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Professional Audio Translators

If it Sounds Good, It Is Good

You may spend less time and money on all of your transcription assignments by using Localizera’s unmatched audio translation services. By transcribing straight into the target language, our audio translators minimize the effort and cost of separate transcription and audio translation services. A broad variety of translation activities, requirements, and standards may be covered through audio translation. Some audio translation projects are as straightforward as recording the voice-over for e-learning materials or an audiobook.

There are other types of translation as well, such as audio transcription and audio translation, where the final product is a written document translation that is transcribed from the source language's audio recording. Customers could, for instance, ask for a transcription of an English-to-Arabic translation. The final translation offered in this case would be an audio recording translated into Arabic writing. Receive a free quote today and enjoy the benefit of first-rate audio translation services in more than 260 languages at unbeatable costs.

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The Best Audio Translators of Translation Agencies in Europe

Localizera is your best option if you’re looking for a global audio translation agency. Our audio translators are aware of how important it is to find audio translation services that can connect with customers beyond their immediate demography.

Because we prioritize our clients, we have a great rating from them and a 97% client satisfaction record. You can broaden your views with the aid of Localizera. You might be able to overcome language obstacles and grow your business internationally with the aid of our excellent audio translation and script translation services. 

Over 260 languages provided by 16K+ translators across the globe are available to choose from, including Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, and others.

Localizera takes pride in the high quality and accuracy of its audio translation services, and it will provide you with the best translation for any audio file or audio recording, regardless of the subject. You’ll get the finest experience thanks to our qualified audio translators

Our process is designed to save you time and make things more affordable for you. To find out how Localizera’s audio translation services may help your business, get a free quotation right away!

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Transcription Services for Audio Translation

When delivering script translation, many transcription businesses and audio translators employ a two-stage method that involves transcription from the source language into the target language. They first transcribe the audio in their native tongue before translating it into the target language.

Working in this way increases the cost of transcription and translation as well as the amount of time needed to complete the target language transcript. By immediately transcribing from the audio recording into the target language, Localizera’s skilled audio translators decrease the complexity and cost of audio translation. As a result, we just charge for transcription.

To ensure the final transcript meets our high standards, we also offer proofreading.

Professional Audio Translators

Audio Translators for Every Business

With 10+ years of experience in audio translation, Localizera’s dedicated teams of audio translators work on a range of projects and subject matters.

Our audio translators can handle any task from any business, such as providing:

We offer an audio translation option for practically every business, contrary to popular belief. Our audio translators carefully and accurately record your script and translation while adhering to your templates, formatting guidelines, and project-specific linguistic requirements. 

Our skilled proofreaders assess the completed script translation pieces before the files are sent to you, and all audio translators are put through quality assurance tests in accordance with our ISO accreditation.

Localizera appreciates the value of having an accurate transcript, thus we continually adapt our services to meet your unique demands. Get a free quotation right away, and let’s start using our audio translation services to improve your company.

Audio Translators

Why You Would Pick Localizera’s Audio Translation Services?

With more than 16K translators globally, the team of audio translation experts at Localizera is armed with more than 10 years of audio translation expertise. Every single one of our audio translators is a subject area expert looking to satisfy more than our 5K+ happy clients.

They are aware that providing audio translation services, for instance, requires not only providing linguistic correctness but also adapting the solutions to avoid accidental misunderstandings and create a better and more sincere connection with the target audience’s culture and customs.

The following are the main three benefits that set us different from other audio translation agencies in Europe:

High Quality

Make sure your audio translation script on a significant development is accurately written and informative in order to satisfy the demands of the main production companies and filmmakers.

We take care to accurately portray the details you put in your original file or transcribed script translation services. Because of the high quality of our audio translation services, there is a greater chance that the translated script will be the best it can be.

Fast Delivery

Time is unquestionably a key consideration while providing audio translation services. Similar to the film industry in your city, foreign radio stations and production companies require pertinent and precise audio translation services.

As a result, in addition to offering accurate audio translation services, we place a high priority on fulfilling deadlines. Most of the time, as our 16K+ translators have an arsenal of 10+ years of experience, we'll give audio translation services for delivery before your set deadline!

Reasonable Rates

Localizera offers outstanding advice and outcomes for extremely affordable prices. The price of audio translation services nowadays varies greatly, from very expensive to affordable. 5K+ clients found our pricing to be surprisingly fair when comparing them to those of our rivals.

Since we provide the top team of audio translators in accordance with your schedule and at a reasonable price, we're convinced you'll stay with us once provide you with unprecedented audio translation services.

All Types of Audio Translation Services

The majority of our clientele are audiovisual content producers, independent directors, editors, and similar organizations. You could be our next client if you set a high emphasis on quality in your demands for audio translation.

We are ready to help. Localizera offers a wide range of audio translation services in the following industries:

Multinational Audio Translators for 260+ Languages

The linguists on our staff that provide script translation services and audio translation services have 10+ years of experience in their industries and as professionals. Unlike other translation agencies in Europe, Localizera pays close attention to cultural cues while providing audio translation into any of the languages we provide.

You can depend on us to provide prompt, imaginative, and cost-effective audio translation services for professionals and businesses worldwide in more than 260 languages, including: