver error-free documents in Chinese that guarantee accurately placed elements and designs for a polished and cohesive look. 

We make sure that all the designs and layouts are specifically selected to appeal to your audience in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, respecting the subtle differences in tastes between the three markets. 

Years of experience
Language Professionals

Certified Chinese Typesetting by Class-A Professionals

Certification boosts confidence, helps you avoid regulatory noncompliance, and asserts the overall quality of the product you are presenting to your target audience anywhere. This is why you need Localizera. 

Here, we possess a large network of certified Chinese language professionals, subject-matter experts, and typesetters who supply your business with certified Chinese typesetting services that show precision and consistency across your project. 

Our in-house and in-country teams are well-trained to handle any task, empowered by their knowledge and the industry’s latest technology. We make sure that all our workers undergo strict examinations to test their cultural awareness, technical proficiency, and linguistic capabilities to generate high quality that meets global market standards. For more about our certified Chinese typesetting services, contact Localizera now! 

Chinese Typesetting Services Designed for All Industries

Localizera’s capacity for inclusiveness has no limit. This is why we hire top-class Chinese language specialists and typesetters who possess extensive knowledge of all industrial topics. We help you engage any market or domain with speed, affordability, and guaranteed quality. 

Chinese Typesetting Services

Types of Chinese Typesetting We Support

Typesetting fosters a variety of types. Each type demands a different kind of knowledge depending on the content in question. At Localizera, we have the professional capacity to design custom-tailored Chinese typesetting services that are meant to accommodate all your needs, no matter which type of content your business requires. 

Chinese Book Typesetting

Our Chinese typesetters will choose the ideal approach to enhance your book’s readability. By carefully selecting suitable font sizes and types and meticulously minding the spaces between lines, we ensure a comfortable reading experience for your Chinese audience, no matter which genre of books you choose. 

Chinese Magazine Typesetting

Unlike books, magazines require frequency and speed to meet tight schedules. Localizera will help you stay on track without compromising on quality by delivering quick Chinese typesetting services that support well-formatted columns, polished page layouts, and topic-specific graphics for visually appealing reading. 

Chinese Web Typesetting

If you are running a blog or business website and need someone to take care of your Chinese content, look no further than Localizera. We have expert typesetters who know their way around online publication better than anyone in the industry. From responsive designs and web fonts to user-friendly layouts, our professionals will help your website cater to your readers’ needs easily and effectively.

Automated Chinese Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services for Quick Growth

Localizera’s Chinese desktop publishing teams are enabled by high-end DTP software tools that include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and QuarkXPress, to name a few. Such tools help our employees and subject-matter experts maintain precise control over page layouts to ensure that the final product is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing. 

By featuring multiple collaboration options, our workers can manage your project simultaneously, which allows for faster results and on-time project deliveries. For guaranteed success and extended influence across 150 countries, don’t hesitate to hire Localizera’s excellent DTP services today. 

Here are some of the other prominent DTP tools we use: 

Master-Class Chinese Language Specialists with Vast Linguistic Knowledge

Our translation agency’s linguistic expertise is not limited to Chinese only. We have more than 16K linguists and Chinese desktop publishing professionals onboard with sharpened knowledge of over 160 languages. We can translate all the documents you need from Chinese to any language and vice versa, ensuring culture-specific designs and visually pleasing layouts for your final product. 

Best-in-Class Chinese Language Services for Extended Reach

Localizera guarantees the best Chinese translation and localization services at scale and reasonable prices. We hire top-rated Chinese language professionals and discipline-specific specialists to deliver all our services to your doorstep with quality and to help you achieve fast and impactful results across all Chinese markets. 

Why Localizera for Chinese Typesetting Services?

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team members will guide you step by step if you have any questions about our working process to make sure that the outcome meets your unique standards. 

On-Time Deliveries

Our linguists and typesetters have deep knowledge and many years of professional experience that allow them to work fast and generate excellent quality at scale. 

Cost-Effective Prices

With Localizera, you don’t have to worry about going broke. By carefully managing our resources, we make sure that you don’t pay more than the job needs. We also offer you special discounts on large volumes to facilitate your financial growth by increasing your ROI. 

Robust Safety Protocols

Rest assured that all your sensitive information is in safe hands, thanks to our translation agency’s rigorous security measures that protect your privacy at all times.