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The Best Localization Services in Europe

Engage Your Target Audience Anywhere with a Top-Rated Localization Agency

If you are looking for a resourceful European translation agency, Localizera is the best choice for your business. We design highly-demanded language localization services that help world-class organizations accomplish their goals with speed and scalability. Contact us today and don’t forget to request your free quote for instant estimation.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Fast and on-Demand Language Localization Services Enabled by Experience

Localizera is a highly-rated European translation agency since we deliver the best localization services in the shortest time frame possible. We work with more than 16k language experts and discipline-specific specialists with years of knowledge in the translation and localization industry. 

Not only that, to help your business expand in more than 150 countries, our localization agency assigns to your project sworn translators, who can provide your documents with the certification you need to prove conformity to your target market’s laws and regulations. Hence, you can rely on us to bypass any authoritative obstacle confidently and easily. 

At Localizera, we understand that urgency has become one of the prominent and most demanded qualities in any service-delivery business. Thus, our localization agency is constantly expanding its teams and enriching resources to make sure that your demands are answered the moment you feel like reaching out for linguistic guidance. 

Our on-demand translation and language localization services are delivered by in-house and in-country language solution specialists, so with Localizera, you know that accessibility is never a problem. Reach out today and request the best localization services in Europe and the world and start your business adventure right away! 

Best Localization Services
Years of experience
Language Professionals

First-Rate Technology-Assisted Language Localization Services

Working in any industry nowadays necessitates having a certain degree of collaboration between AI and humans (Upon the Client’s request) to get the job done because there are always more tasks to be finished. This is why at Localizera, we rely on man and machine all the same to accelerate the translation process, ensuring the most optimal language localization services our clients can get. 

We use the latest translation and localization software tools and other QA, graphic, and web development software for maximum efficiency and the best localization service delivery. Such software tools include SDL Trados Studios, Star Transit, SDLX, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Help QA, amongst other high-end computer programs. 

Best Localization Services

ISO-Approved Localization Services for All Kinds of Documents

As the best localization service provider, Localizera’s resourceful team members are well-trained to work with any kind of documents to cater to your multi-faceted demands. We deliver certified document localization services that are approved by ISO standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. 

No matter what kind of document you need translation or localization for, we are ready to serve you with the best localization services with 100% guaranteed quality. Whether your preference lies in Google Docs, MS Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Sheets, InDesign files, or simple text files, our localization agency has your demands covered. 

Best Localization Services

Types of the Best Localization Services We Support

Not only do we do all languages, but as a professional European localization agency we excel at a variety of European sectoral translations that will help you take the European market by storm. 

European Software and App Localization Services

Localizera will help your business applications and software operating systems grow on your European target audience in England, France, Spain, and anywhere else. We are ready to convert your custom application layout and UI to accommodate the interests of your European audience and give them the best cultural and linguistic user experience.

European Marketing Localization Services

Do you want your marketing campaigns to hit the mark for generations to come? Our localization agency provides culture-specific language localization services that will make your commercials and marketing material dig their way through your customer’s brain like a lovely, unforgettable song. For any social media content, TV commercials, or billboards, rely on Localizera’s best localization services

European Website Localization Services

Localizera not only has the highest-rated language localization specialists in the European market, but we also work with hardworking SEO specialists who are ready to give you counsel on how to raise your traffic and keep your website at the top of the food chain on search engines. We will adapt your website to fit any specific region you want at lower costs. 

European Technical Localization Services

Localizera designs the best localization services for all the technical documents and content you want. For user manuals, product specifications, installation guides, safety data sheets, SOPs, and more, contact our European localization agency to expand your global reach quickly and affordably.  

Exceed the Limits with a Variety of Other Custom-Made Translation Services

Localizera’s teams are adept at more than just language localization services. We deliver a set of other global language services for your business and personal requests at scale and speed. Such translation services include the following: 

The Best Localization Services in More than 260 Languages

For the best multilingual language localization services, look no further than Localizera. Here, we make sure that all our translators are native speakers to support your business with the highest linguistic quality and most accurate translation and language localization services. Our localization agency supports over 260 languages that include some of the following: 

Why Localizera Has Your Best Language Localization Solution?

Here, we prioritize connections and making the world a playground accessible to all cultures and nations, without having to lose your identity for such a goal. In pursuit of this dream, we work hard to tailor the best localization services that will keep people in harmony and enable them to achieve global emergence. 

Once you sign up, you are instantly provided with several perks that will help maintain your business’s vitality and smooth global expansion. At Localizera, we promise you the following: 

24/7 Responsive Customer Care

At our localization agency, none of your inquiries will be left unsatisfied. Our customer support agents work tirelessly to guide you through all our procedures and make sure that you are satisfied with the services you are getting. 

Competitive Prices

We promise you the lowest rates in the translation and localization market, without having to worry about getting poor quality.  

Quick Deliveries

Localizera’s team has the know-how of the translation industry and cutting-edge technology that allow our team members to deliver unmatched output at speed, without compromising the quality of the translation. 

Impenetrable Security Measures

If you are worried about your information security, then rest assured because Localizera has your back. We impose strict security protocols and data transfer procedures that will help keep your most sensitive and valuable information safe and sound.