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Take Your Book to Global Fame with Best-in-Class Book Translation Services

Delve into all sorts of book translation services with Localizera’s top-notch professionals. Whether academic proofreading services, proofreading dissertation services, or literary translation services, our book translation agency is always ready to handle anything you need to boost you to the top with the least effort possible and the best quality there is. Enjoy a variety of business value propositions now and request help from Localizera’s experts.

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Certified Korean Translations Enhancing Your Book’s Reach

Are you looking for a book translation Korean agency you can trust with your next literary magnum opus? Do you want to make sure that your artistic message resonates with as many readers as possible? The answer is Localizera’s certified book translation and localization services. 

Certified translations represent the pinnacle of translation and localization accuracy. Carried out by professionals who have undergone rigorous training and official linguistic examinations to test their prowess, Localizera guarantees spot-on translations for your book, minding the smallest Korean cultural nuances to convey your message as intended. 

Our book translation agency possesses thousands of Korean language experts, who have in-depth knowledge of the language’s intricacies and tricks. Equipped with such an understanding, they easily navigate all challenges to communicate any Korean message with various other languages, including European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian. 

Enjoy the countless benefits of our reliable book translation Korean agency and let us help you bridge the linguistic gap across 150 countries worldwide, giving you the boost you need for maximum reach.

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Supporting All Literary Genres with Exceptional Book Translations

Literary translation is an exceptional domain in the translation field, which is why it takes an equally exceptional professional to tackle each of its unique genres with its appropriate approach. With our book translation agency, your work will find its match among thousands of top-class literary translators, ready to help you distribute your message on a global scale. 

Fantasy Book Translation Services

Being one of the most popular genres among reading communities, fantasy books also represent a very delicate genre for an inexperienced translator. Our book translation agency provides avid fantasy readers, who possess the knowledge and the linguistic proficiency to translate your work in such a manner that will make your readers everywhere enjoy your lush, magical worlds as if designed in their own mother tongues. 

Mystery Book Translation Services

Detective adventures attract many veteran readers around the world to dive deeper into mysteries, searching for clues to unravel their secrets. With numerous mystery enthusiasts among our ranks, we guarantee your work global fame in as many languages as you need so your masterpiece can go toe to toe with the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie’s classics. 

Romance Book Translation Services

Nothing could rival the impact of a well-written love story. However, to ensure that every plot point and each major encounter between your protagonists is fully absorbed by your fan base and spoken about for years to come, you need someone as witty as our book translation agency’s team to interpret every scene’s hidden and unhidden message accurately and comprehensively. 

A Comprehensive Package of Translation and Localization Solutions

The word translation could imply that we only offer traditional translation services. However, Localizera also provides a number of solutions that are vital for a massive global expansion, all of which are related to various forms of translation. Such translation and localization solutions include the following: 

Academic Proofreading Services that Guarantee Flawless Results

The realm of academia is a prestigious domain that enshrines precision and punctuality. Thus, no matter which language you want, you need to ensure that your content is properly reviewed and ready for instant use. This is why you need a professional academic proofreading service like Localizera to take care of the job on your behalf. 

Our book translation agency is home to thousands of first-class experts in all domains. These professionals scrutinize your academic piece to detect any inadvertent errors, grammatical hiccups, or stylistic inconsistencies that might jeopardize the impact of your academic document. 

Whether you need proofreading dissertation services, proofreading for a thesis, a research paper, or a scholarly article, our academic proofreading services professionals will take care of it for you, regardless of the subject your document entails. 

Benefit from clear and well-structured prose delivered at affordable prices by world-class specialists to enhance your academic document readability, and request help from Localizera now to receive an instant free estimation for your project.

Industry-Focused Translation and Localization Services in All Languages

Our translation services are not limited to the literary domain. We provide a variety of industry-focused translation and localization services to all verticals and fields, boasting several linguistic options so you can maximize your global reach. Have a look at some of the industries we support: 

Book Translation Agency Supporting Over 260 Languages

Having more than 16K in-house and in-country linguists and subject-matter experts allows us to reach you and your business anywhere at any time. We offer you a variety of language options, with a list of over 260 languages, including all linguistic variations, accents, and also creoles. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

Why Choose Our Book Translation Agency?

Choosing the right business partner has become a challenge. Many offer so little in exchange for your time and money, completely disrespecting the value of what your business is trying to achieve. With Localizera, we promise you an exceptional partnership that offers you a multitude of value propositions so your brand can dominate the global market. 

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of customer service representatives is trained to impress and fulfill all your demands in as little time as possible. They will answer all your questions patiently and make sure that we are on the same page, enhancing communication to lead our mutual business to definite success. 

Competitive Prices

Prices could be a sensitive matter for most business owners and individuals. With Localizera’s book translation agency, you can rest assured that we will offer you the right price in exchange for superb quality, facilitating your emergence across the globe. 

Quick Turnarounds

Time is of the essence. This is why we implement the latest software tools to enhance our translation performance and help your business grow in an exemplary timeframe to keep up with the global market demands. 

Robust Security

In the entertainment and literary domain, a leak could kill the hype train and compromise your multi-million marketing campaign. As a result, we take the confidentiality of information seriously. By employing the most advanced threat detectors to identify any potential hazards or threats, we keep your privacy safeguarded at all times.