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The Best App Localization Agency

Get 5 Stars in Every App Store with Localizera’s Best Localization Services

Anything we desire is now just a tap away, thanks to mobile applications. Every day, app developers create more applications for everything, resulting in a multibillion-dollar business. And did you know that your popular app in your local country has the potential to become the next big thing in international markets? Utilizing an app localization agency, or the addition of various language support in your app results in more relevant experiences for global consumers, as well as increased downloads and revenues for your app. In fact, assigning an app localization agency for translating your app into various languages delivers a 25% boost in income and 140% more downloads per nation on average.

The only thing you require is the assistance of a professional app localization agency. Localizera is one of the leading translation agencies in Europe that provides the best localization services for apps and software. We are well-equipped to overcome all linguistic and cultural hurdles. We make your app not just worldwide available, but also globally ready; accessible, enticing, and tailored to people all over the world. Get the best out of the best localization services in the region by asking for a free quote from Localizera now and go global with your app through our app localization agency.

Professional Human Translation

Excellent Quality

Super Fast

Competitive Pricing

Accurate Services Provided by a Professional App Localization Agency

The ordinary translation services provided by translation agencies in Europe have a negative reputation for being overly sluggish, difficult, and costly. With today’s fast-paced and agile development technique, app developers increasingly want a simple and quick way to localize their mobile apps.

This is why Localizera, our app localization agency, is required. We provide the best localization services for all sorts of apps in a range of languages with high quality so that our clients may outperform the competition and quickly enter foreign markets. 

Our app localization agency has drastically simplified the app translation process, making it quick and easy to localize your iOS or Android apps into Arabic, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish, and other European, African, and Asian languages. Contact our app localization agency to get the best localization services for apps.

You may now send our app localization agency your UI strings, resource files, or user assistance manuals in an easy-to-use online environment thanks to Localizera’s revolutionary translation management ecosystem. 

Our clever file analysis technology can offer you a translation quote for the best localization services in real time. Our pre-approved, competent native localization agency professionals begin translating immediately after your confirmation. 

After that, you can just download and merge your translated files with your current app resource files. Besides providing the best localization services, Localizera also offers localized app testing services, which include functional, linguistic, and aesthetic validations.

Contact us now to know more about the process of Localizera’s best localization services that is different from other translation agencies in Europe.

The Best App Localization Agency
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App Platforms Supported by our Localization Agency

iOS App Localization Services

Localizera provides an extremely efficient and literally the best localization services methodology for iOS apps released through the App Store. Apple has done an excellent job of separating and arranging language resources in logical frameworks, making it easier than ever to translate iOS apps. 


Localizera’s Localization Engineers and localization agency professionals have extensive expertise with iOS internationalization and XCode localization. In addition to translating Localizable.strings, our app localization agency also parses NSLocalizedString, Main.strings, and Info.plist on a regular basis.

Android App Localization Services

Localizera is the clear leader of translation agencies in Europe in Google Android app translation services. This is due to the fact that Localizera is the most advanced app localization agency in the industry.


We have extensive expertise in providing the best localization services for a wide range of Android apps. To make the localization process easier, Android has established UI string rules. Many of the localizations for basic UI terminology are already available in Google's standard resource collection. 


This ensures that our app localization agency can provide clear and consistent translations of key UI phrases while also saving money. On the other hand, Localizera offers translation and app testing for all Android applications.

Types of Services Provided by our App Localization Agency

Translation Services

If you merely want our app localization agency to translate your app's user interface (UI) strings, all you need to do is provide us with the string resource files. This is the localizable.strings file in your XCode project folder for iOS, and the strings.xml file in your Java project resource directory for Android. 


Once we've translated the strings into the relevant languages, you'll need to ensure that these localized resource files are placed in the appropriate folders so that your app can correctly load the foreign language content. 


You may also need to launch the localized app to check for text truncations and other issues connected to localization. We'll apply the adjustments and redeliver the revised resource files to you once we get your testing results.

End-to-End Localization

Many of our iOS and Android clients lack the technical resources and localization agency experience required to begin app translation. The good news is that they can rely on our app localization agency to handle the complete localization production process from start to finish. 


Localizera offers full app best localization services, allowing our clients to concentrate on what they do best: designing better and more powerful apps. Localizera will handle the localization, compile the localized software, do app testing, and generate the finished multilingual app for you to release on the App Store or Google Play.

The Best Localization Services for Apps in 160+ Languages

The linguists of our app localization agency who can provide the best localization services are subject matter experts as well as industry professionals. Localizera, unlike other translation agencies in Europe, pays great attention to target users while offering the best localization services in any of the languages we provide.

We ensure that you will receive timely, accurate, and reasonably priced app localization services for your app in over 160 languages, including:

Why Localizera is the Best Localization Services Provider?

Localizera, as an app localization agency, has the best localization services providers that have over 16K translators worldwide and have 10+ years of translation experience. Each translator in our localization agency is a subject matter specialist eager to provide the best localization services for over 5,000 satisfied clients.

They recognize that delivering app localization services, for example, necessitates not just linguistic correctness but also adapting solutions to avoid boring apps and developing a stronger and more authentic relationship with the culture and behavior of the target users.

The three key advantages that set us apart from other app translation agencies in Europe are as follows:

High Quality

You must guarantee that your localized app on a key development is correctly written and instructional to satisfy the criteria of end users and app downloaders.


Our app localization agency makes certain that the material of your original content is appropriately reflected in the app localization services we offer. Due to the excellent quality of our app translation services, localized material is more likely to be easy to use and acceptable for end users.

Fast Turnaround

Time is unquestionably an important factor at our app localization agency. Foreign enterprises, such as TikTok or Zoom, require the best localization services for their apps that are relevant and exact.


The term "sustainability" refers to the process of determining whether or not a product or service is sustainable. Because the 16K+ translators with 10+ years of expertise at our app localization agency can provide your localizations swiftly, we'll usually offer the best localization services for distribution ahead of your deadline!

Competitive Prices

Localizera can provide you with the best localization services for your app at very reasonable pricing. The cost of app translation services nowadays ranges from extremely high to fairly low. As compared to our competitors' prices, our 5K+ clients find them to be shockingly reasonable.


We are confident that once we have started global app translation services projects for your firm, you will continue to work with us since our localization agency provides the best localization services on time and at a reasonable price.